Great Olympics Coverage

Here’s some of the best Olympics coverage of the day. I’m pretty sure this competitor has beaten Simone what’s her face several times in the past…

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….imagine having been this girl:

A teenager with ‘Benjamin Button’ disease that left her with the body of a 144-year-old has died weeks after her 18th birthday.

Ashanti Smith, from West Sussex, passed away on Saturday, July 17, after living with the ultra rare premature aging condition Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, which saw her age eight years for every year of her life.

The teenager’s mother Phoebe Louise Smith paid tribute to her ‘brilliant and strong-willed’ daughter, who refused to let the disease affect her ‘loud and beautiful’ spirit.

Despite her body being the equivalent of a 144-year-old when she passed away, Ashanti was still able to enjoy turning 18 in May with a night out, drinking her favourite cocktail.

The teen died with her mother, father Shaine Wickens, 33, and a family friend, Kayleigh Cartwright, 25, by her side – with some of her final words to her mum being ‘you’ve got to let me go’.

Phoebe said: ‘Ashanti’s life was a joy. Even though progeria affected her mobility, it didn’t affect anything else.

‘She was a typical, stroppy 18-year-old and I loved everything about her. She was brilliant, she was gobby. She spoke her mind and everyone knew it.

The extremely rare ‘Benjamin Button’ disease which causes children to age rapidly and has NO known cure
Progeria, also known as Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome, is an extremely rare, progressive genetic disorder that causes children to age rapidly, beginning in their first two years of life.

The name derives from the Greek word meaning ‘prematurely old’.

Children with progeria generally appear normal at birth. During the first year, signs and symptoms, such as slow growth and hair loss, begin to appear.

Heart problems or strokes are the eventual cause of death in most children with progeria.

The average life expectancy for a child with progeria is about 12 years, but some with the disease die younger and some live 20 years or longer.

There’s no cure for progeria, but ongoing research shows some promise for a treatment.

Source: Mayo Clinic

Ashanti had recently enjoyed her first girls’ night out after turning 18 and sipping her favourite cocktail, Sex on the Beach, with Phoebe and her friends.

Her mother insists that despite her serious condition, she was determined to be treated like any other teenager.

Phoebe said: ‘She was louder – louder than me – and I’m a very loud person.

‘There are photos of her first getting ID’d. We all took her out to the pubs, me and all the girls. We took her to three pubs three weeks ago.

‘She got tipsy and she loved it. Her favourite drink was Sex on the Beach.

‘Her condition affected her mobility to walk as far. She had a broken hip and it had to be set back in three times, then eventually it came out again and she just walked with a broken hip.

‘That child, my little girl, wouldn’t get in a buggy. She’d either be carried or she’d walk.

‘You’d ask if she wanted a drink, she’d say ‘I’ll get it – what are you treating me different for?’ She was very strong.

‘It didn’t affect her will. Obviously it affected her mobility and she had heart disease.’

Family friend Kayleigh Cartwright, 25, who was with Phoebe when her daughter passed away last weekend, also shared a tribute to Ashanti.

She said: ‘Her condition didn’t affect her [mentally] at all. She was just, normal. She was like any other child.

‘To be with her, she was just like everybody else.

‘[On the outside] she was 100 and on the inside, she was 18.’

Tragically, the day Ashanti died began like any other, with Phoebe explaining: ‘[On the day she died] she was walking around, having KFC, walking around the park – absolutely fine. Then it came on sudden and it was about half an hour.’

Kayleigh added: ‘It was very upsetting. She had been feeling a bit sick. Shaine brought her home because she said she wanted her mother, [then her condition worsened].

Meanwhile Phoebe continued: ‘She struggled but she said “Mum, I love you. You’ve got to let me go”.’

On Monday, the family paid tribute to Ashanti, with Phoebe explaining: ‘We set off 150 helium balloons for her and a £400 display of fireworks, then we’re doing 300 lanterns.

‘The condition gave her arthritis, and it gave her heart disease and heart failure. She passed away of heart failure and natural causes.’

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True Happiness

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Millions of years ago England sat where northern Africa is now.

Lots of interesting critters existed back then.

“If they could squeal, I’m sure they would have done.”

Palaeontologist Tim Ewin is standing in a quarry, recalling the calamity that’s written in the rocks under his mud-caked boots.

“They tried to protect themselves, adopting the stress position of pulling their arms in,” he continues. “But it was all in vain; you can see where their arms got snagged open, right up to the crown. They were pushed into the sediment and buried alive.”

There’s a little smile creeping across Tim’s face, and he’s got reason to be happy.

The misfortune that struck this place 167 million years ago has delivered to him an extraordinary collection of fossil animals in what is unquestionably one of the most important Jurassic dig sites ever discovered in the UK.

media captionThe fossils were originally uncovered by two hobby palaeontologists
We can’t be precise about the location of the excavation for security reasons, but you’ll recognise from the gorgeous, honey-coloured limestone that we’re somewhere in Cotswold country.

Things have changed a bit since Jurassic times, though.

No quaint villages and dry-stone walls back then; these parts were covered by a shallow sea, maybe 20-40m deep. And it was a damn sight warmer than your traditional English summer. The movement of tectonic plates means Britain was roughly where North Africa is today.

So you can imagine the types of creatures that would have been living on this ancient, near-tropical seafloor.

Stalked animals called sea lilies were tethered to the bed in great “meadows”. Their free-floating cousins, the feather stars, were ambling by, looking to grab the same particles of food. And down in the sediment, starfish and brittle stars were feeling their way across the bottom with their fives arms, no doubt bumping into the occasional passing sea urchin or sea cucumber.

It’s exactly this scene that’s preserved in the rocks of our mystery quarry.

The quantities involved are astonishing. Not hundreds, not thousands, but perhaps tens of thousands of these animals that scientists collectively call “the echinoderms”. It’s a great name, derived from the Greek for “hedgehog”, or “spiny”, “skin”. What is a sea urchin, if not an “underwater hedgehog”?

Most of what we know about the deep history of echinoderms from British fossils comes from the few specimens that emerged from railway cuttings and quarrying in the Victorian age.

Tim Ewin’s institution, the Natural History Museum in London, has these items tucked away in a small space that will now be utterly inadequate to accommodate the truckload of new examples that is coming.

“In this age of rock from the Middle Jurassic, only two species of starfish were known, represented by five specimens,” he says. “In just a few days of collecting here, we’ve got 12 starfish specimens, and expect to find many more.

“And it’s the same for the comatulids, or stemless crinoids (feather stars) – 200 years’ worth of collecting is represented at the museum by about 25 specimens. Here, we’ve probably got 25 specimens just under our feet, and we’ve collected over 1,000.”

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Shamelessly stolen from Knuckledraggin’

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Got something interesting?

Just feel like bitching?

Need to unload?

Have at it in the comments.

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Biden Kowtowing To Chinese Masters

Cases dropped against Chinese Military Researchers

The Justice Department dropped a half-dozen cases against Chinese military researchers it had accused of lying on their visas to work in the United States in a dramatic reversal that came amid questions about the FBI’s analysis of the evidence.

The cases, being heard in the Eastern District of California, were among a batch touted last summer by the DOJ and targeting members of the Chinese military.

“In all of our prosecutions, the Department of Justice evaluates the merits of a case as it prepares for trial,” DOJ spokesman Wyn Hornbuckle told the Washington Examiner. “Recent developments in a handful of cases involving defendants with alleged, undisclosed ties to the People’s Liberation Army of the People’s Republic of China have prompted the department to reevaluate these prosecutions, and we have determined that it is now in the interest of justice to dismiss them.”

One dropped case involved Tang Juan, whose trial had been slated to begin Monday. Tang was interviewed by the FBI in June 2020 about allegedly concealing her ties to the People’s Liberation Army while applying to be a researcher at the University of California. She then went into hiding in China’s consulate in San Francisco even as the U.S. booted China from its consulate in Houston, and China retaliated by closing the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu.

Tang’s defense lawyers told the court in a trial brief earlier this month that “there is dissension in the FBI’s own ranks” about the case against Tang. The lawyers pointed to an April 2021 draft analysis written by two FBI analysts titled “Defining the Extent of Obfuscation of Visiting Chinese Scholars’ Ties to the PLA.” The analysts suggested that the visa application’s military service declaration is potentially ambiguous, making it difficult to determine “whether obfuscation is intentional or for nefarious tech transfer purposes.

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They sue to have it put back in their mouths.

Get a job you lazy fucks!

Out-of-work Americans in Florida filed a lawsuit against Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday seeking to reinstate a pandemic relief program that paid out an extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits.

In a complaint filed late Sunday on behalf of 10 unemployed Floridians, three attorneys – Gautier Kitchen, Marie Mattox and Scott Behren – argued that DeSantis, as well as the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and its director Dane Eagle, violated their “clear legal and statutory duty to secure such benefits for employees” by prematurely ending the benefits.

The attorneys are requesting an emergency injunction to force Florida to reinstate the $300 a week benefit until the case is decided, as well as provide four weeks of retroactive benefits.

“The unemployed of Florida need these benefits to pay basic living expenses such as rent, utilities, food and medicine,” the suit said.

Florida is one of 26 states – nearly all of which are led by Republican governors – that decided to prematurely end one of three federal unemployment programs that provided out-of-work Americans with an extra $300 a week, on top of their regular state benefits, and extended eligibility for contract workers as well as those who had exhausted their regular state benefits.

Unemployed residents in Indiana, Texas and Maryland also filed lawsuits against their respective states for the early termination of the program. State judges in Indiana and Maryland ruled the states must continue paying out the money to its jobless residents.

The programs, which Congress created in March 2020 and voted twice to extend, are not slated to expire until Sept. 6, 2021. Roughly 4 million people will lose their jobless aid as a result of the new policies, according to one estimate from the left-leaning Century Foundation.

GOP lawmakers have blamed the extra unemployment aid for anemic job growth in April and May, although economists have also cited a lack of child care and fears of contracting COVID-19 for the hiring shortage.

Unemployment benefits in the state currently max out at $275 a week. With the federal supplement, Americans are receiving a maximum of $605 in weekly unemployment benefits. (For comparison’s sake, that’s about $31,500 annually, or roughly $16 an hour).

President Biden and Democrats have rejected the notion that Americans are choosing to stay home and collect the extra unemployment benefits – part of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief law passed in March – rather than returning to work.

Still, Biden has emphasized that the unemployment benefits will end in September as planned, despite momentum among some of his party’s members to make the extra money permanent.

“It’s going to expire in 90 days,” Biden said recently. “That makes sense.”

There remain about 6.8 million fewer jobs than there were in February 2020, before the pandemic shut down broad swaths of the nation’s economy. Florida’s unemployment rate, at 5%, represents about 523,500 jobless Americans out of a workforce of about 9.8 million, according to the Labor Department.

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Frankly I think this is a brilliant idea and should be instituted in every liberal-run city: place a “wealth tax” on anyone who wants to drive into the city center and makes more than $46,000 a year.

It’s guaranteed to fix all your fiscal ills as everyone leaves and you have no more need for money because there are no people left.

San Francisco is considering a congestion pricing plan that would charge motorists for entering the busy downtown core — but only if they make more than $46,000 per year.

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority is leading the city’s study on the proposal to charge a fee to any drivers who enter the downtown zone, details of which were reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

London has used a similar congestion charge scheme for nearly a decade, but it does not include an income threshold. New York City is currently considering a daily charge of $14 for motorists who enter certain parts of Manhattan.

The proposal in San Francisco would charge the full fee of $6.50 to any driver making more than $100,000, with discounts for those who make less, and no fee at all for anyone making less than $46,000.

Drivers would pay the fee for entering downtown on weekdays between 6am and 9am, and 3.30pm to 6.30pm.

Ride hailing vehicles such as Uber and Lyft would likely be charged per trip for entering the zone, and pass the fees along to customers.

The agency is considering two options for the pricing zone, one encompassing the immediate downtown area and the other expanded to include North Beach, Russian Hill and Fisherman’s Wharf to the north, and Mission Bay to the south.

Any congestion pricing pricing plan is still three to five years from potentially being implemented, an agency spokesperson told the Chronicle.

San Francisco has been considering congestion pricing since as early as 2004, but the discussion became more urgent as gridlocked spiraled out of control prior to the pandemic.

The pandemic saw a dramatic drop in traffic nationwide, but since restrictions have eased, gridlock has returned to many cities, including San Francisco.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s administration gave New York City the go-ahead in March to speed up an environmental review of a proposed congestion pricing, which could see drivers paying up to $14 to enter Midtown Manhattan beginning early next year.

The Federal Highway Administration said on Tuesday the plan would undergo an expedited environmental assessment, which generally takes less time than an environmental impact statement.

New York wants to charge a daily variable toll for vehicles entering or remaining within the ‘Central Business District’ – an area stretching from 60th Street in Midtown to Battery Park – in a bid to manage traffic.

The plan was first approved by state lawmakers in April 2019 and officials had hoped to begin pricing in January 2021

Last year, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo blamed the Trump Administration for blocking the project. Cuomo on Tuesday praised the Biden Administration for ‘advancing this important program.’

Cuomo added that congestion pricing will ‘reduce traffic congestion, enhance the availability and reliability of public transportation and improve our air quality.’

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said he spoke to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg about the issue recently.

‘He heard me loud and clear. New York City is ready to go,’ de Blasio said.



Democrat rep accused of faking racist post.

Yep, she-boon.

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) is accused by Twitter users of sharing a fake racist threat she claims was sent to her as proof of white supremacy violence.

“Missouri congresswoman (D) & BLM activist tweets out what she says are evidence of “white supremacist violence.” However, one of the screenshots shows it was typed on an unsubmitted form, raising the question if she or the person who gave her the screenshot wrote it themselves,” tweeted journalist Andy Ngo.

Reactions to Bush’s screenshot of the alleged white supremacy violence were quick to point out the red asterisks remaining next to the various fields on the form indicated that it was typed up without being submitted when the screenshot was taken.

“Oh look, a form you filled out and didn’t click submit on. At least learn how the internet forms work before faking hate crimes against yourself,” replied Tim Young.

“At least use photoshop to erase the red asterisk, if you gonna lie, put some effort in it…” replied another.

“She’s on her site typing these herself then screen shotting it LOL,” said another.

“I sure hope they catch the person that screenshotted this unsubmitted form,” replied someone else.

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Students told to hide “equity survey” from parents:

Astudent in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District just north of St. Cloud, Minn. is speaking out after the school required grade-school children take an “equity” survey.

Some students didn’t understand some of the survey questions, but were told by a teacher they couldn’t repeat the survey questions to their parents, according to a video uploaded by Alphanews.

The survey asked questions that some students didn’t understand. Even after hearing an explanation from their teacher, some still couldn’t comprehend the survey questions.

But a teacher told the students they couldn’t ask their parents for help, according to Haylee Yasgar, a fourth-grader at the time.

“My teacher said that I could not skip any questions even when I didn’t understand them,” Yasgar said during a school board meeting last week. “One question asked us what gender we identify with. I was very confused along with a lot of other classmates.”

She said students were told they could not “repeat any of the questions to our parents.”

The school district hadn’t responded to a request for comment by publication time. It’s unclear what value a survey holds if respondents don’t understand the questions.

“Being asked to hide this from my mom made me very uncomfortable, like I was doing something wrong,” she told the school board.

The equity survey is part of an intensifying clash over how school systems nationwide should teach issues related not only to sexuality but race as well in the state where George Floyd died in police custody last year.

Now that the city has settled a wrongful death lawsuit in the Floyd case for $27 million and former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison for third-degree murder and manslaughter, the question remains how school systems should explain similar events to kids.

Despite being more than 40 years old, Critical Race Theory has emerged as a flashpoint over the last year, often pitting teachers and school administrators against parents.

CRT holds that “the law and legal institutions in the United States are inherently racist insofar as they function to create and maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between whites and nonwhites, especially African Americans,” according to Britannica.

CRT scholars allege many societal problems are rooted in the country’s white majority using laws and other power to suppress the non-white population, whether consciously or subconsciously.

CRT opponents claim its conclusions rely on anecdotes and storytelling, rather than a comprehensive examination of evidence, and fail to take into account strides that the nation has made toward racial equality.

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Yep! Cynical. Cold hearted.

But it’s what the people of Washington deserve after their omnipotent governor signed a law to make them all victims of criminals.

Washington state legislators passed a series of new police reform bills that went into effect on Sunday, the most noteworthy being HB 1310 where law enforcement officers can only make arrests on the grounds of “probable cause” instead of “reasonable suspicion,” giving a green light for criminals to commit crimes without being held accountable.

Signed into law by Democratic Governor Jay Inslee without a vote from the people through ballot measures, HB 1310 also called the “use of force bill” drastically limits the way police officers respond to calls.

“It’s going to change the level of service we give to our citizens. Not because we want to, but because we have to,” Moses Lake Police Chief Fuhr said, according to Columbia Basin Herald.
“This is changing completely the way we’ve responded to some of these calls … and there will be some calls that we just absolutely don’t respond to from here on out,” Fuhr added.

While the rest of the country has witnessed the destruction of Seattle at the hands of failed progressive policies and anti-police bills, these new laws apply to all law enforcement agencies statewide.

The changes holster a direct impact on public safety as the new law reduces police interaction with criminals who fail to comply to direct orders from police officers.
According to Federal Way Police Chief Andy J. Hwang, an officer that witnesses an individual matching the description of a burglary or a shoplifter suspect walking away near the scene of the crime, at that specific moment an officer has “reasonable suspicion,” but does not have “probable cause.” Therefore they are no longer authorized to detain the individual if the suspect decides to run or escape.

To note, “probable cause” is a high standard of having enough facts, information, and/or evidence for a reasonable officer to believe that a person is more likely than not to have committed a crime.
Further sounding the alarm in a statement released by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO), the department details the discomforting provisions which ultimately eliminates all police pursuits in the state of Washington.

“The largest impact for our residents will be the changes to our ability to pursue after a suspect who is fleeing in a vehicle. Law enforcement officers will only be able to engage in a pursuit if there is “probable cause” to arrest a person in the vehicle for committing a specified violent crime or sex offense such as murder, kidnapping, drive-by shootings, or rape.”

Law enforcement officers are no longer allowed to pursue suspects that have committed property crimes which includes residential burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle, theft. They can also no longer pursue domestic violence incidents which includes domestic violence simple assault, violation of a no contact or protection order, and stalking, the statement details.

An example of the above changes provided by PCSO states, “Dispatchers receive a 911 call from a person who reports hearing screaming and loud noises from an apartment next door. The caller reports that it sounds like the woman next door is being assaulted by her boyfriend, but is only able to provide a vague description of what the boyfriend looks like and does not know his name. As the first responding officer approaches the apartment, he sees a man running through the parking lot wearing clothing that is similar to the description provided in the 911 call.”
Under the new law, “officers must let the man walk away from the scene until they can interview the victim and/or witnesses to determine with a high level of certainty that a crime has occurred and the person is a suspect in that crime.”

Law enforcement officers can no longer pursue vehicles for traffic offenses other than the exception of vehicular assault, vehicular homicide, and driving under the influence (DUI). Officers are no longer allowed to force an individual to exit the vehicle and are unable to pat down suspects for weapons without their consent. Unless there is probable cause, officers cannot place suspects in handcuffs.

Another scenario issued by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department states, “Your family returns from a vacation to find a truck parked in the driveway of your home, and a person you do not know is loading stolen items from your house into the vehicle. You call 911 and provide the dispatcher with a description of the suspect’s truck as it drives out of your neighborhood with your belongings inside. A police officer responding to your call for help sees a truck resembling the description speeding out of your neighborhood.”
Under the new law, “the officer can still attempt to stop the vehicle, but cannot pursue after the fleeing vehicle for any law enforcement purposes/actions if the driver does not stop.”

HB 1310 also creates a new police accountability board to hold officers accountable for “use of force,”meaning that officers will be forced to let criminals flee in order for them to escape political persecution in court, stripping victims and law-abiding citizens from seeing justice.

Another significant change to policing in the state of Washington affects the way officers’ respond to mental health calls.

For example, before HB 1310 under “community caretaking,” police officers were legally allowed to restrain individuals that were suffering from mental health episodes in order to send them to a hospital for evaluation.

However, under the new law, officers are prohibited from restraining said individuals on grounds of involuntary treatment. The new law directs law enforcement officers to “leave the area” unless they have committed a crime or are an imminent threat to themselves or someone else.

“The unfortunate thing is, I think of the person who’s in mental health crisis in a family member’s home, (and the) family member calls us, and our response is going to be, ‘I’m sorry, it’s not a crime. We can’t respond,'” Moses Lake Police Chief detailed in a recent meeting with Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs (WASPC), as well as the Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA).

The new police reform laws went into effect as Washington state continues to experience a significant increase in violent crimes. On Sunday, there were five separate shootings and multiple homicides in Seattle alone.



And we’re supposed to take assholes seriously?

Sure, a few people may end up with respiratory factors making them more susceptible to illness but to link it to Kung Flu?

These fuckers have no more credibility.

Cases of COVID-19 rose sharply last year in Reno, Nevada, when a heavy layer of wildfire smoke settled over the city, according to scientists at the Desert Research Institute, and they and other scientists are postulating that there is a link between air pollution and increased susceptibility to the new coronavirus.

“Our results showed a substantial increase in the COVID-19 positivity rate in Reno during a time when we were affected by heavy wildfire smoke from California wildfires,” said Daniel Kiser, a co-lead author of the study published in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. “This is important to be aware of as we are already confronting heavy wildfire smoke … with COVID-19 cases again rising in Nevada and other parts of the western U.S.”

Kiser, an assistant research scientist of data science at the institute, said he became interested in studying the effect of the microscopic particulate matter from wildfires after reading a Canadian scientist’s article on the dual effect of confronting both issues at the same time.

In the preface to her work, senior scientist Sarah Henderson of the British Columbia Center for Disease Control, wrote: “As we enter the wildfire season in the northern hemisphere, the potential for a dangerous interaction between SARS-CoV-2 and smoke pollution should be recognized and acknowledged. This is challenging because the public health threat of COVID-19 is immediate and clear, whereas the public health threat of wildfire smoke seems distant and uncertain in comparison. However, we must start preparing now to effectively manage the combination of public health threats.”

Kiser is hoping that his research results will motivate people to get vaccinated and to wear masks to reduce their exposure to the virus and to tiny wildfire particulate matter that measures 2.5 micrometers or less.

That’s about 1/30th the size of a human hair at its largest. Scientists refer to it as PM 2.5 for short.

To analyze the relationship between this fine wildfire ash and COVID-19 positivity rates, Kiser and his team collected data from the Washoe County Health District and the region’s big hospital system, Renown Health.

He said they discovered that the PM 2.5 was responsible for a 17.7% increase in the number of COVID-19 cases that occurred during a period of prolonged smoke that took place between Aug. 16, 2020, and Oct. 10, 2020.

Washoe County’s 450,000 residents, many of whom live in Reno, experienced 43 days of elevated PM 2.5 during that period, researchers said, compared with 26 days for residents of the San Francisco Bay Area.

“We had a unique situation here in Reno last year where we were exposed to wildfire smoke more often than many other areas, including the Bay Area,” said Dr. Gai Elhanan, co-lead author of the study and an associate research scientist of computer science at the institute. “We are located in an intermountain valley that restricts the dispersion of pollutants and possibly increases the magnitude of exposure, which makes it even more important for us to understand smoke impacts on human health.”

The relationship between COVID-19 positivity rates and air pollution in general has gained interest among scientists around the world, and Kiser and Elhanan cite research papers from Europe and Asia that explore the phenomenon as well.

Kent Pinkerton, an expert on air pollution on the faculty at the University of California, Davis, said there’s concern among physicians and scientists about the impact of climate change on cardiopulmonary health, a topic he’s currently addressing in an article he’s submitting to a medical journal.

“Hotter temperatures, climate change, wildfires, air pollution, all seem to have some association with a greater risk of COVID-19 cases,” Pinkerton said. “If you’re susceptible to air pollution, such as particulate matter, it could be that you just have a situation where you’ll be also much more susceptible to viral particles that might be in the air that you’re breathing. It’s not that the air pollution makes the COVID-19 cases more likely to happen, but it may simply be a reflection of just the fact that, where areas of high pollution are, … the risk for COVID-19 cases may be greater. “

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Why Are They Heavily Armed?

Heavily armed Environmental Protection Agency agents raided a car shop looking for illegal modifications to cars.  

John Lund was in the midst of a busy day running his business providing custom auto-tuning and revisions to cars when armed agents from the Environmental Protection Agency arrived.

“It was just a normal day” in February at Lund Racing, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, recalled Lund, the company owner.

“We didn’t know anything was going to happen, and I wasn’t at the office yet, but my coworkers and my dad were here,” Lund told the Washington Examiner.

So were the EPA agents, who cornered his father. The elder Mr. Lund calmly got out of his car to be patted down by an armed EPA agent wearing soft armor.

“It was 12 armed federal agents, and they had little EPA badges on and everything. I come in about 10 minutes later, and there was one agent out there,” Lund said. “He walked me in, and they had a search warrant for conspiracy to sell defeat devices. They basically went around the building, and they did forensics — physical forensics, digital forensics on the laptops, and we were compliant.”

Following the EPA’s December National Compliance Initiative, which focuses on manufacture, sale, and installation of emissions “defeat devices,” the agency targeted the high-performance auto industry, sometimes deploying armed agents to slap heavy fines on violators.

Street vehicles — cars, trucks, and motorcycles — can’t be converted into race cars, according to the EPA. In December, during the waning weeks of former President Donald Trump’s administration, the agency announced it was making a priority of enforcement against high-performance parts in conversion to race cars, including superchargers, tuners, and exhaust systems. That’s continued six months into President Joe Biden’s term.

Continue reading

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They want us to call them “unitards” but that’s retarded. So “Gymnasts now wear retards” sounds better.

The team’s outfits looked similar to the others in the room as the arena lights gleamed off crystals crisscrossing their chests and down their crimson and white sleeves.

But the German gymnastics team’s new Olympic suits didn’t stop at their hips.

For decades, female gymnasts have worn bikini-cut leotards. In qualifying on Sunday, however, the German team instead wore unitards that stretched to their ankles, intending to push back against sexualization of women in gymnastics.

The Tokyo Olympics are the first Summer Games since Larry Nassar, a former USA Gymnastics national team doctor, was sent to prison for 176 years for sexually abusing hundreds of gymnasts, including some of the sport’s greatest stars. At his sentencing, athletes — some of them Olympians — described how the sport’s culture allowed for abuse and objectification of young women and girls.

Male gymnasts wear comparatively body-covering clothes: singlets, with loose shorts for their floor exercise and vault, and long pants on bar and pommel horse routines.

The German team first wore unitards at the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in April.

Sarah Voss, a 21-year-old German, said they weren’t sure they would decide to wear them again during Olympic competition until they got together before the meet.

“We sat together today and said, OK, we want to have a big competition,” Voss said. “We want to feel amazing, we want to show everyone that we look amazing.”

Their wardrobe revolution, while widely championed, has not so far started a trend. Leotards that leave the legs bare were worn by every other female gymnast during qualifying at the Tokyo Games.

At 4-foot-8, American superstar Simone Biles said in June that she prefers leotards because they lengthen the leg and make her appear taller.

“But I stand with their decision to wear whatever they please and whatever makes them feel comfortable,” Biles said. “So if anyone out there wants to wear a unitard or leotard, it’s totally up to you.”

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Biden Refuses To Meet With The Cowards of Texas

The Texas cowards who fled to their state instead of staying and fighting in the legislature are bent out of shape because Biden won’t meet with them.   They believe they’re special and entitled to his time.   Problem might be is that Biden’s staff doesn’t want to expend the energy to brief and coach him on how to meet with them.

Texas House Democrats, who fled their state to block election security measures from becoming law, are outraged that Joe Biden won’t meet with them in Washington D.C.

The group of state lawmakers says they are “pissed off” after Biden refused to even respond to their requests for a Zoom meeting.

The Democratic lawmakers are expected to stay in Washington, D.C., through the first week of August.

Their plan is to remain in the capital until the special session currently in progress in the Texas Legislature will expire.

The group fled for D.C. to urge Biden and Congress to pass the “For The People Act,” a sweeping election reform bill that Republicans oppose.

But so far, Biden has ignored their requests for a meeting — even through a video conference call.

“He won’t meet with us on Zoom like this, and I’m trying to be tactful, but I don’t know how else to say it, man,” Texas state Rep. Richard Peña Raymond (D) told U.S. Rep Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) on Thursday, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

“I’m just pissed off at this point.

“He doesn’t give us the respect the way you have.”

State Rep. Sheryl Cole (D), meanwhile, expressed entitlement to Biden’s time because of the media attention they have received.

“All we can do is ask and push through our other congressional members,” she said.

“Throughout the country, we’ve received so much support that it has risen to a need for presidential attention.”

The Texas Democrats, however, have met with Vice President Kamala Harris, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the No. 3 House Democrat, and other top Democratic Party leaders while in Washington, according to The Blaze.

During their meeting with Harris, the vice president praised the Texas House Democrats for coming to Washington, which she called a “great sacrifice.”

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas), who ran a failed presidential campaign, is reportedly urging Texas House Democrats to focus their energy on presidential access.

“I feel very strongly about this. I think you need to center and focus all of your effort on the president,” O’Rourke told the Texas Democrats last week, according to the American-Statesman.

In fact, O’Rourke said Biden needs to be held accountable because he is “not doing what is required,” a reference to the “For The People Act,” which has stalled in Congress.

O’Rourke is helping fund Texas House Democrats’ political stunt.

His group Powered by People sent the lawmakers $600,000 last week, according to the Texas Tribune.

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By a margin of 9 to 1 Detroiters want more cops.


You’re liberal, stupid and most of you are dependent of welfare.

You fucked for the schmucks in office.

You deserve anything that happens to you.

“By an overwhelming 9-1, [Detroit citizens] would feel safer with more cops on the street, not fewer,” the far-left USA Today reported.

And now we come to my favorite part of this USA Today/Suffolk University/Detroit Free Press Poll; the racial divide, which is in no way surprising.

Read the following carefully:

The poll found a significant racial divide on the question. Black residents ranked crime at the top of their list of concerns: 24% cited public safety, and just 3% named police reform.

But white residents were a bit more concerned about police reform than public safety, 12% compared with 10%. Education was by far the biggest issue on their minds, named by 31%.

What you have here, and again this is in no way surprising, is more white residents wanting police reform than the mere 3 percent of black resident who want police reform.

Let me repeat that: only 3 percent of black residents in Detroit want police reform.

Three percent.


And which racial group do you think is 1) dealing with the most violent crime and by extension 2) dealing with police the most? Of course it’s blacks Americans, who have always been the disproportionate victims of violent crime. And that victimization rate only goes up when white liberals (the worst people in the world) begin patronizing the black community with ludicrous ideas about emptying prisons, ending bail, and defunding the police.

White liberals (the worst people in the world) never do anything to improve the lives of black Americans. But they enjoy improving the lives of black criminals.

Detroit is as deep blue as a deep blue city gets. In 2020, Biden allegedly won 233,908 votes to Trump’s 12,654. That’s not a typo. The margin in Detroit was 233,908 to 12,654, and yet, only 3 percent of black residents want police reform. But more left-wing whites sure want police reform, but that’s because whites don’t have to live with the same amount of crime. And that’s also because white Democrats have been trying to tell black people what’s best for them for 400 years.

If you’re wondering why His Fraudulency Joe Biden is running so far away from his fellow Defund-the-Police Democrats, running so far away he is lying about them even existing, this is why.

USA Today reports that violent crime is on the upswing in Detroit. Well, of course it is. Democrats have run Detroit exclusively for decades. You get what you vote for, Detroit, and what you’ve got is violence, despair, poverty, and a city that looks like it was hit with a nuke.

Y’all want to live like this, that’s your choice. Godspeed. Hopefully, the Democrats you’ve hired will at least heed your call to put more police on the streets. One group that will never heed that call is the corporate media, who will continue to pretend that every black person in America wants the police eradicated.

Listen, I’ve lived in an American inner-city, Milwaukee, in the mid-80s, when crime was even worse than it is now. The very idea urban voters want the police defunded is flat-out insane and a recipe for disaster. Nevertheless, Democrats and their allies in the media, like CNNLOL, continue to push policies that will only make life for black Americans worse. But that, of course, is part of the plan, so they can blame “systemic racism.”

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Gunman chased by locals and stoned to death.

Location: Como district Fort Worth
Time: 1 A.M.
Day of week: Monday
Event: “small gathering”

Police say a group of people in Fort Worth stoned a gunman to death after he killed one person and injured three others.

The incident happened about 1 a.m. Monday in Fort Worth’s Como neighborhood on the southwest side in the 5600 block of Shiloh Drive, near Bryant Irvin Road and the Chisholm Trail Parkway.

Police said a “small gathering” was happening in someone’s backyard when a person became upset and left. He shortly returned with another person and got into an argument with multiple people. At that point, he shot at least one person, non-fatally, police said.

After that, the other people at the party started chasing the shooter. The gunman then turned around and fired into the small crowd. In response, they began throwing landscaping stones and bricks back at the gunman.

“What we’re saying is some of the people picked up what we call stone pavers. What you line your driveway with points on them. That was something they initially could get,” said Tracy Carter with Fort Worth PD. “I don’t want to say maybe used as defense, but that’s what they were able to throw at the gunman.”

Police say a group of people in Fort Worth stoned a gunman to death after he killed one person and injured three others.

Police said the group eventually caught up to the gunman. At that point, the gunman resumed firing at the crowd and hit at least two more people. One person died from their injuries at the scene.

“They either caught him, or he fell to the ground,” Carter said. “And at that time, he lost his life what we believe by stones. The ME is going to have to determine that.”

A handgun believed to be used by the gunman was found by police.

Carter has a clear warning about the crowd’s reaction.

“Let the authorities handle it. We do not advise someone going after someone who has a gun,” he said.

Police are also investigating another shooting Sunday afternoon in the same neighborhood.

Police say a man was shot in the neck but fled the scene before officers arrived and drove himself to a nearby hospital.

Community activist Estrus Tucker says he worries that new Como residents don’t take the same pride in or show the same concern about the neighborhood as the longtimers seem to do.

“We’ve got to do a much better job obviously of managing our anger, of learning to settle a dispute,” he said. “We try to find ways to redeem the narrative and say this is not who we are. This is not what we’re about and continue to lift our standards and our expectations for neighbors.”

The violence in the Como community comes just weeks after a Fourth of July shooting, in which eight were injured by gunfire after a holiday celebration.

Community leaders in Como are eager to see an end to what they call senseless shootings.

Longtime resident Ella Burton is involved with the Como Neighborhood Action Committee. She’d like to see more resources return to promote positive activities for young people.

“We’d like to see reimplemented some of the programs we had,” she said. “Bot back in the day, but we had maybe five years ago some programs. We’d get grants through the community center. Kids, at least, would have an avenue and someone to talk to.”

Burton believes some of the violence is the result of pent-up frustrations accumulated during the pandemic.

In this latest case, a shooter was stoned to death by an angry mob. The bizarre killing is still under investigation.

“It’s a great community. It’s an unfortunate incident,” Carter said. “People have been very cooperative with detectives.”

Police said the people involved all knew each other. At this point, no names have been released of those involved in the incident.

At this point, no charges have been filed. But it’s unclear whether or not that could change.

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Remember that silly little bitch who got suspended because she did not speak to the press after a match which her contract stipulated she must do?

For weeks after we were treated by the Kept-Whore Media making excuses for her and siding with her. Hell, Netflix even put out a series to suck her ass because she is Japanese and Negro.

Then she tells us the reason she did it was she is “introverted.”

But as radio personality Clay Travis posted: “‘Since saying she’s too introverted to talk to the media after tennis matches, Naomi Osaka has launched a reality show, a Barbie, and now is on the cover of the SI swimsuit issue.'”

Megyn Kelly piled on with: “‘Let’s not forget the cover of (& interview in) Vogue Japan and Time Mag!'”

Well, she got her ass kicked at the Olympics.


Naomi Osaka’s bid to become the first Japanese player ever to win tennis Olympic gold came to a abrupt halt as she was beaten in straight sets by Marketa Vondrousova in the last-16.

The Games was Osaka’s first tournament since withdrawing from both the French Open and Wimbledon, citing her struggles with depression and anxiety. She had lit the cauldron in the opening ceremony last week and was Japan’s poster girl of their home Olympics.

Osaka, the world No 2 and a four-time Grand Slam champion, was considered the tennis tournament favourite once Wimbledon champion and world No 1 Ash Barty suffered a shock round one exit but she admitted pressure got to her today.

Vondrousova, who reached the final of the French Open in 2019, was ruthless in her execution and having took the first set 6-1 in just 24 minutes, she held her nerve in the second set to run out 6-1, 6-4 winner.

Having ended her media boycott when she arrived at this tournament it appeared it was back on as Osaka, 23, made a hasty exit after the loss. But she returned for a couple of questions in what is one of the biggest shocks of the tennis tournament so far.

‘I feel like I should be used to (the pressure) by now,’ she said. ‘But at the same time, the scale of everything has been a bit hard because of the break that I took. I am glad I didn’t lose in the first round at least.’

When a Japanese journalist then asked, ‘How do you feel?’ Osaka came close to tears. Unable to respond, she left the mixed zone, accompanied by her agent.

So much was made of Osaka returning to court for this tournament.

It was Osaka who chose to withdraw from the French Open and Wimbledon with growing concerns over her mental health.

She pointed to press conferences increasing ‘anxiety’ and so when she spoke to media members and said she was ‘glad’ they were asking her questions after her first-round win, it appeared she was in a good place.

But a bitterly disappointed Osaka left the the Ariake Tennis Park within minutes of her defeat to Vondrousova, avoiding media members in the mixed zone before making a return to answer only those two Japanese and English questions.

Just 24 hours ago she was desperately trying to play down talk she was walking towards the gold medal.

‘Well you know, definitely it would mean a lot for me to win gold here but I know it’s a process,’ she said.

‘You know, these are the best players in the world and I honestly haven’t played in a while so I’m trying to keep it one match at a time. All in all, I’m just really happy to be here.’

The Japanese star won her first match in eight weeks against Zheng Saisai on Sunday in the first round, saying she felt refreshed and happy after stepping away from the court.

Osaka’s decision to address the media after her win over Saisai marked the end of the media boycott that saw her withdraw from the French Open and Wimbledon.

‘For me, honestly I don’t feel that weird about it,’ she said of ending her media silence on Sunday.

‘It might feel weird to you guys, but I don’t know. I’m happy that I guess you guys are asking me questions, but more than anything I was just focused on playing tennis.

‘I guess I feel a little bit out of my body right now.’

There were a few understandable signs of rust even after her wins and Osaka could not match the intensity she showed on Monday to beat Viktorija Golubic.

Osaka was carrying the weight of a nation on her shoulders, not least because she had spent recent weeks out of the game – and the spotlight.

At the French Open, Osaka stunned the sport by withdrawing from the Grand Slam to focus on her mental health.

She was fined $15,000 for skipping a press conference and with the threat of disqualification looming for further breaches she decided to withdraw herself.

In the end the Grand Slams all vowed to ‘improve the player experience’.

Osaka also elected to stay away from Wimbledon but was never going to miss the chance to play at a home Olympics.

Osaka’s relationship with the Japanese public is complicated.

She is a leading light in Japan’s ever-changing society, but is seen as a ‘hafu’ – literally meaning ‘half’, a reference to having some non-Japanese heritage. Osaka has a Japanese mother and a Haitian father and has grown up in the United States since she was a toddler. She was born in Chūō-ku, Osaka.

‘[My opponent] was talking with another Japanese girl, and they didn’t know that I was listening [or that] I spoke Japanese,’ Osaka told the Wall Street Journal last year, when asked if she had any incidents of discrimination in her youth.

‘Her friend asked her who she was playing, so she said Osaka. And her friend says, ”Oh, that black girl. Is she supposed to be Japanese?” And then the girl that I was playing was like, ”I don’t think so”.’

In a docuseries released on Netflix earlier this month Osaka continued to shed light on her experience of declaring her citizenship as Japanese and the issues it through up.

‘So I don’t choose America, and suddenly people are like, ”Your Black card is revoked”,’ Osaka said.

‘And it’s like, African-American isn’t the only Black, you know? I don’t know, I feel like people don’t know the difference between nationality and race.’

Japan has historically been an incredibly homogeneous state. A 2018 census reported that 97.8 per cent of the population is determined as ‘Japanese’.

That can be misleading as that figure means ‘Citizen of Japan’ rather than an individual’s ethnicity. But even when referring to ‘Yamato’ Japanese – defined as ‘a person whose origin is the Japanese mainland’ – figures still estimate that 90 per cent of the population are of Yamato descent.

In 2019 noodle company Nissin, one of her sponsors, caused a global race scandal, seemingly ‘whitewashing Osaka in a manga cartoon advertisement.

‘There is no intention of whitewashing,’ a Nissin spokesperson said at the time. ‘We accept that we are not sensitive enough and will pay more attention to diversity issues in the future.’

‘I’ve talked to [Nissin] and they’ve apologised,’ Osaka said in response. ‘It’s obvious, I’m tan. It’s pretty obvious.’

Issues around her skin colour back in Japan continued. Osaka was the butt of a ‘joke’ made by two Japanese comedians in which they suggested the tennis star ‘needed some bleach’ to lighten her skin. The pairing known as ‘A Masso’ added that ‘she is too sunburnt’ during the live show.

Back in February, Osaka also spoke out and welcomed the resignation of former Japanese prime minister Yoshiro Mori as the head of the Tokyo 2020 organising committee.

Mori was shamed for saying women ‘talk too much’ and was dismissed.

‘I feel like it’s really good because you’re pushing forward, barriers are being broken down, especially for females,’ Osaka said. ‘We’ve had to fight for so many things just to be equal. Even a lot of things we still aren’t equal.’

After receiving some criticism for her withdrawals from the French Open and Wimbledon, Osaka was also recently involved in another row over her appearance on the front cover of Sports Illustrated magazine.

Osaka hit back at Megyn Kelly after the former Fox News star criticised her for appearing on the cover after citing media pressure as the reason for her withdrawals. Osaka is the first female black athlete to star on the cover of the swimsuit edition.

Another conservative commentator Clay Travis said on Twitter: ‘Since saying she’s too introverted to talk to the media after tennis matches, Naomi Osaka has launched a reality show, a Barbie, and now is on the cover of the SI swimsuit issue.’

And Megyn Kelly weighed in, retweeting Travis and addinging: ‘Let’s not forget the cover of (& interview in) Vogue Japan and Time Mag!’

But Osaka, who will be at the Tokyo Olympics representing Japan hit back, blasting: ‘Seeing as you’re a journalist I would’ve assumed you would take the time to research what the lead times are for magazines, if you did that you would’ve found out I shot all of my covers last year.

‘Instead your first reaction is to hop on here and spew negativity, do better Megan.’

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Santa Cruz police arrested two men for vandalizing a #BurnLootMurder mural on a street.

In a press release from the police department, it says, “Detectives were able to obtain video of the crime, in which a vehicle is seen intentionally ‘burning out’ and applying tire tread marks across the length of the mural.”

UPDATE: The Santa Cruz Police Department said they arrested two men in connection with the vandalism of the city’s “Black Lives Matter” mural.

Brandon Bochat, 20 Santa Cruz, and Hagan Warner, 19 Boulder Creek, have been charged with felony vandalism and conspiracy to commit a felony. Police say both Bochat and Warner took turns driving the vehicle during the vandalism.

The mural is located on the 800 block of Center Street. The department said in a press release that the vandalism took place Friday evening, but officers discovered it Saturday morning.

In the release, it says, “Detectives were able to obtain video of the crime, in which a vehicle is seen intentionally ‘burning out’ and applying tire tread marks across the length of the mural. With this video evidence, investigators have identified a possible vehicle and person(s) of interest.”

The department said it is investigating the incident as a hate crime.

“Vandalism of our Black Lives Matter mural is unacceptable and must be dealt with immediately. The Santa Cruz police are actively investigating this crime and keeping me up to date. We will work to repair the mural and stand in solidarity with our community to oppose hate,” said Mayor Donna Meyers in the press release.

Santa Cruz police Chief Andy Mills said, “This type of behavior is unacceptable in our community, and we will pour all of the resources necessary to ensure we identify and prosecute those responsible. Justice must be served as this crime affects deteriorates the civility of our community, and creates a higher level of anxiety for many citizens, including our Black community.”

Additionally, both said, “There is no place for racism or acts of hate in the City of Santa Cruz.”

Brenda Griffin, the NAACP’s local branch president, said, “This crime saddens me greatly. The NAACP is glad the police have placed a high priority on this investigation. It’s extraordinarily frustrating as some people still don’t get Black Lives Matter too. This mural is a symbol of hope. We want our youth to know we have their backs.”

There will be a community briefing Sunday, July 25, at 11 a.m. at the Santa Cruz Police Department on 155 Center Street.

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Some whiny bints are complaining about how awful Hollywood assistants are treated.

REALLY?!?!?! Did someone pull them from their homes and enslave them? Were they forced into servitude?

Don’t like your job? Quit you worthless cunts.

Every fucking liberal trope is covered here to include the glorification of Bite-Me’s unemployment “chest of gold” to these lazy fucks, the horrible load of student loan debt (again, REALLY?!?!?! They get a worthless degree at an overpriced school, land a job that basically requires high school English to accomplish?)

It’s really long. If you must go to the link to finish. I wouldn’t bother. I didn’t.

Jayce Jurado is pretty sure she is the only person to make it to Hollywood from where she grew up. The 30-year-old Filipino American hails from Saipan, the largest of the Northern Mariana Islands. Given that Saipan houses only 48,220 people, Jurado is probably right.

For years, everyone Jurado met in the industry seemed to have the same backstory—a friend or family member who had some connection that landed them a job. She, meanwhile, found herself networking with strangers who often struggled to understand basic facets of her identity. (Yes, she’s a U.S. citizen; the islands from which she hails are officially the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. And yes, she’s Filipino as well.)

Jurado has spent years trying to establish herself in an industry that was built by and for people whose lives look nothing like hers—and sustained significant trauma from abusive bosses in the process. But she experienced something of an epiphany during the pandemic. And it all started when she got laid off.

“I just remember stepping back and thinking, ‘What the fuck am I doing with my life?… I sacrificed my twenties to the gods of the industry and have nothing to show for it,’” Jurado told The Daily Beast.

Imagine her surprise when she began making more on unemployment than she had at pretty much any job during her six-year career. “This is the first time I really feel stable,” she said.

She’s not the only one, either.

The Daily Beast spoke with 17 former and current support staff members who’ve worked as script coordinators, writer’s assistants, showrunner’s assistants, executive assistants, and production assistants. All of them said their jobs’ relentless demands and poor pay are unlivable. Even worse, they said, is doing this essential work in the same room as colleagues performing the same amount of labor for tens of thousands of dollars more than them.

“The constant interacting with people whose economic situation is incomprehensibly different from yours, who also often seem to show no interest or concern in the challenges you’re facing, and whose jobs would be frankly impossible without the job that you’re doing? It all weighs on you,” said a support staffer of 10 years.

Hollywood assistants have not always received the consideration they deserve as a labor force. But they understand exactly why some restaurant and retail workers have refused to return to work after discovering that enhanced unemployment benefits pay better than their grueling jobs. After all, they’re living on office snacks to keep their grocery bills under $30 per week while their bosses tweet their emphatic support for the effort.

An assistant of seven years recalled one instance in which they watched several writers compare Rolex watches—one was mulling which to buy his wife for Mother’s Day. Meanwhile, she noted, “Our writer’s PA is sitting out here making $11 an hour. It’s disgusting.”

As one assistant of 10 years put it, “It’s like, ‘If we keep you poor, then we’ll always be in power.’”

Jurado, like almost all of Hollywood’s assistants, has grown accustomed to jobs that pay below the Los Angeles low-income threshold but demand pretty much all of her time and energy. IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) Local 871 Vice President Marisa Shipley told The Daily Beast that members have reported putting off having children and even being unhoused while working full-time: “No one in this industry should be saying that. The industry has actively ignored this for multiple years at this point.”

The IATSE represents behind-the-scenes crafts including production coordinators, art department coordinators, writer’s assistants and script coordinators. The union is tentatively scheduled to resume bargaining with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents the studios, for a new contract on Aug. 17.

In a joint statement, the 13 IATSE production locals called for livable wages, pension and health benefits, as well as better working conditions and “reasonable rest” for their members. “These basic worker rights are the cornerstone of the labor movement, and we all are committed to fighting for them in order to create a more humane and equitable workplace,” the statement read.

Droves of assistants, meanwhile, have begun sharing their horror stories on social media using the hashtags #IASolidarity and #IALivingWage.

“If I could get people outside of the industry to understand one thing about this moment, it’s that [this is] really no different from any other labor issue,” a production assistant of 10 years told The Daily Beast. “We’re not coal miners, but we’re a labor force.”

Writer’s assistant jobs used to be a pathway toward becoming a staff writer after a few years of good work, several sources said. But the system now seems to run on nepotism and chance—and those who strike out can get stuck for a decade or longer.

“You are constantly trying to nail Jell-O to a tree,” one assistant who spoke with The Daily Beast anonymously said. “And that Jell-O is your career.”

John August, who worked as an assistant for two years in the 1990s before becoming a screenwriter, observed on his Scriptnotes podcast that today’s writer’s assistants can get stuck making lateral moves for up to a decade or more. Wages have barely budged since then, he added. Although $16 per hour, the current union scale for writer’s assistants, might have provided a comfortable living in 1994, it doesn’t go very far in 2021’s Los Angeles.

Depending on their department and title, a support staff member might handle legal clearances; map out the Byzantine continuities of various cinematic universes; oversee budgets; or save a hospital drama tens of thousands of dollars by anonymizing X-rays. Script coordinators can (and often d0) save a production more than their annual salary—and up to a few million—by catching one mistake someone else made.

A writer’s assistant can even be the one to help write the line that breaks the internet. A recent example: WandaVision creator Jac Schaeffer credited her assistant, Laura Monti, with perfecting the show’s most viral line: “What is grief but love persevering?

But average pay for department coordinators, assistant production coordinators, script coordinators, and writer’s assistants all fall below California’s low income threshold, Shipley noted. These positions, once a gateway into the industry, have become yet another obstacle for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money to burn, famous parents, or well-connected friends.

Student loans have become such a burden that at least one source spent years working industry-adjacent jobs before becoming an assistant because they could not afford to make so little while paying $1,100 per month in loans alone.

Conditions are not this bad for every below-the-line position in Hollywood. As Shipley notes, male-dominated groups like the grip and teamsters’ unions have historically been able to negotiate better deals. To understand why some support positions earn such dismissive wages even despite unionizing, Shipley suggests, one might consider these crafts’ history; several of these positions emerged from secretarial roles and remain female-dominated despite Hollywood’s disproportionately male workforce.

Eighty-one percent of art department coordinators are women, as are 64 percent of assistant production coordinators, 55 percent of writer’s assistants, and 47 percent of script coordinators, she said, according to internal IATSE 871 data.

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You may be a candidate for dementia:

People who find it difficult to hear a conversation in a noisy environment are twice as likely to go on to develop dementia later in life, the findings of a new study reveal.

Health data from more than 82,000 participants over the age of 60 were studied by experts from the University of Oxford who were looking for dementia risk factors.

They found that difficulty hearing spoken conversations, particularly in a noisy environment, is associated with up to 91 per cent increased risk of dementia.

Hearing impairment affects around 1.5 billion people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, with increasing evidence it could be a dementia risk.

This prompted the Oxford team to delve into the UK Biobank dataset, where they found that struggling to follow conversations in a noisy environment was a risk factor of dementia that ‘could be treated’ and potentially hold off the condition.

Experts say anyone with concerns about their hearing should contact their GP.

The study authors said they didn’t investigate the cause of the link, but speculate that hearing impairments increase the likelihood of other dementia risk factors, which turn increases the overall dementia risk.

As people get older hearing becomes more difficult, and a major component of this is difficulty hearing speech in a loud environment.

This can have an impact on their day-to-day functioning, including struggling to hear announcements or becoming isolated due to difficulties in social situations.

The problem has also been shown to be a symptom of dementia among some people who struggle with the devastating condition.

However, until now it was unclear whether difficulty hearing speech-in-noise was associated with developing dementia, as well as being a symptom.

This has now been robustly investigated in a new study led by the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Population Health (NDPH).

At the beginning of the study, participants were asked to identify spoken numbers against a background of white noise.

Based on this test they were grouped by the researchers into normal, insufficient and poor speech-in-noise hearing.

Over 11 years of follow-up, 1,285 participants were identified as developing dementia based on hospital inpatient and death register records.

Insufficient and poor speech-in-noise hearing were associated with a 61 per cent and 91 per cent increased risk of developing dementia.

This is when compared to normal speech-in-noise hearing.

Dr Thomas Littlejohns, senior author, said: ‘Dementia affects millions of individuals worldwide, with the number of cases projected to treble in the next few decades.

‘However, there is growing evidence that developing dementia is not inevitable and that the risk could be reduced by treating pre-existing conditions.

‘Whilst preliminary, these results suggest speech-in-noise hearing impairment could represent a promising target for dementia prevention.’

Dr Jonathan Stevenson, study lead author, said difficulty hearing speech in background noise is one of the most common problems for people with age-related hearing impairment.

Dr Katy Stubbs from Alzheimer’s Research UK, said that while most people think of memory problems when they hear the word dementia, this isn’t the only symptom.

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Did you know most large trucks in America are longer that tanks from WW II?!?!?!?!

You’ll need to go to the link for pics because their embed code wont work and screen grabs are too long.

As American trucks and SUVs have gotten bigger, they now rival the size of the tanks American auto makers once helped build to win World War II.

Pickup trucks are the most popular vehicles in the nation, with SUVs trailing not far behind, and they now in many cases exceed the length of the American M4 Sherman produced at the outset of America’s involvement in the war in 1942.

The tank was a mainstay of the Allied forces during the conflict, and American auto giants GM, Ford and Chrysler helped produce 50,000 of the steel beasts, before going back to producing civilian vehicles for the people back home.

But since then, the civilian vehicles have slowly grown in size to become the behemoths of the road they are today.

The Ford F150 pickup truck – the most popular vehicle in the country with 787,422 units sold in 2020, according to Car And Driver – is now longer than a Sherman tank at 250 inches long, compared to the tank’s 228 inches.

And it’s not the only one.

The Chevrolet Silverado (266 inches long), Dodge Ram (242 inches long) and GMC Sierra (231 inches long) all have the M4 beat.

Vehicles driven by Americans have become gradually larger over the past three decades, driven by an overwhelming market preference for them. SUVs outsell sedans two-to-one.

The top three most popular vehicles are pickups – The F150, Chevrolet Silverado and Ram 1500 – and make up roughly 13 percent of all vehicles sold in the country, according to Vice, which also did an analysis comparing the size of tanks and American trucks and SUVs.

In most cases America’s most popular pickups and SUVs are longer than the vintage tanks, but often shorter in height and narrower.

The Sherman, for example, was 108 inches high, while the cabin for a pickup topped out at 81 inches for the Silverado and GM Hummer EV.

The Trucks and SUVs also peaked at 88 inches in width (not including mirrors) for the Ram 1500, while the most narrow among the tanks was the Sherman at 103 inches wide.

While size might be similar, the tanks differ in some major ways to their modern civilian counterparts. They were, for example, much heavier and slower.

A modern F150 can weight up to 5,000 pounds, for instance, while a Sherman with its gun and armor, and depending on the variant, could weight up to 84,000.

The Sherman’s top speed also barely reached 30 miles per hour.

World War II-era tanks compared to America’s most popular pickups and SUVs include the Sherman, the German Panzer IV, the British Cromwell and the Soviet T34-85. All were produced in large numbers, and, regarded as ‘medium tanks’ under military doctrine of the time, were similar in dimensions.

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Shamelessly stolen from Knuckledraggin’

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Got something interesting?

Just feel like bitching?

Need to unload?

Have at it in the comments.

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Guy obsessively jerks himself off into a stroke:

An unnamed 51-year-old right-handed man from Japan suffered a life-threatening stroke after a masturbation session, according to a January case study in the Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases.

The man was unmarried and had a habit of masturbating several times a day, according to the study. He experienced “thunderclap” headaches and vomiting after climaxing in one session.

He went to Nagoya City University Hospital and discovered he had low blood pressure and confusion, two symptoms of a cerebrovascular accident, according to the study. When the researchers ran multiple scans they found he suffered bleeding in the brain and strokes, which could lead to death.

The man survived and was released after two weeks in excellent shape, according to the study. (RELATED: Man Has Sex, Breaks Penis)

Any sexual activity “was the immediate preceding activity before a ruptured aneurysm in up to 14 percent of patients,” according to Dr. Amee Baird, according to the New York Post. Cocaine or Viagra can increase the risk of death by sex-induced stroke.

A ruptured brain aneurysm causes death in 40% of cases, Baird said, according to the New York Post. In addition, two-thirds of survivors deal with severe neurological deficits.

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……but won’t ban users spreading lies about cops planting evidence.

In a nutshell, cops give these dirtbags a pass and they tried to fuck over the cops.

If I were a cop in that city I would mercilessly hound these assholes for every possible infraction from here on out.

A video of a traffic stop conducted last Wednesday by the Village of Caledonia Police Department in Caledonia, Wisconsin, went viral over the weekend due to allegations from users on social media that the officer planted a drug baggie on the backseat, however, further footage was left out of the clip.

Video filmed and posted to Facebook by a user who calls himself “La Savoo” shows the police officer approaching the vehicle before throwing the baggie onto the seat. “I got you on camera. You just threw that in here,” the individual says to the officer who replies, “I got you on camera so we’re all good.”

The video was later posted to Twitter where it has amassed over 6 million views and 64K retweets, amplified by public figures such as former NBA player Rex Chapman and television host W. Kamau Bell. News outlets such as TMZ and the NY Daily News also quickly picked up on the story.

The narrative, however, quickly fell apart when the police officer’s bodycam footage was released, showing the rest of the exchange that was left out of the viral video.

The video shows the other officer on scene handing the plastic bag to his partner, which was found in the pocket of one of the car’s other passengers. This is the baggie that was then discarded on the backseat of the car.

“It was in his pocket and I don’t want to hold onto it. It’s on their bodycam that they took it off of him,” the officer says to the man filming, which was not included in the cell phone video that originally went viral.

In the end, a citation was issued to the driver of the car for speeding and no arrests were made.

Caledonia police later issued a lengthy statement on Facebook responding to the backlash on social media in which Chief of Police Christopher Botsch debunked the misinformation while criticizing the officer for putting the baggie on the backseat.

“On 07-21-21 at about 3:22pm, officers conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle traveling 63 mph in a 45 mph zone,” the post explained. “The vehicle was occupied by a driver along with front and rear passengers. The driver was identified by her driver’s license. The front passenger lawfully declined to identify himself. The rear passengers were not wearing their seat-belts and were asked to identify themselves.”

“The empty corner tear was turned over by the searching officer to another officer who was on scene. That officer turned it over to the officer who is seen on video. Since there were NO DRUGS in the corner tear, the officers discarded the empty packaging material in the vehicle. This is what was observed in the video,” the statement continued.

“While we would discourage officers from discarding items into a citizen’s vehicle, the video is clear that the officer is NOT planting evidence or doing anything illegal. Additionally, the empty corner tear is not itself illegal.”

“No arrests were made as a result of this incident. The only arrest/citation arising from this incident was a speeding citation issued to the driver,” the statement concluded.

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The story started by putting a smile on my face as it was about all the (c)rappers getting waxed and saome bleeding heart fuck all worked up about it.

That is, until I got to this part: a black rapper named Indian Red Boy. WTF?!?! It’s one thing to have a given name but this fuckstick misappropriated Native American culture (using SJW weird-think) in choosing his name.

Fortunately he’s now dead.

Funny how all sorts of blame is being passed around except…….on these people themselves and their abject failure at con trolling their kind. Society is blamed. Hell, neighborhoods are blamed. But no one blames these dog turds for the shit they inspire with their music.

THE brutal shooting death of KTS Dre earlier this month added the rapper’s name to a growing list of stars wiped out by gun violence.

His death – along with the killings of Indian Red Boy, MO3 and Pop Smoke – has thrust the industry into the spotlight, with insiders saying “bullets fly around” and loved ones claiming many stars struggle to escape their pasts.

“They are war zones, they are vicious, people join gangs and the cycle continues.”

More than a dozen talented rap artists lost their lives in 2020. More still have died in 2021, including Indian Red Boy and KTS Dre.

One problem is “dangerous neighborhoods”, according to Maglin.

He managed rapper Jimmy Wopo until his shooting death in June 2018.

Wopo has since been link to the 11 Hunnit gang in the Hill District of Pittsburgh and has been named in police indictments following his death.

Maglin believes Wopo, real name Travon Smart, was failed by a society and lawmakers who do nothing to help “kids from dangerous neighborhods.”

He said: “I think it has to do with where we are as a society.

“A lot of these kids come from dangerous neighborhods. People in government do not really try to make it better for them.”


In November last year, King Von was killed after a gunfight broke out near an Atlanta nightclub. The Chicago native was just 26.

Pop Smoke died at the age of 20 from a gunshot wound in February.

TMZ reported how the rising star was at a house in the Hollywood Hills at 4.30am when two masked men broke in.

His grieving mom Audrey “gun violence destroys families” and “must stop.”

She said: “Because of gun violence, I’ll never see my son run up the front of our steps, taking them two at a time; he won’t ever take my hands again and dance with me; he won’t come into my room and muscle pose in the mirror.”

Rapper Mo3 died after he was gunned down in a brutal drive-by shooting in November last year.

His vehicle was sprayed with bullets after a gunman opened fire on the Texas interstate.

Wopo’s manager Maglin said he was “immediately blown away” by the rapper’s music but had been reluctant to work with him because of his “street life”.

“I could see the potential with this kid was amazing,” he said, “but he was in the street life a little because of where he came from – the Hill district.

“He had lived there his whole life.

“I waited about a year and I saw that he had started to take things a bit more seriously.

“I connected with him and we decided to take things to the next level.

“And we did exactly that – the momentum behind him was building everyday until he signed a record deal with Atlantic. We were ecstatic about that. Things were about to project to the next level.

“And then he was shot.

“That was the most difficult day for all of us.

“He had been fully focused on his career at that point. But unfortunately who he was before, kind of caught up with him.”


Maglin said Wopo “was trying to make his way out.”

He added: “There are not a lot of opportunities for these kids.

“It is still happening now. You have other artists getting killed in their own neighborhoods. People are jealous of those who make it. These neighborhoods have not got better.”

Another issue is the industry itself, according to loved ones and experts.

The mother of Lil Peep, Liza Womack, sued her son’s team for wrongful death, negligence and breach of contract after his accidental overdose in 2017.

The lawsuit said he was pushed to perform while being “stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out, exhausted and physically unwell.” Defendants First Access have denied all the allegations, NME reports.

But Womack told Pitchfork in May: “Whatever form it takes, what I’m looking for is for people to be held accountable for their behaviour.”

Assistant professor of Hip-Hop, Dr A.D. Carson, told The Sun: “There could always be more care and more concern taken for those in these high pressure, isolating and alienating conditions.

“Record companies and those responsible for the young people could do a lot more in getting help for mental illness, health insurance – that would make the difference to both young and old rappers.

“If companies can get away without insuring or without paying for help I think they will do that – especially if the thing the person needs help with sells.”


More recent deaths include rising star Indian Red Boy who was shot in the head three times on July 8 in a targeted walk-up shooting.

That happened as he sat behind the wheel of his car in the Hawthorne neighbourhood, in L.A.

KTS Dre was then killed with a shot to the face and chest – just a day after his fiancé posted his bail.

The 31-year-old Chicago artist, whose real name is Londre Sylvester, was shot at least 64 times earlier this month.

Police have now identified KTS Dre as a member of the Lakeside faction of the Gangster Disciple, one of the most notorious street gangs in America, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Producer Jimmy Duval told The Guardian last year: “The rap game isn’t like any other industry. There are a lot of guns and bullets flying around.”

Maglin says he would tell aspiring rappers to “try and get out through legitimate means.”

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No other way to explain it given this happened: (and the Kept-Whore media is silent… opposed to what they’d be if Trump was president.)

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has dropped charges against five members of the Chinese military whom federal prosecutors previously accused of lying to obtain visas to get jobs and a doctoral spot at United States universities.

Late last week, prosecutors wrote in a court brief that they would be dropping their criminal cases against China military members Juan Tang, Chen Song, Kaikai Zhao, and Guan Lei — all of whom had been accused of fraudulently obtaining visas to secure roles at U.S. universities in California and Indiana.

DOJ officials told the Wall Street Journal that the department dropped the visa fraud charges after a re-review of the cases and justified the move, saying the Chinese nationals had already served months in federal prison while awaiting trial:

A senior Justice Department official said the punishment for the crimes the researchers were charged with usually amounted to around a few months in prison, and the defendants had all been detained or under other restrictions in the U.S. since their arrest a year ago. That led the agency to determine that further litigation in the group of cases would unnecessarily prolong their departure from the U.S. and that their situations since their arrests amounted to sufficient punishment and deterrence. [Emphasis added]

A Justice Department spokesman said “recent developments” in the cases had prompted the department to re-evaluate the prosecutions. “We have determined that it is now in the interest of justice to dismiss them,” the spokesman, Wyn Hornbuckle, said, adding that the agency “continues to place a very high priority on countering the threat posed to American research security and academic integrity by the PRC government’s agenda and policies.” PRC is an abbreviation for People’s Republic of China. [Emphasis added]

The five Chinese nationals were arrested in July and August of last year as part of a federal crackdown on China military members fraudulently obtaining visas to the U.S. by hiding their ties to the Chinese military, known formally as the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

In criminal complaints, prosecutors detailed the charges against each Chinese national:

— Wang entered the U.S. in March 2019 after securing a J-1 visa in December 2018 to take a scientific research job at the University of California, San Francisco. To obtain his visa, Wang claimed to have been an associate professor in medicine in the PLA from 2002 to 2016. In actuality, prosecutors said Wang was still employed by the PLA while studying in the U.S. and was the equivalent of a major.
— Tang entered the U.S. in December 2019 after securing a J-1 visa in November 2019 to work as a researcher at the University of California at Davis. To obtain her visa, Tang denied ever having been employed by the PLA. Prosecutors, though, discovered Tang was an officer of the PLA Air Force and even found a photo of Tang in her PLA uniform.
— Song first entered the U.S. in December 2018 after securing a J-1 visa in November 2018 to work at Stanford University as a brain disease researcher. In her visa application, Song stated that she worked for the PLA from September 2010 to June 2011. Song, prosecutors said, Song was a member of the PLA when she entered the U.S. and allege that a search of her external hard drive found that she was collecting “important information” from her Standford University job.
— Zhao first entered the U.S. sometime after applying for an F-1 student visa in June 2018 to take a doctoral spot at Indiana University. To obtain his visa, Zhao said he had never been employed by the PLA. In reality, prosecutors said, Zhao served in the PLA’s research and education institution and attended the PLA’s Air Force academy. Zhao was also found in a photograph wearing his PLA uniform.
— Lei first entered the U.S. sometime in 2018 after securing a J-1 visa to work as a researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles. Prosecutors allege that in July 2020, Lei threw a damaged hard drive into a dumpster near his residence after refusing to allow the FBI to review the hard drive. Lei was accused of giving U.S. software or technical data to China’s National University of Defense Technology and lying about his affiliation with the PLA.

As Breitbart News has reported, there are nearly 500,000 Chinese students in the U.S. in any given year — more than any other nation — taking seats in university classrooms and looking to eventually obtain Optional Practical Training (OPT) authorization to take entry-level jobs in white-collar professions.

In Fiscal Year 2019, nearly 117,000 Chinese nationals secured F visas to arrive in the U.S. as students. The only country close to sending as many of its nationals to the U.S. as students is India. Last year, more than 46,000 Indian nationals secured F visas.

Like the F visa, China dominates the M and J visas, which bring foreign vocational education students and “cultural and educational exchange” volunteers and interns to the U.S. to take jobs as camp counselors, au pairs, research scholars, professors, and teachers.

In Fiscal Year 2019, China raked in more than 50,000 J visas and more than 2,200 M visas. For perspective, this means that Chinese nationals got as many M visas for the year as all Europeans were able to secure.



We know they are there, and by the thousands, too, but for some miraculous reason none seem concerned about ragheads slaughtering sheep on the streets of Paris.

Double standards, much?

Police arrested four men in Nantes after they allegedly slaughtered a pair of sheep in the middle of a street during the Islamic Eid al-Adha festival.

The four men were taken into custody on Tuesday at around 11:25 a.m. in the Bellevue district of Nantes and are suspected of slaughtering two sheep in public in violation of French law, which states only official slaughterhouses may engage in any animal slaughter.

According to a police source who spoke to Ouest France, the men hung the animals on a fence in the middle of the street to “eviscerate them more easily”.

The men are also alleged to have told the police that the sheep could not have been in any pain during the slaughter because they were turned towards Mecca as they were being killed.

The suspects claim they bought the animals from a farmer. A third sheep was later discovered alive in a van and was handed over to an association that deals with animal welfare.

The men in the case could face a fine of up to €15,000 (£12.8k/$17.6k) and six months in prison for their actions.

The case comes just a year after another Muslim man in the city of Nice filmed himself illegally slaughtering a sheep in his bathtub and posted the video on social media.

Populist National Rally politician Philippe Vardon brought attention to the video, which had been shared over 1,000 times, saying: “Each year the eid al-Adha is the occasion of sordid scenes, now shared with pride on social networks.”

France’s neighbour Belgium has also had issues with unlawful animal killings around the Eid Al-Adha festival, with Brussels authorities claiming to have found 460 sheep carcasses on the city’s streets last year, despite home slaughter being illegal.

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Woman wearing Charlie Hebdo shirt was stabbed in London.

GEE!! I wonder by whom?

You can bet if the cops find him his lawyer will plead “:psychological issues” and he’ll go free.

Her? She’ll be cited for incitement to commit a dangerous act.

A woman wearing a Charlie Hebdo T-shirt has been stabbed at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park as police hunt for a man dressed in black who fled the scene.

The victim suffered a stab wound and was seen with blood pouring down the side of her face on Sunday.

The man who carried out the attack quickly sprinted away as he was chased by members of the public as well as police.

Video footage shows a large group of people standing outside in torrential rain before the attacker lunged at the woman and stabbed her before she cowered and walked shakily away as the man ran in the opposite direction.

The Met Police said officers attended Hyde Park at 3.34pm to reports of a woman being stabbed at Speakers’ Corner.

The victim, who was wearing a blue-T-shirt with Charlie Hebdo written on it, was seen being treated as she sat inside a police van before being taken to hospital for further treatment of minor injuries.

The attacker, who was dressed in all black, had fled shortly after the attack and a crime scene has been put in place. Police said a knife was recovered nearby.

The Metropolitan police have not said whether there was a motive for the attack but video footage of the attack shows the woman was wearing a Charlie Hebdo T-shirt.



I really dislike rooting against my own country but these prima-donna fuckwits deserve it with all their kneeling and virtue signalling bullshit.

Men’s basketball team gets spanked:

With a roster full of anthem-kneelers and outspoken social justice advocates, it’s safe to say the United States sent the most woke men’s basketball team in history to the Olympics this year; what is also clear after Sunday is that the U.S. has also sent the worst basketball team in nearly 20 years to the Olympic games.

The U.S. Men’s Basketball Team saw their 44-game Olympic win streak come to an end in their first game of the Tokyo Olympics, as they fell to France 83-76.

France’s Vincent Poirier tries to block a shot by United States’ Jrue Holiday (12) during a men’s basketball preliminary round game at the 2020 Summer Olympics, Sunday, July 25, 2021, in Saitama, Japan.

AP Photo/Charlie Niebergall

According to the Associated Press:

France — the team that knocked the Americans out of contention in the Basketball World Cup two years ago — dealt the U.S. a major blow once again. Evan Fournier’s 3-pointer with just under a minute left put France ahead to stay in what became a 83-76 win over the Americans on Sunday in the opening game for both teams at the Tokyo Olympics.

The U.S. had won 25 consecutive Olympic games, last losing at the Athens Games 17 years ago and settling for a bronze medal there.

Team USA’s two biggest stars – Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard – combined for only 21 points in the game. The U.S. men’s problems didn’t just begin this weekend. The collection of highly-paid social justice warriors – who for some reason are willing to put the USA across their chest but weren’t willing to stand for the anthem just last year – lost three of five exhibition games while preparing for the Olympics.

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Will this be like the “pure race” vs. the Jews?

German politicians were deeply divided Sunday over a warning by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff that restrictions for unvaccinated people may be necessary if COVID-19 infection numbers reach new heights in the coming months.

Chief of staff Helge Braun told the newspaper Bild am Sonntag that he doesn’t expect another coronavirus-related lockdown in Germany. But Braun said that unvaccinated people may be barred from entering venues like restaurants, movie theatres or sports stadiums “because the residual risk is too high.”

Braun said getting vaccinated is important to protect against severe disease and because “vaccinated people will definitely have more freedoms than unvaccinated people.” He said such policies would be legal because “the state has the responsibility to protect the health of its citizens.”

His comments fueled a debate in German politics about potential vaccination requirements. The issue has proven divisive, even within Merkel’s own Christian Democrats party. Its candidate to replace Merkel as Germany’s leader, Armin Laschet, said he opposes any formal or informal vaccine requirements for the time being.

“I don’t believe in compulsory vaccinations and I don’t believe we should put indirect pressure on people to get vaccinated,” he told the German broadcaster ZDF on Sunday. “In a free country there are rights to freedom, not just for specific groups.”

If Germany’s vaccination rates remain too low this fall, other options could be considered, Laschet said, adding “but not now.”

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Just Another Day In NY City

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It’s getting close to 2022 and, predictably, republicans are braying about this being the most important election ever because if they lose they’ll never win again.

Given so many of them are fucking worthless cowards who betrayed Trump only to favor themselves and, when in office, did nothing to stop democrats……well, I’m rooting for them to lose like I am the so-called Olympic athletes who take a knee and go “woke.”

If they want me to take them seriously they will stall EACH AND EVERY nomination made by Bite-Me and they will kill ALL spending bills to include budgets, infrastructure, additional Kung-Flu welfare and benefits.

I’m not done: they must pass legislation to deport EACH AND EVERY ILLEGAL that came into this country post November 2020 AND build a wall.

I’m still not done: they must push through a bill to strip monopoly power from companies like Fuckbook, Instagram, Twatter, etc.

Venture capitalist and Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters said on this week’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that if Democrats win the 2022 midterm elections, then “we lose the country forever.”

Anchor Maria Bartiromo said, “Joining me right now is Blake Masters. He is running for the Senate seat in Arizona. And he is the CEO of Thiel Capital. He recently launched that Senate campaign in Arizona. And it is good to see you. Thanks very much for being here. Blake, what’s at stake?

Masters said, “Everything is at stake here in this 2022 and 2024 election. I really think, if Republicans don’t win these elections, we lose the country forever, because if you look around, the left and the Democrats, they have taken control of almost every major institution in our country.”

He added, “And they’re very close to controlling it all. And so, if they win, they tell us what they’re going to do. They’re going to pass H.R.1, S.1. They’re going to federalize elections, so no Republican can ever win again. They want to add new states to our union just so they can add more senators and control everything. So I really think the future of this country hangs in the balance. That’s what’s at stake in 2022.”

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Dealership makes up fictitious name for female buyer, posts her picture while calling her Bon Quisha.

She got annoyed.

Yep, the business fucked up big. You don’t treat customers that way.

A North Carolina car dealership has apologized for a derogatory term posted to its social media to identify a Black woman who bought a car from the business.

Lumberton Honda posted a picture Thursday on its Facebook page of Trinity Bethune standing in front of a car outside of the dealership and a comment congratulating her on buying her first car, news outlets reported. But instead of using her real name, they called her “Bon Quisha.” While the dealership has not explained the mistake, it appeared to play on stereotypes of Black names.

“It’s something people use toward Black people as a racial slur and an offensive term,” Bethune told WTVD. “If I’m addressed, I should be addressed as Trinity Bethune.”

Tyrone Jacob, who identified himself as Bethune’s brother, posted a screen grab of the dealership’s post and called it “intentional, disgusting, unfair.”

“The independently-owned dealer posted the comment in question,” Marcus Frommer, spokesman for Honda North America, said in an email. “Honda strongly condemns the use of discriminatory remarks and we expect our dealers to uphold our principles. We are investigating.”

The post was removed from the page, and the dealership offered the apology Friday, expressing regret for “the recent inappropriate post towards one of our valued customers.” The post suggested that an employee made the original comment and no longer works there.

“The action of this former employee does not represent the views or culture of our company,” the statement said. “Lumberton Honda has been a part of the community for over 18 years, serving thousands of customers of all ethnicities. This incident reminds us that there is always room for improvement.”

Subsequent comments posted by people on the dealership’s Facebook page urged those who bought cars there to take them back.

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Dirtbag comes to woman’s home.

She ventilates him for his troubles.

He’s not so “smart” now, is he?

A 20-year-old Triangle man who police say was armed was shot and killed outside a Dale City home early Thursday in an incident law-enforcement officials say was justified based on self-defense, according to Prince William County Police.

Officers responded to a home in the 4100 block of Hoffman Drive, a residential area off Prince William Parkway near the Sheetz gas station, at 12:25 a.m. Thursday, July 22, and found a man lying near the doorway, suffering from gunshot wounds, according to 1st Sgt. Jonathan Perok, Prince William County police spokesman.

The resident, a 44-year-old woman, told police she was exiting her home to walk her dog when she observed an unknown, masked individual armed with a handgun approaching her from the side of the home.

“The victim, who was also armed at the time, shot the individual as they approached the front door of her residence,” Perok said in a news release.

Officers located a loaded handgun in the masked man’s possession, the release said.

Officers performed CPR on the man until rescue personnel arrived. The man was transported to an area hospital where he later died as a result of his injuries, the release said.

The deceased was identified as Azhar Laurent Smart, 20, of Triangle, the release said.

The woman was not injured, the release said.

“After consultation with the Prince William County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, the shooting was ruled to be justified based on self-defense and therefore no charges will be placed against the victim,” Perok said in the release.

At this time, the incident does not appear to be random. Police do not believe the woman knew the man, but they have not yet determined why he was outside the house, Perok said in an email.

At least two other people were at the home when the man was shot, one who lived there and one who did not, Perok said.

Detectives from Prince William County’s homicide unit are investigating the incident to determine why the man was at the residence and are seeking to speak to anyone who may have been present around the time of the incident, the release said.

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Scientists discover 28 new viruses in 15,000 year old ice.

Pics and vid at link.

Researchers in Tibet have uncovered 33 viruses — 28 of which were previously unknown to science — frozen up in glacier ice that formed up to 15,000 years ago.

The team from the Ohio State University analysed two cores of ice from the Guliya ice cap on the far western Kunlun Shan on the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau.

Employing a novel method of analysing microbes and viruses in ice samples without contaminating them, the researchers concluded the viruses lived in soil or plants.

The findings, the team said, may help scientists to better understand how viruses have evolved over the centuries.

The study was undertaken by microbiologist and palaeoclimatologist Zhi-Ping Zhong of the Ohio State University and colleagues.

‘These glaciers were formed gradually — and along with dust and gases, many, many viruses were also deposited in that ice,’ said Professor Zhong.

‘The glaciers in western China are not well-studied, and our goal is to use this information to reflect past environments.

‘And viruses are a part of those environments.’

In their study, the researchers analysed two core samples collected in 2015 from the Guliya ice cap — the summit of which, where the ice would have originally formed, lies some 22,000 feet (6.7 kilometres) above sea level.

As the ice accumulated in layers year-after-year, trapping material from the surroundings as it grew, the glacier has formed a record that allows scientists to learn more about atmospheric composition, climate and microbiota of the past.

With respect to the latter, the team’s analysis revealed the genetic codes for 33 viruses from ice dating back as far as some 15,000 years — four of which were known to science, but at least 28 of which are novel.

The four familiar viruses belong to families that normally infect bacteria, and were found in far lower concentrations that they have been in oceans or soils.

Yet, according to the team, around half of the viruses appear to have survived at the time in which they were frozen not despite the ice, but rather because of it.

‘These are viruses that would have thrived in extreme environments,’ explained paper author and microbiologist Matthew Sullivan, also of Ohio State University.

‘These viruses have signatures of genes that help them infect cells in cold environments — just surreal genetic signatures for how a virus is able to survive in extreme conditions.’

Based on the environment and comparison to known viruses, the team believe that the newly-discovered viruses likely came from the soil or plants — rather than infecting animals or humans.

‘These are not easy signatures to pull out, and the method that Zhi-Ping developed to decontaminate the cores and to study microbes and viruses in ice could help us search for these genetic sequences in other extreme icy environments.’

‘These settings could included locations like Mars, for example, the moon, or closer to home in Earth’s Atacama Desert.’

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