Time is running out and since none of us get out of this alive it’s time to put stuff in my bucket before I kick it; the things I want to do prior to shedding my mortal coil.

For years now I’ve often wondered what it was that showers some people with an insatiable desire to travel while others are content to never leave the counties they were born in. I still can’t answer that. Anyone with ideas should speak up.

There are tons of places I’d love to visit on this blue ball and with time running out I feel compelled to accelerate my travels. However, some of them will be impossible due to conflicts and dangers and these are appropriately marked accordingly: (xxx)

England, Ireland, Scotland
Russia and Siberia
Egypt (xxx)
Iran (xxx)
Czech Republic
Jordan (xxx)
South Africa (xxx)
Kenya (xxx)
Tanzania (xxx)
Trans-Canada railroad trip

In the US the list is almost as long:

Montana and Glacier NP
Wyoming and Yellowstone NP
Utah’s parks
Great Salt Lake
Nevada’s deserts and parks
California’s parks
Arizona’s parks
Texas for spring wildflowers
New England in the fall
Another trip to Alaska
Pacific Coast drive and Redwoods
Fall in the 4 corners area of the Southwest
Fall on the Blue Ridge and Skyline Drive
Fall in the Poconos
A winter in New Hampshire

Miscellaneous bucket items:

Own a 2014 Corvette
Hot Air balloon ride
Ride in a WW II bomber
Balloon ride (real float-away ride)
Trip to space
Getting the Vette to 150 MPH

7 Responses to THE BUCKET LIST

  1. jayd760 says:

    That’s a clever line Vilmar. Stuff the bucket before kicking it. Lets hope you have lots and lots of time before facing that. In fact, wish you had not mentioned it as I’m closer than you are.LOL.
    Oh yeah! A ride in a WW11 bomber would be a gas. My uncle took me aboard his B-17 before leaving Texas for Europe during that conflict. For a little kid (at the time) it was all very exciting. But flying in one, yeah. I would like that. Owning a Vet? oh man that would be heaven on earth. I’ll lose my lic. the first day of ownership. If I didn’t wrap it around a tree. Voooom! Just the sound of them is a turn on. Mechanically speaking.
    We have some friends in the village here who do travel in Europe on excursions thru an organization they belong to. Sometimes just on their own. They are somewhat older folks, retired. He’s maybe 73 and a hell of brilliant artist. Not professional tho. Anyway, they travel and I can’t get him to take a camera. He sits somewhere and sketches or paints. Telling him to get a camera is in the same crime category as getting a computer. He is funny. So anyway, they go to places in Europe and have told us of how careful they now have to be because of the crime rates but MOST ESPECIALLY the Romas. The gypsies, And we’re talking about little kids as well. Pickpockets etc. The cops no longer can cope in the same way they once did. Train stations also a bad place. They are ruining parts of Europe. They still visit and still travel but it just isn’t as pleasant they tell me, as it once was. OK, I will not get political here but … we know who and what brought that about. Nuff said.

  2. Macker says:

    I highly recommend quite a few places in AZ since I lived there for eight years. I still want to go back, but then for winter vacations so I don’t freeze my ass off all the time.

  3. James Coats says:

    Number one on my list would be to visit Sen. Ted Kennedy’s grave. Dig him up, stand him against a wall, assemble a firing squad and have him shot for treason.

  4. antzinpantz says:

    I like the way you think!!

  5. Yellowstone! Ahh, what a place. Hitchhiked there in my early ’20s, and spent the summer. REady to go back for another three months, for sure! Nothing like living in a campground. Makes you appreciate the little things in life.

  6. B Woodman says:

    Nah, don’t dig him up. Too much work. Just buy a pack/case of a favorite beer, drink and enjoy, contemplate mortality (or your navel), then empty bladder on his gravesite. See? Wasn’t that just as much fun, with a lot less work?
    Me (and a ton of Vietnam-era vets) are waiting for Hanoi Jane Fonda to die……….then, PARTY TIME!!!! The area will become a soggy stinky swamp. Ditto John sKerry…….

  7. The Grunticus says:

    When y’all finish “decorating” those retards be sure to pinch a turd or two on John McPain’s tombstone in Annapolis. Don’t let “Wet-Start Johnny” be forgotten.

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