IF SHE’S 53………

Alleged 53 year old woman gets nekkid and trashes an Outback Steakhouse.

Maybe they’re out there but I’ve seen few 53 year olds with bodies like this:

Flori-duh! Of course!

Photos captured the moment a naked woman destroyed a bar in Florida before police came in and shot her with a stun gun before taking her into custody.

Tina Kindred, 53, was acting ‘out of control,’ according to reports from the local sheriff’s office, which led to a response from the Ocala Police Department on Monday.

Kindred can be seen standing naked on top of the bar.

Kindred appears to be at an Outback Steakhouse location, though she also had an incident at Mojo Grill the same day, police say.

In a video of the incident, she begins trashing the bar, pulling each bottle down one by one and smashing them on the ground.

When police respond, Kindred threw bottles at police officers.

Kindred emerges out of the bar and begins to approach an officer.

When she gets too close, the officer deploys a taser, knocking Kindred to the ground as the cop yells at her to get on her stomach as he threatens to use it again.

Another angle shows Kindred throwing bottles before she is stunned.

According to Ocala-News, Kindred threw at least three bottles at officers, including one that hit an officer’s arm.

Kindred lays on her stomach as asked while the restaurant appears to be in tatters.

After Kindred was tased, she was placed in handcuffs before being transported to Advent Health for treatment.

At the health center, it was discovered that she may have had a fentanyl patch in her pubic area, according to a law enforcement report.

Outside of THC, however, Kindred did not appear to have any narcotics in her system, the report said.

During her incident at Mojo Grill, there were reports of Kindred topless, banging on tables and windows.

She also allegedly flipped over some tables and tried getting into another customer’s car before recklessly driving around the parking lot and leaving.

Kindred claimed to target Mojo Grill because she felt the owner was dishonest, the sheriff’s office said. She was also denied service after entering the establishment.

Meanwhile, Kindred did claim to go into Outback with the intention of trashing the place, they said.

Kindred is estimated to have done thousands of dollars in damages, though the exact amount is not known.

She has been charged with aggravated battery on law enforcement, as well as felony criminal mischief.

As of Friday, she is being held at the Marion County Jail on $5,000 bond, with a court date set for next month.

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Researchers discovered how wombats shit square pellets.

Despite having round anuses like all other mammals, bare-nosed wombats do not produce round pellets, tubular coils or messy piles; they are the only creature on Earth that poops cubes.

Wombats, marsupials native to the grassy plains and eucalyptus forests of Australia, are among the most adorable animals in the world, but to animal experts they have been a tough-to-solve mystery for a very long time. And it has all been because of their poop. You see, wombats have the unique ability to produce up to 100 distinctive, cuboid pieces of poop every day. Now, researchers say they have uncovered how the wombat intestine creates this unusually-shaped excrement.

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology first started studying the bare-nosed wombat’s ability to poop cubes back in 2018, by analyzing the digestive tracts of wombats involved in car accidents. They compared the marsupial’s intestines to those of pigs, by inserting a balloon into the animals’ digestive tracts to see how it stretched to fit the balloon, and found regions of varied thickness and stiffness.

Scientists then created a 2D mathematical model to simulate how these intestine regions contract and expand with the rhythms of digestion, over multiple days, shaping the poop into its cuboid shape. Softer intestinal regions squeeze slowly and mold the final corners of the cube, researchers found. Interestingly, in most mammals, the contractions of intestinal muscles occur in all directions, but in wombats, the grooved tissue and irregular contractions shape the poop differently.

“Bare-nosed wombats are renowned for producing distinctive, cube-shaped poos. This ability to form relatively uniform, clean cut faeces is unique in the animal kingdom,” Scott Carver, a wildlife ecologist from the University of Tasmania, said.

While this research may seem completely meaningless, or just meant to satisfy human curiosity, the scientists involved in the study say that these new revelations could have a big impact on human digestive health research and manufacturing technology.

“We currently have only two methods to manufacture cubes: We mold it, or we cut it. Now we have this third method,” Dr. Patricia Yang said. It would be a cool method to apply to the manufacturing process, how to make a cube with soft tissue instead of just molding it.

Now that the mystery of how bare-nosed wombats produce cubical poop seems to have been solved, that only leaves the ‘why’. Scientists have some theories about this as well. One states that because wombats pick up their poop and stack it as a way of communicating between them, the cubicle shape helps them build higher poop towers.

Another theory claims that because wombats tend to use their poop to mark their territory on rocks and logs, the cubical shape of the excrement ensures that it won’t simply roll off. Who knew that animal poop could be so fascinating, right?

Also fun fact, the poop of wombats in captivity isn’t as cubic as that of wild ones. The squarer the poop, the healthier the wombat, apparently.

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Shamelessly stolen from Knuckledraggin’

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Got something interesting?

Just feel like bitching?

Need to unload?

Have at it in the comments.

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Yep! Cops will no longer respond to 911 calls involving robberies, trespassing and fraud.

The police department in one of America’s fastest-growing cities is facing staff shortages so severe that it will not respond to certain 911 calls, including complaints of burglaries, theft, property damage, identity theft, or trespassing.

The Asheville, North Carolina Police Department said that it has lost 84 officers since January 1, 2020.

APD Police Chief David Zack says the attrition rate, which has accelerated since protests against law enforcement became widespread in the wake of George Floyd’s death in May of last year, has reached crisis proportions.

He said it is necessary to no longer respond in-person to low-level offenses so that response times to more serious crimes could be cut down.

‘This is what it looks like when you’re down this much, when you lose 50% of your detectives,’ Zack told members of the Asheville City Council on Tuesday.

According to the Asheville Citizen Times, experts are warning that police failure to respond to low-level, nonviolent crimes could lead to an escalation in more serious offenses.

Local activists, however, dispute this, and say the rate of violent crime in Asheville has not increased as feared.

As a result, they believe it is best to leave the job openings in the police department unfilled.

‘A 50% reduction in detectives and 30% reduction in officers and no change in crime? Good,’ one citizen who calls himself Jose said as he phoned in to the City Council meeting.

‘Cut their budget in half. That’s all the justification you need.’

Before Floyd’s fatal arrest in Minneapolis in May of last year, the attrition rate for APD officers was one per month.

In the four months after Floyd’s death, the attrition rate surged to 7.5 per month.

The latest figures cited by Citizen Times found that the attrition rate remains high – at around 6 officers per month.

The APD’s $30million budget allocates funds to fill 238 officers positions. As of Saturday, however, just 167 of those jobs had been filled.

An APD spokesperson said that of the 167 officers currently employed, just 148 of them are able to work due to vacations and other types of leave.

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You probably read how she whines about how it was Trumpo’s fault her grandmother’s house was trashed in a hurricane and still isn’t fixed.

But she can buy a brand new Tesla (the cost of which would have repaired the house.)

So Matt Walsh took up a collection, got over $100,000 which he was going to give to the mother but Occasional-Kotex would have to accept it.

She didn’t.

She truly is the face of hypocritical, duplicitous, self-centered liberalism.

A conservative commentator raised more than $104,000 to help repair the Puerto Rico home of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s grandmother, but the Democratic congresswoman and ‘Squad’ leader is refusing to accept it.

She had posted images on social media earlier this week showing the severely damaged house – with a falling-in ceiling – which she blamed on former President Trump, who she said had blocked aid to the hurricane-ravaged island and US territory.

Commentator Matt Walsh said it was rich that someone who made $174,000 a year as a congresswoman – and drove a Tesla – would be begging on Twitter for help; he organized the GoFundMe campaign that had raised $104,000 by Saturday morning.

But a spokesperson for the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe told DailyMail.com on Saturday that ‘the beneficiary has made clear to our Trust and Safety team they do not wish to accept the donations.’

‘I can confirm the donations have been turned off and all donors will be fully refunded,’ GoFundMe spokesperson Bobby Whithorne told DailyMail.com.

Walsh, a blogger for Daily Wire who launched the fundraiser, also confirmed on Saturday that ‘someone in AOC’s abuela’s family told GoFundMe that she won’t take the money, even though AOC previously claimed that her grandma was in dire straits (and it was Trump’s fault).’ Abuela is Spanish for grandmother.

Walsh, who posted an email from GoFundMe on his Twitter account, added: ‘AOC still hasn’t acknowledged this effort or thanked us.’

Critics, including Walsh, were quick to jump on Ocasio-Cortez’s initial post on Wednesday showing her grandmother’s home in a dilapidated state after it sustained damage due to Hurricane Maria in September 2017.

The critics questioned why the progressive lawmaker who makes $174,000 and drives a Tesla isn’t sending money to help her grandmother.

‘On June 2nd, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reported to Twitter that her dear abuela has fallen ill and continues to live in squalid conditions since her home was ravaged by Hurricane María,’ Walsh wrote on the GoFundMe crowdfunding page on Friday.

‘One cannot be certain of the cost to repair grandma’s house, but surely most of the work could be completed for the price of AOC’s shiny Tesla Model 3.

‘As AOC pointed out to us, we “don’t even have a concept for the role that [incredibly successful children of two American citizens…] play in their families,” but clearly caring for their own grandparent isn’t part of it.

‘Says the congresswoman, “…instead of only caring for [my own grandmother] & letting others suffer, I’m calling attention to the systemic injustices…”

‘No, seriously. She really said that.

‘Sadly, virtue-signaling isn’t going to fix abuela’s roof. So we are.

‘Let’s all kick in to help save AOC’s abuela’s ancestral home. Any amount is appreciated, but the cost of a monthly lease payment on that Tesla is around $499…

‘All proceeds will be donated to abuela, if she will accept them.’

As of Saturday morning, the fundraiser raised a total of $104,153, but GoFundMe says that all of the money will be returned to each donor.

The crowdfunding effort took off after Walsh’s hashtag #HelpAbuela went viral on Twitter.

Nonetheless it generated outrage from both the left and the right.

Amanda Milius, a former Trump administration official, said the fundraiser was a ‘stupid [and] not even remotely humored AOC-obsessed GOP stunt’ and that donors should give money to ‘actual people who need help.’

Walsh replied to Milius: ‘Of course we do something new and interesting and some people on the right whine about it.

‘Not sure how our fundraiser is preventing anyone from donating to any other fundraiser, but okay Amanda.

‘Sorry you’re offended.’

Elijah Schaffer, a reporter for the right-leaning The Blaze, tweeted: ‘Conservatives are raising money for AOC’s family & I can’t even breathe. Lol.

‘As if we weren’t taken advantage of and abused by the Dems already, now we paying their family bills.’

Walsh tweeted in response to Schaffer: ‘I’m a philanthropist, Elijah. Just doing what philanthropists do.

‘AOC has her money tied up in Tesla car payments so I’m stepping in to solve the problem. That’s all there is to it.’

Others like columnist Kurt Schlichter praised Walsh, saying his fundraiser was ‘genius.’

Gina Bontempo tweeted: ‘As a self-proclaimed 1st-gen, first-born minority daughter, AOC should feel so ashamed that a straight white Christian male like Matt Walsh is doing more to help her poverty-stricken abuela than she is.

‘He’s raised over $40,000 already.’

Others offered harsh criticism, with one Twitter user calling Walsh ‘sick in the mind.’

Another Twitter user denounced Walsh as a ‘fascist’ and urged others to report the ‘fraudulent fundraising activity’ to GoFundMe.

DailyMail.com has reached out to Walsh and Ocasio-Cortez’s office for comment.



As the years roll by and fewer vets are still alive, events like D-Day fade from the memory of Americans.

Not me.

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Student shows up for graduation wearing beaner flag.

Gets booted out.

North Carolina.

You can expect Bite-Me’s Just-Us Dept will get involved to defend the beaner.

Same state where cops will no longer respond to robbery or fraud calls via 911.

As for the fuckers that defended this little asshole…..we should strip them of citizenship and drop them off in the desewrt…in July….with no water.

A student at Asheboro High School in Asheboro, North Carolina, was denied his diploma on Thursday after wearing a Mexican flag over his graduation gown at the commencement ceremony.

“I just gotta represent — I did it for my family. They came over here to give me a better future,” explained Ever Lopez of why he showed up to his graduation ceremony wearing a Mexican flag, according to a report by the Courier-Tribune.

In a video posted to Twitter by Lopez’s cousin, Adolfo Hurtado, the student can be seen stepping up onto the stage when his name is called.

The principal, however, didn’t hand over the diploma, and instead spoke to Lopez quietly, as a line of students waited behind him. Moments later, Lopez walked off stage without his diploma in hand.

“I myself was very upset, and I had to contain my emotions because we’re in a public area,” Hurtado said. “We had a lot of people with eyes on us.”

Asheboro City Schools said that the denial of Lopez’s diploma was not due to the Mexican flag in particular, saying in a statement that the ordeal was due to the student being out of dress code.

“The heart of the issue is the fact that the student did not follow the established dress code for the event and detracted from the importance and the solemnity of the ceremony,” the statement read. “Our dress code is in place to ensure the dignity of the event is upheld and is fair to all students. Graduation is a milestone event and it is grossly unfair for one individual to diminish this event by violating the dress code.”

Asheboro High School principal Penny Crooks emailed students ahead of the ceremony, explaining the dress code, directing male students to wear a dress shirt and dress pants, and female students to wear a dress, skirt, or dress pants, adding that flip flops and sneakers are prohibited, reports the Courier-Tribune.

The report added that while the email states clothing should meet the school district’s dress code policy, the dress code policy doesn’t mention flags being prohibited.

Principal Crooks reportedly said Lopez can receive his diploma if he apologizes for the incident.

“I ain’t apologizing for nothing,” Lopez told the Courier-Tribune. “It’s you who should be apologizing. You’re the one doing wrong.”

Lopez’s mother, Margarita Lopez, also reacted to the encounter, stating, “For me that’s not fair. That’s something for racists.”

By 3:00 p.m. on Friday, Lopez still hadn’t received his diploma. The student’s mother, however, said she received a call from the school, and that she is setting up a meeting next week to discuss the situation.

The school reportedly offered to meet Lopez’s mother on Friday, but she preferred to wait until she could have a translator before attending the meeting.

On Friday afternoon, a group of about 30 protesters gathered outside Asheboro High School, wielding signs, which read, “Free Ever’s Diploma,” and “Honk if You’re Not Racist.” Others draped Mexican flags over their shoulders.

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So now they’ve extended it to the entire summer.

The Justin Trudeau-led Government of Canada has announced that one month is not sufficient for the celebration of LGBT pride, and that the festivities will be extended to cover the whole season.

“1 month isn’t enough to celebrate Pride in Canada!” declared his Twitter-verified ‘Free to be me’ account, an official account of the Government of Canada, alongside an emoji rainbow, gay pride flag emoji, and transgender flag emoji.

“#PrideSeason takes place from June to September with local events across the country celebrating the resilience and spirit of #LGBTQ2 people in Canada. Follow us as we highlight Pride celebrations all summer long!” the account added, alongside a digital poster exclaiming “HAPPY PRIDE SEASON!” with a Canadian maple leaf logo stylised in the colours of the new Black Lives Matter and trans movement compliant LGBT flag, incorporating black and brown stripes and the colours of the transgender pride flag.

Canada’s LGBTQ2 Secretariat, which the ‘Free to be me’ account links to, had already celebrated an “International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOTB)” in May, and is committed to”work[ing] across federal public service to support the integration of LGBTQ2 considerations into the everyday work of the Government of Canada.”

The Secretariat explains on its website that the term “LGBTQ2” refers to persons who are “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Two-Spirit” — the last of these being a somewhat loose term for native American Indians who identify “as having both a masculine and a feminine spirit”, according to the Re:searching for LGBTQ2S+ Health group of “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, Two-Spirit, and queer (LGBTQ2S+) and ally researchers”.

The LGBTQ2 Secretariat has previously issued an official Apology to LGBTQ2 communities to sexual minorities “harmed by federal legislation, policies and practices that led to the oppression of and discrimination against two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Canada.”



From the asshole (mouth) of Occasional Kotex: we can have fewer violent crimes and lower incarceration rates if……..we build fewer jails.

No! Really! She actually made that causal link.

New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said at a press conference Thursday the U.S. should “stop building” jails if we want to reduce the inmate population.

“It is not acceptable for us to use jails as garbage bins for human beings. We need to treat people and see them as human,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “If we want to reduce violent crime, reduce the number of people in our jails, the answer is to stop building more of them.”

“The answer is to make sure we actually build more hospitals, we pay organizers, we get people mental health care,” she said. “It’s to support communities, not throw them away.”

The press conference took place in New York City with Democrats Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Rep. Jamaal Bowman.

Rather than condemning the spike in violent crime across the country, Ocasio-Cortez seemingly romanticized a society with no laws. In the last year, U.S. homicides increased by 33 percent, and 63 of the 66 largest police jurisdictions experienced an uptick in a minimum of one violent crime category.

Meanwhile, the left continues to rail against law and order by calling for the defunding of law enforcement agencies. Rep. Ilhan Omar and Democrats called for Biden to reject federal contracts with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in March.

Aside from the summer of rage that the left perpetually endorsed as peaceful protests, not riots, Democrats called for no more jail time for marijuana possession a year ago.



This guy should have been given the OBE.

A Turkish lorry driver has been charged, convicted, and imprisoned for trying to smuggle illegal migrants out of the United Kingdom.

36-year-old Hakan Zengin from Cigli, Turkey was caught by Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) — roughly equivalent to America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) — in the act of attempting to smuggle 17 migrants out of the country in the back of a lorry.

The British authorities have in recent years not done a particularly good job of stopping illegal aliens coming in the other direction, with migrants stowing away in lorries perhaps less prevalent than they once were, but only because they have instead taken to crossing to the country in small boats in ever-increasing numbers, safe in the knowledge that even if detected they will likely not be turned back by the French and are never turned back by the British navy, Border Force, and other agencies which operate in the English Channel.

Nevertheless, the NCA seemed pleased with its results against Zengin, which came as part of their wider Operation Symbolry efforts against HGV (heavy goods vehicle) based people-smuggling, which saw the Turk plead guilty to facilitating illegal immigration at Kingston Crown Court.

“People smuggling crime groups need corrupt HGV drivers like Zengin to operate. They think nothing of packing people into lorry trailers, or putting them into other extremely dangerous situations,” commented Chris Hill, branch operations manager for the NCA.

“While his motivation for doing this may have been money, Zengin has found out the hard way that working with these crime groups does not pay, and he faces a life-changing jail sentence far away from home,” Hill claimed.

“I hope this conviction and sentencing sends out a message to others who would consider getting involved. It simply isn’t worth it.

“Working with our partners in the UK and overseas we are determined to do all we can to disrupt people smugglers and put corrupt drivers like Zengin behind bars,” he concluded.

However, the term handed to Zengin by the British courts is just two-and-a-half years, and as criminals serving non-life sentences in Britain are typically entitled to automatic early release on licence halfway or, more rarely, two-thirds of the way through their terms it is likely he will be out long before this.

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Psychiatrist for NYV tells Yale class she just wants to kill shoot white people in the head.

Apparently that’s OK and she has a “right” to say it.

I dare her to say the same thing about knee-grows.

A PSYCHIATRIST in New York is getting heat after she told an audience she had fantasies of “unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way.”

“I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a f–king favor,” Dr. Aruna Khilanani said in April.

Khilanani’s comments were presented at Yale’s Child Study Center on April 6, where she apparently also said white people “make my blood boil” and “are out of their minds and have been for a long time.”

Her comments had just recently surfaced when audio of the talk was posted on the substack of former New York Times opinion writer and editor Bari Weiss on Friday.

Weiss also posted a poster of the talk online, showing the lecture’s title to be “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind.”

The lecture was to talk about certain “learning objectives” like the “set up white people’s absence of empathy towards black rage as a problem” and how to “understand how white people are psychologically dependent on black rage.”

“I’m gonna say a lot of things, and it will probably provoke a lot of responses, and I want you to just maybe observe them in yourself,” Khilanani opened her talk.

She entered the talk discussing the “intense rage and futility” people of color felt when talking to white people about racism.

“We are calm, we are giving, too giving, and then when we get angry, they use our responses as confirmation that we’re crazy or have emotional problems,” she said.

“It always ends that way, happens every time. Like a goddamn timer, you can count it down,” she went on.

“Nothing makes me angrier than a white person who tells me not to be angry, because they have not seen real anger yet,” she added.

The psych said she “systematically” distanced herself from her white friends “around five years ago.

She said talking about race issues with whites was “useless because they are at the wrong level of conversation.”

“White people are out of their minds, and they have been for a long time,” she went on. “White people feel that we are bullying them when we bring up race.”

“They feel that we should be thanking them for all that they have done for us. They are confused, and so are we.”

“We keep forgetting that directly talking about race is a waste of our breath,” Khilanani continued. “We are asking a demented, violent predator who thinks that they are a saint or a superhero to accept responsibility. It ain’t gonna happen.”

“They have five holes in their brain. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall.”

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Trump DOJ demanded reporter emails.

Bite-Me DOJ gag-ordered NY Times.

Guess who will be held responsible.

In the last weeks of the Trump administration and continuing under President Biden, the Justice Department fought a secret legal battle to obtain the email logs of four New York Times reporters in a hunt for their sources, a top lawyer for the newspaper said Friday night.

While the Trump administration never informed The Times about the effort, the Biden administration continued waging the fight this year, telling a handful of top Times executives about it but imposing a gag order to shield it from public view, said the lawyer, David McCraw, who called the move unprecedented.

The gag order prevented the executives from disclosing the government’s efforts to seize the records even to the executive editor, Dean Baquet, and other newsroom leaders.

Mr. McCraw said Friday that a federal court had lifted the order, which had been in effect since March 3, freeing him to reveal what had happened. The battle was over an ultimately unsuccessful effort by the Justice Department to seize email logs from Google, which operates The Times’s email system, and which had resisted the effort to obtain the information.

The disclosure came two days after the Biden Justice Department notified the four reporters that the Trump administration, hunting for their sources, had in 2020 secretly seized months of their phone records from early 2017. That notification followed similar disclosures in recent weeks about seizing communications records of reporters at The Washington Post and CNN.

Mr. Baquet condemned both the Trump and Biden administrations for their actions, portraying the effort as an assault on the First Amendment.

“Clearly, Google did the right thing, but it should never have come to this,” Mr. Baquet said. “The Justice Department relentlessly pursued the identity of sources for coverage that was clearly in the public interest in the final 15 days of the Trump administration. And the Biden administration continued to pursue it. As I said before, it profoundly undermines press freedom.”

There was no precedent, Mr. McCraw said, for the government to impose a gag order on New York Times personnel as part of a leak investigation. He also said the government had never before seized The Times’s phone records without advance notification of the effort.

A Google spokeswoman said that while it does not comment on specific cases, the company was “firmly committed to protecting our customers’ data and we have a long history of pushing to notify our customers about any legal requests.”

Anthony Coley, a Justice Department spokesman, noted that “on multiple occasions in recent months,” the Biden-era department had moved to delay enforcement of the order and it then “voluntarily moved to withdraw the order before any records were produced.”

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Dipshits wrapped themselves in faggot flags and other students took it.

Scuffle ensued.

Scrapes and bruises.

Now the school is giving the little pansies a “safety plan” if they feel threatened.

Don’t antagonize and nothing will happen buttercup.

A schoolyard clash over gay Pride flags got some students suspended and others expelled from their Florida middle school. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s office is investigating, and a congressman got involved.

It happened last Friday at Seminole Middle School, where some students displayed Pride flags at an outdoor lunch table. One draped a flag around their shoulders. Other students came over and grabbed the flags. A tug of war ensued, and a student fell down and was dragged on the ground.

Pinellas County School District spokeswoman Isabel Mascareñas told the Tampa Bay Times that some students will be assigned to an alternative school as a result.

“The students’ behavior was inappropriate and unacceptable, and they were disciplined for it,” she told the Times. “Pinellas County schools does not tolerate this behavior.”

Mascareñas said school officials are in contact with the families and have provided a safety plan including an adult to contact if one of the students feels bullied or unsafe.

The incident gained attention on social media after a Twitter user posted that her sibling was dragged to the ground, “stomped on, and covered in water just for wearing a pride flag at school.”

That student’s father, Benjamin Hoffman, told BayNews 9 that he hates to see a child get expelled, but putting your hands on another person is unacceptable.

“No kid should be scared to go to school. And no person should be persecuted for their views or their beliefs.”

Another student at the same school reported being harassed and bullied in April after wearing a pro-Donald Trump facemask and ball cap in class. BayNews 9 reported that the student wore the cap to cover alopecia, a condition that causes hair to fall out.

Equality Florida, an LGBTQ rights organization, was made aware of the latest incident.

“It’s important that this type of incident is not just brushed under the rug,” the group’s director Gina Duncan, told the TV station. “When we see discrimination and certainly when we see violence against our young people in schools, this is something that we have to address.”

Another family reached out to U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist, D-St. Petersburg. His office contacted the school.

“Administrators at Seminole Middle assured my office that disciplinary action was being pursued, and I hope the students in question will be able to learn from this and do better in future,” Crist said in a statement.

The school’s principal has instructed teachers to review the school’s core values and said he plans to implement a new bullying prevention program in the fall, Mascareñas said.

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And now taxpayers are on the hook(er):

An OnlyFans girl suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital after participating in a TikTok challenge known as “dry-scooping” the New York Post reported.

Briatney Portillo, a stripper and OnlyFans star, was hospitalized after ingesting undiluted caffeinated pre-workout powder, according to the New York Post.

The challenge has been declared dangerous and there have been warnings against participating in it, according to the Daily Wire.

“I never thought something like this would ever happen to me. Especially because I’m so young,” Portillo told The Post.

Initially, first responders were not sure she was suffering any serious health ailment, according to Portillo. They did not believe she was in cardiac arrest and thought it was an anxiety attack, she claimed.

“The cops and EMTs were like, ‘Maybe it’s just anxiety because you’re about to dance,’” recalled Portillo.

“And then when I went to work, I was in the locker room, ‘cause ya’ll know I’m a stripper, and I got chest pains again and it went to my back, and then my left side starting hurting and my left side went limp,” Portillo said. “That’s when I knew it was a heart attack not anxiety.” (RELATED: OnlyFans Model La Grosera Offers Free Breast Implants If She Wins An Election In Mexico)

Portillo said she ingested the powder as a means to get more energy while exercising, not for any publicity purposes.

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Bride croaks during ceremony.

Her sister jumps in to fill the void.

Before the body even got cold.

A man in India married the sister of his arranged bride after his would-be wife collapsed and died during the wedding ceremony, the Times of India reported.

Mangesh Kumar was supposed to wed a woman named Surabhi on May 27 when she collapsed during the ceremony, the Times of India reported. She was rushed to a medical facility in India where she was declared dead on arrival as the result of a heart attack.

After Surabhi was declared dead, the bride and groom’s families met and came to an agreement that her younger sister, Nisha, would wed Mangesh instead. The ceremony took place immediately while the body of Surabhi was still in another room. Arranged marriages are a cultural norm in India, as nearly 90% of all weddings are, according to CBS News.

“We did not know what to do in the situation. Both the families sat together and someone suggested that my younger sister Nisha should be married to the groom. The families discussed the matter and both agreed,” Surabhi’s brother Saurabh told news agency IANS.

“It was a bizarre situation as the wedding of my younger sister was being solemnized while the body of my dead sister was lying in another room,” Saurabh said.

“We have never witnessed such mixed emotions,” Surabhi’s uncle Ajab Singh said to News 18. “The grief over her death and the happiness of the wedding has yet to sink in.”

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Elephants rampage countryside.

People at their wits’ end.

Take the bull elephants out and problem solved.

For months, their trek through China’s south-western Yunnan province had gone almost unnoticed. But last week, when images of a herd of 15 Asian elephants walking through a residential area appeared on social media, it immediately captured the imagination of the nation, generating intense media interest and sparking questions as to what prompted the epic journey.

The movement was so unusual that authorities dispatched a taskforce of 360 people with 76 cars and nine drones to track it. State TV has spent days following their every footstep. And as of Wednesday, the hashtag #WhyElephantsTrekkingNorth had been viewed more than 16m times on Weibo.

About 500km (300 miles) into their walk, the herd were seen on Tuesday evening 3km away from the major city of Kunming, turning attention onto efforts to keep them away from populated areas.

Chinese wildlife authorities have been struggling to understand why the elephants left their natural habitat last year. According to Xinhua, a group of 16 wild elephants embarked on the journey in March 2020. In November, they arrived in Pu’er in Yunnan, where a female elephant gave birth to a baby, and settled there for five months. They then resumed the walk on 16 April. A week later, two left the group, leaving 15 to continue their odyssey to the north.

The appearance of the animals has not always been warmly received by residents in Yunnan. Along the way, they have caused much destruction, eating whole fields of corn and smashing up barns. A car dealer in Eshan county reported last week that six visiting elephants had drunk two tonnes of water in his shop. State broadcaster CCTV has estimated the damage to be at least 6.8m yuan ($1.07m).

Chinese experts said there had been other reports of elephants wandering into villages and harming crops in recent years, with the plants they usually eat gradually replaced by non-edible varieties.

“Large-scale human engineering developments have exacerbated the ‘islanding’ of elephant habitats,” Zhang Li, a professor on mammal conservation at Beijing Normal University told the Global Times . “The traditional buffer zones between humans and elephants are gradually disappearing, and the chances of elephants’ encountering humans naturally increase greatly.”

Residents and the authorities have been monitoring the elephants’ movements, with hundreds of people mobilised to ensure public safety. Surveillance images show that the herd includes six female adults, three male adults, three sub-adults, and three calfs.

No casualties have been reported so far. On Friday last week, Yunnan provincial forestry and grassland administration told state media that it had tried to prevent the animals from moving further north and help them return to their original habitats, which will be safer – although their route back home was still unpredictable.

The wild elephant population in Yunnan is about 300, up from 170 in 1980, but according to the Global Times, the habitat area has decreased from 2,084 sq km in 1976 to less than 500 sq km in recent years.

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Judge Joe Brown on Kamala: She’s A Corrupt Witch

Judge Joe Brown is a reality show judge who was actually a Tennessee State Criminal Court Judge.   During an interview, he went off on Kamala Harris big time.

Judge Joe Brown made a massive splash in the news this week.

During an interview with former NBA player Kwame Brown on a YouTube Livestream, Brown did not hold back or mince his words about Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

Brown, a former television personality who hosted an arbitration-based reality court show, went off on Biden for his decades of racism and past remarks denigrating black children.

The Judge also took a shot at Kamala Harris for “sleeping her way to the top.”

The judge began by claiming Harris isn’t black.

“She’s got two Jewish children she adopted. [She] married a Jewish husband whose got an interesting reputation,” Judge Brown said.

“She’s a witch and she is a corrupt witch. She’s been corrupt her whole life and she [messed] her way to the top. They used to detail this witch in the LA Times with her sexual escapades. She’s f***** damn near everybody trying to get up. She used to be frat h*e when she was at Howard. And she ain’t Black,” he added.

“I actually met her father in Jamaica,” Brown said.

He added:

I was the guest, sat at the Governor General’s table and he was a professor. And he represents as a Hindu Brahman. He admittedly has some Irish in him. The person that [Kamala] Harris is saying is her Black great-grandmother is in fact — according to daddy in an article he wrote, which is now been cleaned up on the online edition of that magazine — was a Hindu house servant, not a Black woman. So her mother is listed on her birth certificate as Caucasian, even though she’s dark, but she’s a Hindu Brahman Tamil.

Continue reading

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Shamelessly stolen from Knuckledraggin’

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Got something interesting?

Just feel like bitching?

Need to unload?

Have at it in the comments.

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No. Not a real chip.

They’re going to give employees phones to “keep track of scheduling”, etc.


Be interesting if employees remove the SIM cards and turn off GPS?

1. will Wal-Mart pay for the unlimited data and porn these $500 phones will be used for?
2. will employees need to return them if they quit of get fired?

Walmart Inc (WMT.N) said on Thursday it would give nearly half its U.S. employees free Samsung (005930.KS) phones by the end of the year so they can use an app the company has developed to manage shifts, clock in and stay in “constant communication.”

The world’s largest retailer, which employs nearly 1.6 million people in the United States, said more than 740,000 workers would receive Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro smartphones, cases and protection plans. Currently, most people share company devices.

Walmart declined to share financial details, but the phone sells at $499.99 on Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s website. It is common for big companies to strike heavily discounted deals with carriers and device makers when buying corporate phones in bulk.

The retailer, which tested the project earlier this year, said it would not be able to see personal data. It will be able to see work emails, installed work apps, web history on the phone’s work-specific browser, device specifications and clock-in locations.

People will only be able to access work apps while on their shifts, but can use the phones as personal devices, Walmart said.

The app – called “Me@Walmart” – can be used to check schedules up to two weeks in advance, ask for changes and request time off. It has a voice-activated assistant that helps locate products and is also designed to ensure workers can “instantly connect with one another” in stores. Using the phones is not mandatory.

“Constant communication is essential for our business. Walkie talkies were one solution, but not every associate has one,” Walmart executives Drew Holler and Kellie Romack said in a blog post.


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I love it:

A North Carolina county commission has kicked Coca-Cola vending machines from government office buildings, accusing the soda giant of engaging in left-wing politics.

WXII channel 12, the NBC affiliate in Winston-Salem, said the Surry County commission voted 3-2 to ban the machines, citing Atlanta-based Coca-Cola’s denouncing Georgia’s voting law.

“The left wing in America, they defund, they boycott, they cancel, they tear down statues — all sorts of egregious actions. The expectation from them is that the opposing political side will cower in the corner and we’re supposed to accept that and it’s supposed to be OK. And it’s not OK,” County Commissioner Eddie Harris told NBC-12.

Mr. Harris also wrote a letter, using county letterhead, to Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey Quincey, condemning the company’s criticism of Georgia’s new election-security law.

“Millions of Americans believe that the last presidential election was not held in a fair manner and that more voter fraud will occur in the future if elections are not closely monitored and regulated,” he wrote in the letter.

Mr. Quincey had said in a statement this spring in response to Georgia’s law that “we all have a duty to protect everyone’s right to vote and we will continue to stand up for what is right in Georgia and across the U.S.”

But Mr. Harris said others need to speak up too, against cancel culture.

“It is time that someone starts speaking out. People are afraid to speak out and exercise their First Amendment rights. They are afraid to lose their job, their home. They are afraid to be called a racist. It is not healthy,” he said.

According to WXII, the machines haven’t been removed yet and the local Coke bottler is trying to work things out.

A spokesman for Coca-Cola Consolidated told the NBC affiliate that the independently owned company has reached out to county commissioners to set up a meeting to discuss the vote.

Surry County has about 75,000 people and is located in the western part of North Carolina, on the state’s northern border with Virginia.

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You decide.

I say they’ll cave.

Newspaper publisher Gannett is fighting an effort by the FBI to try to determine who read a specific USA Today story about a deadly shooting in February near Fort Lauderdale, Fla., that left two FBI agents dead and three wounded.

The subpoena, served on Gannett in April, seeks information about who accessed the news article online during a 35-minute window starting just after 8 p.m. on the day of the shootings. The demand — signed by a senior FBI agent in Maryland — does not appear to ask for the names of those who read the story, if the news outlet has such information. Instead, the subpoena seeks internet addresses and mobile phone information that could lead to the identities of the readers.

The information being sought “relates to a federal criminal investigation being conducted by the FBI,” the subpoena says.

In a filing in U.S. District Court in Washington, lawyers for Gannett said the demand violates the First Amendment. They also complained that the FBI appears to have ignored the Justice Department’s policy for seeking information from the media.

“A government demand for records that would identify specific individuals who read specific expressive materials, like the Subpoena at issue here, invades the First Amendment rights of both publisher and reader, and must be quashed accordingly,” attorneys Charles Tobin and Maxwell Mishkin wrote on behalf of Gannett.

One of the cases cited by Gannett’s lawyers is a battle that arose in 1998 after prosecutors from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s office demanded Monica Lewinsky’s book-purchase records from D.C. bookstore Kramerbooks & Afterwords and another outlet as investigators sought to trace gifts she bought for President Bill Clinton. A judge ruled that the request implicated First Amendment rights of Lewinsky and the bookstores, prompting Starr’s office to drop one subpoena and narrow another.

The accusation that the FBI defied the Justice Department’s guidelines for seeking news media records comes as the department is facing criticism from journalists, press freedom advocates and even President Joe Biden for a series of court orders obtained last year in leak investigations. The probes obtained telephone records for journalists at The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN. Investigators also sought email metadata, but appear to have failed to obtain that information.

A Justice Department spokesperson referred questions to the FBI, which had no immediate comment on Thursday.

Most of the debate over the the Justice Department’s policy on demanding information from the news media has focused on efforts to expose journalists’ sources, but the regulations seem to extend beyond newsgathering.

The nature of the ongoing criminal investigation is unclear. Authorities said David Lee Huber, 55, watched the FBI agents arrive via a doorbell camera, then opened fire on them. The agents were serving a search warrant in a child pornography investigation, the FBI said.

Huber died during the exchange of gunfire, officials said. That would be hours before the article was written and half a day before the window of time the FBI appears to be zeroing in on. It’s unclear whether the FBI might suspect someone else of involvement with Huber’s activities or whether someone drew suspicion by the way they reacted to the shooting.

An FBI spokesperson told the Miami Herald in February that an inspection team from Washington would investigate the episode, which left veteran Agents Daniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberger dead.

FBI Director Christopher Wray flew to Florida to attend the funerals for the well-regarded agents, who were assigned to a child sexual exploitation squad. The LinkedIn page for the agent who issued the subpoena, J. Brooke Donahue, describes him as overseeing a Child Exploitation Operational Unit in Linthicum, Md.

Gannett filed its motion to quash the subpoena on May 28, one day before the deadline the FBI set to respond to the subpoena. The motion was made public by U.S. District Court in Washington on Thursday.

The case has been assigned to Judge James Boasberg, an appointee of President Barack Obama.



Sure sounds like a bunch of Manchurian candidates were planted.

Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett and Neil Gorsuch sided with liberal Justices Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan Thursday to endorse a narrow approach on how to apply a 1986 law against computer hacking.

The justices overturned the conviction of a police officer, Nathan Van Buren, who was paid to run a license plate search in violation of the police department’s policy and, according to the federal government, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

But Barrett, writing for the majority, said the officer technically did not access information he wasn’t entitled to. Instead, he simply misused his access to information he was authorized to see. Therefore, the court said, the officer did not violate federal law.

“This provision covers those who obtain information from particular areas in the computer – such as files, folders or databases – to which their computer access does not extend,” Barrett wrote in the majority opinion. “It does not cover those who, like Van Buren, have improper motives for obtaining information that is otherwise available to them.”

The vote breakdown pitted the three Trump-appointed justices and the court’s three liberals against the three more senior Republican-appointed justices: Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

The case is focused on a narrow issue of statutory interpretation rather than the broad constitutional issues that animate much of the hot-button debate around the Supreme Court. Therefore, it is not likely to reveal much about the justices’ potential rulings or approach to other major cases on freedom of religion, guns, abortion and more.

But the vote breakdown – which comes after the court issued five consecutive unanimous opinions in recent weeks – further underscores that the court does not always rule simply on ideological lines as many Democrats calling on President Biden to pack the court allege. Some have speculated the several unanimous opinions in a row could be a message to pro-court-packing liberals that the court does not necessarily rule only on ideological lines.

Indeed, because Roberts was in the dissent on this case, the majority opinion was assigned to Barrett by Breyer, the most senior justice in the majority. Breyer, one of the court’s liberals, recently cautioned Democrats that packing the court might harm its legitimacy. These comments caused many on the left to double-down on calls for him to retire.

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Because he sure wasn’t Amish.

Perhaps Minneapolis can adopt the dumpster fire as its new official symbol. “Unrest” in this case means vandalism and perhaps looting, touched off by law enforcement shooting a murder suspect who drew a gun on US Marshals. The incident took place yesterday afternoon, but by nightfall the inevitable knee-jerk Twin Cities reaction was well under way:

Thursday around 2:10 p.m., a U.S. Marshal Service (USMS) taskforce made up of local law enforcement officers were trying to arrest a person wanted on a state arrest warrant for possession of a firearm by a felon, according to a USMS statement. Law enforcement sources told FOX 9 this person was a murder suspect.

According to USMS, the person was in a parked car, did not follow commands and took out a handgun. In response, members of the taskforce fired shots and the person died at the scene.

Following the shooting, a crowd of protesters began to gather near the parking garage in the 1400 block of Lake Street. By 9:30 p.m. law enforcement providing security had left the area. Around 10:10 p.m. the dumpster was lit on fire at the intersection of Lake Street and Girard Avenue S.

That wasn’t all they did:

Word of the shooting quickly drew a crowd in a city that has been on edge about deaths involving law enforcement since last year’s killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. The windows of some nearby storefronts remain covered with plywood, a reminder of the at-times violent civil unrest that followed Floyd’s death.

A Minneapolis police spokesman said that numerous buildings were vandalized overnight after the shooting and that some were looted.

Why were they protesting a shooting in which a suspect was stupid enough to pull a weapon on US Marshals executing a warrant? They, um, don’t know:

Many of those gathered outside the police tape near Lake Street and S. Girard Avenue came simply to watch investigators from the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives work. But some chanted insults at Minneapolis police, whose officers were providing perimeter support.

Members of the citizen crime prevention group We Push for Peace mingled with onlookers and those taunting law enforcement, advocating for patience and peace. Others, from the crime-prevention group A Mother’s Love, also circulated in the crowd.

Many who were chanting anti-police slogans knew little except that officers had killed a man, said Pharoah Merritt of We Push for Peace. “We understand the anger and ire when we see these police shootings,” he said. “We don’t know anything.”

John Hinderaker identifies the “saddest aspect” to this story, which is the condition of city leadership in Minneapolis:

The saddest aspect of this story, perhaps, is the feckless response of Minneapolis authorities:

City Council Member Lisa Bender, whose ward includes Uptown, echoed the desire for more information, tweeting from the scene, “No matter the details, any violence or loss of life is a tragedy.”

“Details” meaning that the guy was wanted for various felonies, including, according to some reports, murder, and also the fact that he drew an illegal gun on the arresting officers. But hey, those are just details, and Lisa Bender is notorious for her view that calling 911 if a burglar invades your home “comes from a place of privilege.” What are “details” when there is racial animosity to be stoked?

Then perhaps everyone should wait on “more information” before acting out in ignorance. Maybe if city leaders like Bender got out in front of their constituents and made that point up front, it might save a few businesses from significant losses thanks to mindless rioters.

Of course, this is the same feckless leadership that left “George Floyd Square” as an autonomous zone. The city tried reopening it yesterday, and I predicted it would get blocked again by the end of the weekend. I was wrong — it got blocked again by the end of the afternoon:

Municipal workers began taking away the city barricades about 4:30 a.m., erecting bike lanes and street signs at 38th and Chicago — dubbed George Floyd Square — with community members involved in coordinating the removal of flowers, artwork, barriers and shacks, said city spokeswoman Sarah McKenzie.

While the task was complete in less than four hours, protesters who have been occupying the intersection since Floyd’s death weren’t ready to yield. Using trash bins, discarded furniture and upended street signs, they again blocked the intersections where the city barriers had stood. About 150 people gathered at the former Speedway gas station and milled about the intersection for the first half of the day, erecting new art and discussing next steps.

By early evening the crowd remained steady and the mood was relaxed, with the four main access roads to the 38th and Chicago intersection blocked off again by cars.

The city didn’t post police to restore and keep order, preferring to outsource its authority to a community group called Agape. Inevitably, activists felt emboldened by the vacuum of authority. So when will the city finally establish its sovereignty and protect the residents and businesses properly? Don’t ask Mayor Jacob Frey:

At a news conference, Mayor Jacob Frey said the “phased reconnection” of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue with the rest of the city had been planned for months but isn’t yet complete. He declined to say when he thought traffic would return.

“I acknowledge that it will be a bit touch and go and difficult over the next several days,” Frey said.

“Phased reconnection” is just another catchphrase used by a pusillanimous city leadership class. This lack of action emboldens radicals to commit “unrest” at any provocation, which means that the Twin Cities should expect to see a lot more of this … until voters take their municipal elections seriously.



Of course the left sees it as a violation of illegals’ rights.

Facing a backup of tens of thousands of migrants stranded at the U.S.-Mexico border, the Biden administration is betting on a technological fix: a mobile app.

In recent weeks, U.S. border officials have taken an unprecedented step, quietly deploying a new app, CBP One, which relies on controversial facial recognition, geolocation and cloud technology to collect, process and store sensitive information on asylum seekers before they enter the United States, according to three privacy-impact assessments conducted by the Homeland Security Department and experts who reviewed them for The Times.

The DHS assessments describe the app as necessary because border officials cannot “process all individuals at once” who are seeking protection in the United States but have been forced back into Mexico under Trump-era policies that Biden has largely kept. Officials maintain it offers a safe and efficient technical solution.

DHS officials argue that such “smart border” innovation is more effective than the previous administration’s walls and bans. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told lawmakers last week that the Biden administration is requesting $1.2 billion for modernizing ports of entry and border security technology, including ensuring “safe, orderly, and humane treatment of migrants.”

“We are working tirelessly to rebuild our immigration system,” Mayorkas said.

But several experts who reviewed the privacy assessments said that the Customs and Border Protection app raises alarms about unchecked data collection and surveillance by the government on vulnerable migrants who have little choice but to consent.

“CBP’s use of face recognition poses enormous risks to privacy and is another step down a dangerous path,” Ashley Gorski, senior attorney at the ACLU National Security Project, told The Times. “Whenever the government acquires a person’s faceprint, it creates a risk of persistent surveillance, where the government could identify and track people’s movements without their knowledge.”

Others, such as Andrew Farrelly, a former Customs and Border Protection official who runs a border-management consulting company, said the app is a positive step toward a more efficient and fair process at the border.

“There is just an incredible amount of pressure right now on the border itself and the agencies that are responsible for the border to try to deal with the situation as best as possible,” Farrelly told The Times. “Applying technology is a way to do that.”

The DHS has signaled that its authority to use the app in this way may be tenuous, and some privacy risks remain unresolved, according to the privacy assessments, which are required by law. In early May, CBP sought and received “emergency” approval from the Office of Management and Budget to use the app to collect advance information on undocumented individuals, bypassing the public comment and notification process that’s required before launching new programs.

When asked about the app, the White House directed The Times to the Homeland Security Department, which declined to make a named official available or provide comment.



A city official squandered $23,000 on anti-police donations:

Forget using tax dollars on roads and public infrastructure. Instead, Democrat-run Austin City Hall is funneling your hard-earned money to their preferred political activists.

Back in March, city hall’s Chief Equity Officer Brion Oaks sent an email to local anti-police organization Grassroots Leadership, discussing a plan to purchase Visa gift cards with public funds and offer them to citizens specifically selected by the organization.

The cards would be a cash incentive to get their preferred people to testify at an upcoming virtual public meeting on police “reimagining.”

“Grassroots Leadership proposes to provide stipends in the form of gift cards for participation of community members in the [city-appointed Reimagining Public Safety] Task Force Community Listening Session to be held Saturday, April 10,” read a memo to the city.

In order to do this, Grassroots will collect a list of people providing input, as well as work in collaboration with the RPS Task Force membership to develop eligibility criteria and follow-up questions to ensure the feedback gathered is centered in and supporting those most impacted by police violence.

Grassroots Leadership has stated immediate goals of defunding the Austin Police Department by 50 percent this year, a “robust 5-year plan for defunding, divestment, and disbandment of the APD,” and a “10-year plan to defund policing across Austin and Travis County.”

City officials obliged the gift card plan, ordering 400 $50 Visa gift cards—using taxpayer money—and giving a special provision to Grassroots Leadership as a preferred vendor with the city.

Officials also paid the organization a $2,000 “administrative cost” to distribute the gift cards to people who met that “eligibility criteria.”

Citizens took to social media in response.

“It seems that not a single day goes by without something new coming out about the corruption going on in Austin under the banner of ‘reimagining the police,’” wrote citizen Rick Shirley. “I am attaching a copy of a memo requesting [public] funding to pay people with gift cards to come forward to the Taskforce and testify about why the Police Department should be defunded.”

“Grassroots Leadership was awarded a $23,180 contract from the [City of Austin] to provide gift cards to participants in APD bashing sessions. That’s called buying the answers that you want to hear,” one citizen tweeted.

“I think they had a set group of people they wanted to pay to show up to testify on the police issues,” said Ken Casaday, president of the Austin Police Association. “Why do you need to pay people to go to a Zoom meeting …”

“Many people attended [Zoom] sessions. What was the determining factor of a gift card?” wrote another. “[Grassroots Leadership] hates police & has set a goal to dismantle APD. Is that reimagining? ATX ‘leaders’ paying the mob.”

“This is what they do. They only survey people who will give them the answers they want and pay them to do it. Then they say ‘the community overwhelmingly …’” an individual tweeted.

“We’ve seen paid protestors, paid voters, now paid panels of police bashers,” one citizen commented.

“Were the gift cards in violation of TX constitution?” another asked.

“Ignoring the gift card scam in the first place, 15% goes to admin and processing costs? … Scam on top of scam,” said one individual.

The gift card plan also comes in wake of the Democrat-run Austin City Council defunding the police by a whopping one-third ($150 million) last year. Homicides have already surged to record numbers in 2021.

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Oxfordshire, where I lived for over three years, has banned all smoking outdoors.

Given the demographics of who smokes you can expect lawsuits claiming oppression and restriction of the rights of “poor people.”

Oxfordshire is looking to become the first “smoke-free” county in England by the year 2025, with proposals to ban smoking in outdoor spaces.

The anti-smoker measures would bar people from smoking in outdoor dining areas and preventing businesses from providing workplace cigarette break areas.

The post-pandemic plan will look to make people feel “empowered” not to smoke, the local Oxford Mail newspaper reported. To be officially considered “smoke-free” by the British government, less than five per cent of a county can be smokers.

Approximately 12 per cent of the county’s population smokes cigarettes, with people on the lower end of the economic ladder more likely to light up; therefore, the impact of such restrictions will most likely disproportionately impact the working-class and poor.

The director of the smoking lobby group Forest, Simon Clark said: “It’s no business of local councils if adults choose to smoke, and if they smoke outside during working hours that’s a matter for them and their employer not the council.”

In a post on social media, Forest added: “Reducing smoking rates to meet some idealistic target is not a priority for most people and council policy should reflect that.”

Oxfordshire’s public health director, Ansaf Azhar, said last week that the smoking restrictions are a part of the local government’s “long game” strategy to change the smoking culture.

“It is not about telling people not to smoke, it is about moving and creating an environment in which not smoking is encouraged and they are empowered to do so. But that is not going to happen overnight,” Azhar said.

The public health official who has been spearheading the anti-smoker push, Dr Adam Briggs, said: “We have got a condition that is entirely a commercially driven cause of death and disease. It is impossible to be on the wrong side of history with tobacco consumption.”

The move has drawn considerable derision on social media, including from Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox, who wrote: “I will campaign for people to feel empowered to smoke, drink, eat fast food, get really fat, buy massive chocolate bars whilst pretending it’s for sharing if they want to, and for it to be no one else’s sodding business.”

“I will criminalise yoga and mindfulness classes,” Fox joked.

Britain is no stranger to government restrictions on supposed vices, with the 2019 Nanny State Index listing the United Kingdom as the fourth least free country in the EU to eat, drink, and smoke.

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Illegals threaten mass unrest unless they are given free housing.

You read that right: illegals.

But the Brits deserve it.

You can’t pay me to visit that shit-hole-it’s-become.

Sorry, CallMeInfidel!

Illegal boat migrants have threatened “mob unrest” if the British government does not speed up their settlement into taxpayer-funded accommodation, the union for the country’s Border Force has revealed.

Amid record waves of illegal aliens flooding over the English Channel in small boats from France, Britain’s Border Force has become “overwhelmed” by the “phenomenal” numbers, ISU immigration union representative Lucy Moreton said.

As over 560 migrants landed on British soil in four days, the Border Force was forced into abandoning coronavirus testing measures and had to transfer them into detention centres in order to prevent large gatherings, Moreton told The Telegraph.

She said that migrants have become increasingly hostile to immigration officials, saying: “Border Force staff are feeling increasingly threatened. There is a risk of unrest from these groups.

“They are not exhausted, beaten down and glad to be here. They know they are going to be moved into accommodation. They want to be moved into accommodation. If that doesn’t happen promptly they get cross about it.

“They have to be clothed but we cannot provide hot food there. They might not have eaten anything. There is a mob mentality that takes over. The vast majority are young males. The families and children are moved clear very quickly.

“These are groups of people used to acting together to get what they need and frequently we cannot understand what they are saying to each other. The numbers arriving are phenomenal.”

So far this year, over 3,500 migrants have arrived by crossing the Channel illegally, more than double the rate compared to last year’s record numbers. The Home Office said that French authorities had prevented another 3,600 from making the illegal and perilous journey.

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….by cutting off his dick.

Guess who got arrested?

They’re both illegals.

They both have criminal records (but have not been deported)

Spain deserves this.

Spanish police arrested a woman for cutting off the penis of her Bangladeshi boss while he was allegedly trying to rape her.

The woman, who originally comes from Bangladesh herself, was working in a bar in the municipality of Sant Andreu de la Barca, 3o minutes from Barcelona, and claims that her boss, also a Bangladeshi, had been sexually harassing her weeks before the attack.

On Monday, the woman claimed that her boss went further than harassment and attempted to force her into having sex with him. As he did, she grabbed a knife and cut off his penis, El Mundo reports.

Inspector Oscar Carreras, head of the local police, said the man was taken to hospital and received emergency surgery. The woman was arrested on suspicion of amputating her boss’s penis, while her boss was arrested for attempted rape. Both have prior criminal records.

Migrant crime has been an issue in the Barcelona area for years, with a 2019 report claiming that among the top ten most prolific criminals in the Spanish city, just one was actually born in Spain.

This week’s bizarre incident comes as Spain is facing another migrant crisis at its two cities on the North African coast just across from the Spanish mainland, Ceuta and Melilla, which border Morocco.

Last month, Ceuta saw at least 8,000 migrants cross into the city illegally within the span of one day. The Spanish government claims to have deported over 6,600 migrants to Morocco, but many supposedly underage migrants have remained in the city.

Spanish authorities have attempted to contact the parents of supposed minors who reached Ceuta, but among those they spoke with, 92.5 per cent have said they prefer that their children remain in Spain.

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They’re branding employees:

At Amazon, employees are not allowed to keep one particular medical decision private.

Amazon is forcing its employees to brand themselves with stickers indicating they’ve received a COVID-19 vaccination, even if they’d prefer to keep that medical decision private. This move also forces employees to disclose if they have not received a vaccine.

The decision, which impacts all U.S. Field Operations employees, suggests Amazon doesn’t trust its own staff to be honest about their vaccination status.

Starting early this month, fully vaccinated employees will wear a green sticker on their badge.

The sticker indicates the employee can work without a mask because they are fully vaccinated. By the end of the month, associates will be asked to upload their vaccination cards to an internal system.

If you do not wish to reveal your vaccination status, or simply do not want to take a vaccine, you will be forced to keep on a mask and go without a sticker. It’s like a reverse Scarlet letter.

Consequently, coworkers may ask them why they’re not vaccinated, prying into a personal medical decision when it’s not their business. Or, much worse, the Amazon employee may feel pressured into the vaccine, even if they do not yet need one or want one

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Woman loses part of her hand when her dog gnawed it off:

A woman was mauled by a dog in her own backyard, leading to her hand getting partially amputated, the New York Post reported.

The 50-year-old woman, a resident of Katy, Texas, was attacked by the dog around 1 p.m. Monday, the Cy-Fair Fire Department said, according to the New York Post. Eyewitnesses of the attack told local outlet KPRC-TV that the woman was the dog’s owner.

The woman was bitten multiple times, and first responders had to wheel her away in a stretcher before she was airlifted in a helicopter to the hospital, the Cy-Fair Fire Department claimed on Twitter. The woman was listed in critical condition, and doctors had no choice but to partially amputate her gnarled hand, ABC13 reported.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is reportedly investigating the incident, and further details about the attack have not been released, the New York Post reported.

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By the time you read aloud the title to this post it’s close to 100 MPH.

You knew this was coming.

The fastest accelerating road-legal car in the world is launched today – and it’s electric.

It outpaces the mighty petrol-powered Bugatti Chiron hypercar and comes from arguably the hottest and most significant electric car company you’re unlikely to have ever heard of – unless you’re a fan of The Grand Tour.

The scintillating new £2million, 258mph Nevera – formerly known as the C_Two concept – is designed, engineered and, as announced today, will be built by Croatian car company Rimac – the brand famed by Richard Hammond’s fiery crash in 2017 that catapulted the manufacturer into the headlines.

Its latest creation can accelerate from rest to 60mph in a staggering 1.85 seconds – hitting 100mph from a standstill in a mere 4.3 seconds and 186mph (or 300km/hr) in 9.3 seconds – while producing zero tailpipe emissions.

There will be a limited run of 150 Neveras, each one personally signed off by Rimac Automobili founder and CEO Mate Rimac.

But the really exciting thing about Rimac is the influence it is having on major sports car-makers like Porsche – which recently increased its stake in the firm to 24 per cent – amid informed speculation that it is also poised also to help transform super-luxury Bugatti into a green electric-only brand.

It may also potentially contribute to Bentley’s electrification plans. All three are part of the giant Volkswagen group.

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