Basically this is to be a photography tour with lots of hiking thrown in for good measure.

To say I was overwhelmed with information is an understatement.

So much to do. So much to see.

First things first, given this was a photography trip where sunrises and sunsets are important, I needed to check out the weather. Conclusion? Crapshoot.

Research indicated July and August were the best months so I looked for average hours of sunshine per day, per month. I was a bit heartened at the number of hours until it dawned on me that daylight up there is L-O-O-O-N-N-G! Sunrise around 5. Sunset around 9 PM. So when they say it averages 7 hours per day but the day is 16 hours long …………. you see where this is headed, right?

Anyhooo…… I refused to be dismayed. If it were cloudy I’d concentrate on closely cropped shots instead of vistas. And if it were foggy, that could prove interesting, too.

So then the reading and note taking began. Tons of reading about what to do, where to go, what to eat, what not to miss, etc. My kitchen’s breakfast counter was covered in notes and maps.

Did I already mention it’s a huge island?

And then I resolved to find scenic drives. This site was a God-send.

But I needed a new printer to cope with the load of paper I was about to shove through it. So out goes my cheap-o inkjet and in comes a laser printer.

Now the counter is even messier. And the map is covered in different colored squiggly lines indicating the various drives, coded and numbered to match on each printed out drive, too.

Continue to Stage 3

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