Now the woke crowd wants fewer white men in the Fed.

Yep! The perfect place for beaners and ground apes that were “C” students in college and were McDonald’s managers.

The Federal Reserve has a “staggering” lack of diversity among its directors who are charged with running the central bank’s 12 districts, according to a report Tuesday from a leading Washington think tank.

“The Federal Reserve System … has a diversity problem,” said the Brookings Institution report, authored by economists Peter Conti-Brown and Kaleb Nygaard. “This has long been obvious at the top of the organization, among the members of the Fed’s Board of Governors and the presidents of the Federal Reserve Banks.”

While those top Fed officials are “overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly male,” the report said, the problem also extends into the boards of directors at the local operations, where “we find a staggering homogeneity among them, with only recent signs of diversification.”

Directors also are “overwhelmingly drawn from the business communities within their districts, with little participation from minorities, women, or from areas of the economy—labor, nonprofits, the academy—with important contributions to make to Fed governance.”

The report notes that in the central bank’s history, there have been just three Black members of the Fed’s board of governors, one Black regional president and only three nonwhite regional presidents.

There currently are two female Fed governors out of six — Lael Brainard and Michelle Bowman — and three female regional presidents out of 12 — Esther George in Kansas City, Loretta Mester in Cleveland, and Mary Daly in San Francisco. There is only one Black regional president, Raphael Bostic in Atlanta.

In the past few years, the Fed has made some inroads with reserve bank directors, increasing the total of women and minorities from 20 in 2017 to 27 this year. The total for reserve bank branches rose from 42 to 51 during the same period.

The report suggests the Fed make the selection process for directors “more transparent” so it can be evaluated in how members are selected.

“There is also a sense that these principals are overwhelmingly promoted from within, creating a risk for groupthink and intellectual homogeneity,” Conti-Brown and Nygaard wrote.

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Bongino vs Rivera

Dan Bongino and Gerardo Rivera are always getting into heated exchanges but this one takes the cake.  In it though, it seems to Gerardo that not enough whites are being killed by police.  He says police kill more blacks proportionally than whites even though in 2020 457 whites compared to 241 blacks were killed by police.

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Are you ready for this?

Bite-Me to offers FOUR FUCKING MONTHS PAID LEAVE to anyone taking in a beaner-baby.

You read that right.

In addition to all the money he’s wasting allowing these pieces of shit into the country he’s now going to screw the American taxpayer with this.

And you know exactly what this is all about, right?

Growing government size and power.

Because if you have people taking 4 month sabbaticals who’s going to do their work?

Imagine you’re in charge of an office and three of your workers bail?

Who’s going to do that work?

A perfect set-up for Senior Executive Service types to demand more hiring to fill the gaps….and after they’re hired they’ll NEVER be fired.

The administration emailed the federal workers asking for help with Unaccompanied Alien Children, or UACs, according to The New York Times.

“The desperate plea landed this week in the email inboxes of employees in government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and NASA: Will you consider taking a four-month paid leave from your job to help care for migrant children in government-run shelters packed with new arrivals at the border?” The Times reported.

“The request to much of the federal work force came from the Department of Health and Human Services, which is at the heart of a frantic effort by the Biden administration to keep up with a surge in young people crossing the southwestern border hoping to reunite with relatives already in the United States,” the paper wrote.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday said on Fox News that he thinks the number of UACs will be higher than the 35,000 the Biden administration estimates will be in custody by June.

Abbott last week blamed the Biden administration for the border crisis, noting that Texas child welfare agencies have received complaints about sexual abuse at one detention center, the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio.

“This facility is a health and safety nightmare,” Abbott said. “The Biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children. To end this abuse, the Biden administration must immediately shut down this facility.”

But White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the White House has no plans to shut down the facility.

“Well, first we take safety and the well-being of children in our care very seriously, hence our earlier conversation about the funding spent to keep them safe during the pandemic,” Psaki saidd. “His claims will be looked into and investigated by the Department of Health and Human Services.”

She added: “Currently we have no basis for his call to shut down the San Antonio Freeman Coliseum as an intake site but we will of course — we take these allegations seriously and they will be investigated.”

The Times report came after a Republican senator claimed a Biden official “asked that he delete his photos” he took as he toured an overcrowded facility at the U.S.-Mexico border. Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) told The Washington Examiner that a Biden aide involved in the tour “asked that he delete his photos. Like others on the trip, he didn’t.”

“There was one of Biden’s representatives,” he told the Examiner. “I felt sorry for the lady because she actually talked to me about deleting a picture, but by the time she got to me, all those other pictures were taken, and that shows you the hypocrisy. None of us would have gone down there if we were going to be muzzled,” said Braun, who added that Border Patrol also asked that no photos be taken, but that “they were telling us that because they had to.”

After the visit, Braun wrote a letter to President Joe Biden calling on him to visit the border himself.

“The crisis surrounding this surge makes it a moral imperative for you to see firsthand what is happening—and not the sanitized version of the border tour taken by some of my congressional colleagues,” Braun wrote. “Having personally gone this week, I can testify to this being an inhumane, unsustainable, and dangerous situation.”

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Seen where the cop who shot that asshole in Brooklyn Center had her address “leaked” and prtesters swarmed her home forcing her and her family to flee?

A THIRD night of riots erupted following the death of Daunte Wright that lead to protesters burning down a police building and forcing a cop to flee her home after her address leaked.

More than 60 people were arrested in Portland, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago, amid the growing unrest throughout the country after 25-year veteran officer Kim Potter shot and killed Wright during a traffic stop on Sunday.

Protesters also descended on the home of officer Kim Potter, who shot Wright, 20, after allegedly mistaking her gun for a taser.

The 25-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center Police Department’s home was barricaded up on Tuesday night as crowds gathered outside her five-bedroom house.

Potter and her husband, a former Fridley police officer, fled the residence after the address was shared on social media.

A riot was declared in Portland for the second consecutive night, after the police union headquarters in North Portland was swarmed by around 100 people and set on fire.

Smoke engulfed the street as the flames erupted next to the letters “ACAB” spray painted on the building – meaning “All Cops Are B******s”.

Scores of protesters in Brooklyn Center last night lobbed bottles and other projectiles over a fence in front of police headquarters as chaos erupted outside the police station.

Demonstrators used umbrellas, the tops of storage units, and boogie boards as makeshift shields against cops to deflect tear-gas, flash bombs, and other non-lethal weapons.

Police declared an unlawful assembly at the drastically reinforced Brooklyn Center police station, as riot cops and the National Guard shielded the building which is now enclosed by concrete barriers and metal fencing.

“Murderapolis” was spray painted on one of the barriers – just a stone’s throw from where George Floyd was killed last May and where officer Derek Chauvin is currently on trial regarding his death.

It came after protesters gathered peacefully yesterday afternoon outside the Brooklyn Center, before marching to the FBI headquarters.

About 90 minutes before a 10 p.m. curfew, state police announced over a loudspeaker that the gathering had been declared unlawful and ordered the crowds to leave the area immediately.

“You are hereby ordered to disperse,” read the loudspeakers. The curfew was in effect until 6am Wednesday.

The announcement set off confrontations – with protesters launching fireworks toward the station and throwing objects at police.

Minnesota Police made more than 60 arrests for rioting and other offenses during last night’s protests.

Despite the explosive protests, still and sombre vigils were also held across the nation to remember

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Occassional-Kotex came out against police body cams saying they “don’t work because ‘Indefensible System’ will ‘find a way’ to kill ‘in other ways.’

Leftists have always hatede cops as laws and police keep them under control from their baser natures……anarchy.

So cameras were mandated. Then fights began over when ther cameras should be turned on. Then how many cameras should be worn. Then placement of the cameras to include on cars. Thewn the fight over strweaming what cameras caught directly back to station houeses.

Now we’re back to the beginning over an accidental shooting that pre and post-cameras would not have been stopped.

So Kotex wants no cops now.

New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Tuesday that the murder of Daunte Wright was not accidental.

“Daunte Wright’s killing was not a random, disconnected ‘accident’ – it was the repeated outcome of an indefensible system that grants impunity for state violence, rewards it w/ endlessly growing budgets at the cost of community investment, & targets those who question that order,” she tweeted.

“Cameras, chokehold bans, ‘retraining’ funds, and similar reform measures do not ultimately solve what is a systemic problem,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “That system will find a way – killings happen on camera, people are killed in other ways, retraining grows $ while often substituting for deeper measures.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Watch Protesters Take To The Streets Of DC For Daunte Wright)

Daunte Wright, 20, was killed Sunday after Kim Potter, a 26-year-veteran officer, shot him at a traffic stop. Bodycam footage shows Wright resisting arrest and trying to escape. Potter threatened to tase Wright and then shot him. Former Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon said he believed Potter grabbed her gun instead of taser. Gannon and Potter both resigned Tuesday.

Last November, after several Democrats lost at the polls, Ocasio-Cortez vocally supported the “defund the police” efforts. The plan’s supporters are trying to redirect money from police expenses and to other messages such as community engagement and mental health treatment, according to Fox News.

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….they understand what fighting for freedom means.

Hundreds of Canadian Christians gathered on Sunday at the GraceLife Church in Edmonton, Alberta. Government officials shut down the church for allegedly violating public COVID-19 health orders. Authorities erected a chain-link fence to prevent the house of worship from reopening last week. On Sunday, worshippers tore down the barricade, but were quickly met by a large contingent of riot police.

Alberta Health Services physically closed the GraceLife Church, preventing access to the building. AHS said the church would remain closed until the GraceLife Church “can demonstrate the ability to comply with Alberta’s chief medical officer of health’s restrictions.” The Royal Canadian Mounted Police even closed off the access roads in front of the church to the public.

Approximately 400 people gathered outside the church on Sunday, according to the Edmonton Journal. The Christians were not able to get inside the church, so they sang hymns and listened to Bible readings outside the building.

Some of the people outside of the building began to tear down the fence, despite pleas from the crowd to “leave the fence alone!”

There were reports of 200 police officers in riot gear sent to disperse the crowd outside of the GraceLife Church.

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Seen where prosecutors are not going to charge the cop who shot Ashli Babbitt?

She’s white.

If she were black half the force would be fired and the police chief would resign.

Is it me who missed it but has that cop ever been named?

The Capitol Police officer who allegedly shot and killed Ashli Babbitt during the January 6 riot will not face charges:

An investigation conducted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia determined “that there is insufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution,” the department said in a statement.

Authorities had considered for months whether criminal charges were appropriate for the Capitol Police officer who fatally shot Ashli Babbitt, 35, an Air Force veteran from San Diego. The Justice Department’s decision, though expected, officially closes out the investigation.

Prosecutors said they had reviewed video of the shooting, along with statements from the officer involved and other officers and witnesses, examined physical evidence from the scene and reviewed the autopsy results.

Babbitt is one of five people who died in or outside the Capitol on Jan. 6, including a police officer. Three other people died of medical emergencies.

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Court packing.

Their excuse?

To protect the filibuster.

Convince me I’m wrong.

Democrats will reportedly unveil a bill Thursday to pack the Supreme Court by expanding the number of justices from nine to thirteen, with the four new vacancies to be filled immediately by President Joe Biden and the Democrat-controlled Senate.

The Intercept reported Wednesday evening:

Congressional Democrats plan to unveil legislation expanding the size of the Supreme Court on Thursday, according to three congressional sources familiar with the closely held measure.

The bill would add four seats to the high court, bringing the total to 13, from the current 9. …

The bill is led by House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler, Subcommittee chair Hank Johnson, and freshman Rep. Mondaire Jones.

In the Senate, the bill is being championed by Ed Markey of Massachusetts.

The proposal comes less than a week after President Biden signed an executive order creating a commission to study the question of whether the Supreme Court should be expanded. The commission is headed by partisan Democrats. However, left-wing Democrats warned that the commission could be used to thwart their desired changes rather than advancing them.

Democrats began talking about packing the Supreme Court after Justce Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed in 2018. Biden once dismissed the idea, but moved to the left on the issue, as he did on many others. He declined to state his position until late in the 2020 presidential campaign, after the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, when he proposed the commission.

Expanding the Supreme Court to 13 justices would give liberal justices a nominal 7-6 majority. Congress can set the size of the Supreme Court without a constitutional amendment, though the last president who tried to pack the Supreme Court, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was opposed by his own party.

His effort is viewed by historians as a crude power grab — but one that ultimately convinced the Court to stop striking down his New Deal legislation and to allow government powers to grow.

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The police chief of Brooklyn Center was forced to resign because he called the activities of the rioting #BurnLootMurder assholes and other associated niggers a ……”RIOT!”

The Minnesota police officer who shot and killed a Black man Sunday during a traffic stop, along with the Police Chief who supervised her and the department, have both resigned Tuesday after nights of rioting and looting rocked their community in the wake of the state’s latest officer-involved shooting.

In her resignation letter, Office Kim Potter wrote this without referencing the shooting: “I believe it is in the best interest of the community, the department, and my fellow officers if I resign immediately.”

Shortly after the union announced Potter’s resignation, Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott told reporters Chief Tim Gannon had also handed in his letter of resignation. The developments come after trouble broke out again during a second night of protests outside police headquarters in the Minneapolis suburb, CBS Minnesota reports.

Gannon’s decision to step down comes after he was drawn into the backlash after his handling of a press briefing this week, where he made the mistake of characterizing a riot as, well, a riot.

As Chief Gannon was suffering the blowback for what would become a career-ending error, Constitutional Lawyer Jonathan Turley shared some thoughts on the long-standing effort of many in the media to avoid referring to “rioting” in states like Minnesota and Oregon where violent demonstrations against police brutality have often spilled over into wanton violence.

Even with rioting and looting in full view in the last couple nights, the networks continued to refer to protests or at most “protests turn violent.” It appears that Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon never got the memo. As Turley recalls, the chief was scolded for calling the widespread rioting a “riot” by reporters.

Gannon was briefing reporters when he used the dreaded “R word.” He was asked by a reporter “What was your decision to issue a dispersal order while they were peacefully protesting in front of the police station?”

Gannon responded by saying “Just so that everybody’s clear, I was front and center at the protest, at the riot.”

That led to one person to object “Don’t do that” and another exclaiming “There was no riot.” The objections were reportedly made by the press members.

Gannon was not inclined to yield to the word police:

“It was. The officers that were putting themselves in harm’s way were being pelted with frozen cans of pop, they were being pelted with concrete blocks. And yes, we had our helmets on and we had other protection and gear but an officer was injured, hit in the head with a brick … so we had to make decisions. We had to disperse the crowd because we cannot allow our officers to be harmed.”

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The state wants to hire more black men instead of white women as teachers.

A commenter gets it:

Not this again…
Blacks keep telling us we need to hire more black male teachers only black males don’t want to be teachers.

The last thing a black males wants to do is try to teach young black males.

For many students, the reflection of the face staring back at them in the classroom can be indicative of success, according to California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond. He supports Assembly Bill 520.

“The research has shown us for years that there are benefits to students of color when there’s at least just one educator of color on a campus,” Thurmond said Tuesday.

AB 520, or California Diversifying the Teacher Workforce Grant Program, would set aside $15 million to recruit and retain male teachers of color.

Department of Education’s numbers show students of color make up 75% of California’s student population, yet Black male teachers make up just 1% of that workforce.

“This demographic mismatch can drive inequities in educational and academic outcomes,” said Assemblymember Mike Gipson, who authored the bill.

Leo Casey, deputy director of the Albert Shanker Institute, said a study that his foundation conducted found that diversifying public teaching is very slow, which in turn has been hurting students of color, with one segment of that population being hit especially hard.

“For African American students, boys in particular, one of the things that we know is that they need to believe that their teacher really cares about them as an individual, moreso than other students,” said Casey.

The study also found that Black male teachers don’t feel valued and under-supported, leading them to give up their careers more often than white teachers do.

It’s an issue the backers of AB 520 hopes to change.

“I firmly believe that the importance of proper and represented diversity cannot be overstated,” said Micah Ali, president of the Compton Unified School District, who also publically announced support for the bill Tuesday alongside Thurmond and Gipson.

Research by the Palo Alto-based Learning Policy Institute found that teachers of color not only help close achievement gaps for students of color, but are also highly rated by students of all races.

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They don’t want to work.

It has nothing to do with pay.

A commenter nailed it: Why should you work when in your 20s 30s or even 40s you can either show off on Onlyfans, become Instagram or Tik Tok Famous.

Why work when Pervs and Losers will actually send you money?

I recently read about some Woman making more than 1 million dollars in 6 hours on Onlyfans.

Read the story:

HUNGRY McDonald’s customers were met with a brutally honest sign explaining why their Big Mac and fries might be a little late.

The branch in the United States went viral after a small yellow sign that said their staff “didn’t want to work anymore”.

Above the order here instructions, the sign read: “We are short-staffed. Please be patient with the staff that did not show up. No one wants to work anymore.”

The blunt note was spotted by Brittany Jade on TikTok and posted a video of the hilarious sign.

“Y’all. Our McDonald’s is savage AF,” Brittany wrote in the caption.

In the comments to the video, many have shown their support to over-worked staff.

One person wrote: “So true, don’t get mad at the ones there working. They aren’t the reason it’s short-staffed.”

Another added: “This is every restaurant in America right now. Be kind and don’t take it out on the staff.”

For many working in the hospitality industry in America, the pandemic has made staff want to stay away from their work places due to health and safety concerns.

Another video went viral last week where a woman quit her restaurant job on the spot after a customer refused to wear a face mask.

More than 110,000 restaurants in the US have been forced to close their doors permanently, according to recent data from the National Restaurant Association.

The eateries that have had the most success in the pandemic have been ones that offer take out and have drive through facilities.

That said, McDonald’s was forced to close 200 stores across the country.

They were mostly in Walmart stores and the company was planning on closing them in the near future anyway.

There are still 13,800 stores dotted across U.S locations.

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Liberals aren’t happy:

Raul Martinez was the kind of well-connected radio host based in a swing state who got major interviews during the 2020 campaign, like then-candidate Joe Biden, as well as Susan Rice and Alejandro Mayorkas, who eventually joined the new administration.

The former longtime Democratic mayor of Hialeah earned a “tells it like it is” reputation among his supporters for railing against corruption in Miami politics, and was a fan of giving nicknames to politicians he felt were doing a bad job, calling Governor Ron DeSantis, Ron Desastre, or disaster, for example.

But for a Democratic Party that suffered brutal defeats in Florida in November, he was also like water in the desert, one of the very few Democratic voices on air, who in recent months could be heard during rush hour explaining the lack of evidence for Trump’s lie that he won the election, talking about “anti-immigrant” forces within the Republican Party trying to stop reform, and giving people details on how to get vaccinated.

But after three and a half years, that era is now over.

The Spanish-language network America CV, which owns América TeVé, exited bankruptcy court and announced it was buying Caracol 1260 AM last week. It replaced Martinez less than 48 hours later, even though he was the host of its top-rated show, “La Hora de Regreso.” He was given the news in a 45-second phone call, and when he asked for a chance to say goodbye to his listeners he said he was told “no,” that he was just an employee.

Florida Democrats, including Martinez, said his ouster was clear evidence that the new owners, who are still awaiting FCC approval for the acquisition, want to turn Caracol radio into a right-leaning station.

“When Republicans talk of cancel culture, you know why they’re accusing Democrats and progressives?” Martinez told Newsweek. “Because they do it all the time.”

“América TeVé is the OAN of Spanish-language networks,” added Democratic strategist Evelyn Pérez-Verdía, referring to the right-leaning One America News network.

Fernand Amandi, the top consultant for Obama’s Latino voter polling during both campaigns, told Newsweek an apt comparison for the Spanish-language network was Fox News or Sinclair, but said the loss of Martinez drive time radio show and replacement by América TeVé personality Juan Manuel Cao, was a blow to Democrats.

“It’s like replacing Rachel Maddow with Tucker Carlson,” Amandi said, referring to the high-profile MSNBC and Fox News anchors. “This is another expanding tentacle in the right-wing media ecosystem that is trying to implant itself in south Florida by having ideological control of the airwaves that Hispanic voters most listen to.”

An América TeVé spokesperson told Newsweek the CEO would call back to address the firing of Martinez and claims by Democrats that it was politically motivated, but did not do so prior to publication.

But the network does have a history of sidelining talent amid accusations that it did so in order to influence election coverage. Pedro Sevcec, a well-respected veteran journalist who worked at América TeVé for a decade, said in a February interview in El Nuevo Herald that his departure from the network was not “voluntary” and that he was effectively excluded from election coverage.

He cited two instances of his pushback on guests on air—one against a guest who said the coronavirus was a creation of the media and another against a Republican who said Biden’s win seemed fishy and reiterated Trump’s baseless claim of election fraud.

América TeVé denied Sevcec’s version of events to El Nuevo Herald and said his ouster was because his ratings dropped from 2016 to 2020.

The upheaval at Caracol 1260 AM is the latest evidence that Florida has become unfriendly terrain for Democrats who saw Trump win big in November, aided particularly by making big gains among Latino voters in Miami-Dade county. Democratic analysts have diagnosed problems with a fractured media ecosystem that makes it easy to spread disinformation on platforms like YouTube and WhatsApp, but have not yet come up with effective solutions.

Carlos Odio, an Obama administration alum and co-founder of Democratic research firm EquisLabs, called the Caracol sale “a problem” for the party. But he cast it as a continuation of decades of Miami Cuban radio and conservative-leaning print papers, “a very developed right-wing ecosystem operating only in Spanish,” where disinformation such as the claim that Joe Biden is a socialist flows between closed circuits of information to mainstream media run by conservatives.

“You’re not just seeing a wacky thing on WhatsApp but then looking up and seeing it validated across all of media,” he told Newsweek.

América CV has announced that it will change the name of Caracol 1260 AM to América Radio. Representatives of the media company told El Nuevo Herald the acquisition is part of its strategy to amplify its reach to South Florida’s Latino community and part of a “dream” to reach Cuba—which the station’s signal is strong enough to do—and “to see her free very soon.”

When Manny Diaz, the Cuban-American former mayor of Miami, took over in January as the new chair of the Florida Democratic Party, it was nearly $1 million in debt. But party officials told Newsweek that the debt has been cleared, and it has raised more than $2 million. They say it’s now ready to tackle the challenges it faces, including reaching Latinos, and it can now begin expanding programs and staffing ahead of the midterm elections next year.

“A large component of that is in Hispanic outreach, especially in the South Florida area,” Diaz told Newsweek. “This is my community, and as a Latino and a former elected leader in Miami, I am prepared to build an outreach program with nuanced messaging to the Latino community across the state that is unlike anything the party has done before.”

While the Democratic Party has lost a radio voice with a large audience in Martinez, the host who served as mayor of Hialeah for nearly a quarter century, he said he’s a fast learner, and will reemerge in a podcast and on YouTube and Facebook.

He had a one-word description for what listeners hear over the airwaves now in the local radio market.

“Conspiracy,” Martinez said. “It’s all about conspiracy.”

And what about the future of the Democratic Party in Florida?

“Can we regain the state?” he asked. “I think we can, but it’s gotta be all out war.”

He said he shares simple but hard advice with those that ask him about getting into the fray of local Florida politics.

“Miami politics is like a knife fight in a dark alley,” he tells them. “If you don’t understand that, don’t get involved.”

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A purse that costs more than an actual airplane:

Designed by Louis Vuitton’s menswear artistic director, Virgil Abloh, as part of this year’s men’s collection, this airplane-shaped handbag recently went viral for allegedly costing more than a used, single-engine airplane.

Virgil Abloh’s collections have always divided critics and fashion fans, with the main critique being that he overloads his creations with a bunch of ideas and concepts, and his latest one is no different. Unveiled in January, LV’s Fall/Winter 2021 men’s collection featured a variety of over-the-top ideas, including clothes inspired by famous architecture and popular landmarks. But what really caught people’s eye on the internet recently was an airplane-shaped handbag featuring Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram, and a spicy price tag – $39,000.

Described as a “Keepall” bag, the unusual accessory looks like a miniature commercial airliner complete with wings tail and even four engines embossed with the signature Louis Vuitton logos. Like most LV accessories, it has the company’s monogram plastered all-over to let everyone know what you’re loaded.

Photos of Abloh’s airplane handbag have been circulating online for months, but only recently went viral on Twitter after one user compared its price to that of an actual airplane, clipping an online ad for a used Cessna single-engine airplane selling for just $32,300 on eBay.

“You can buy an actual plane for less,” Twitter user Valeska wrote.

“And have enough money left over for an LV paint job,” someone else commented.

It’s unclear whether Louis Vuitton’s Keepall handbag is just a fashion statement, or if it actually has any functionality (you can store stuff in it), and the brains behind the design didn’t offer too many clues either. All we know is that the airplane motif seen throughout many of the pieces in Abloh’s collection was inspired by the “tourist vs. purist” archetypes.

“It’s my organizing principle for my point of view when I make things,” Abloh told Vogue in January. “A tourist is someone who’s eager to learn, who wants to see the Eiffel Tower when they come to Paris. The purist is the person who knows everything about everything.”

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A Nashville man has been accused of barging into his neighbors’ apartment and attempting to kidnap their nine-year-old daughter while her parents were away.

The incident took place at 5.30pm on Saturday at an apartment complex in Davidson County, Tennessee, where the girl was home alone with her four-year-old brother.

The siblings’ mother told investigators that she and her husband left their children without adult supervision to go to the store.

While the parents were out, the family’s neighbor, 21-year-old Jacob Keener, allegedly entered their apartment through an unlocked patio door, grabbed the nine-year-old girl by the hand and led her outside.

A witness reported seeing the suspect holding the child by her waist to prevent her from fleeing, according to WKRN.

An arrest warrant alleged that the girl eventually was able to get away from Keener and run back inside her apartment.

Police arrested Keener and said that he confessed to being in his neighbors’ apartment and outside with the child, reported WSMV.

Keener was booked into the county jail just before 10.30pm on counts of especially aggravated kidnapping of a victim under 13 and aggravated burglary.

He remained behind bars on $100,000 bond pending his next court appearance, which is scheduled to take place on Tuesday morning.

If convicted of both felonies, Keener could face up to 75 years in prison.

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My parents married on this day (1951) and we landed in America (1958.)

My mother was far from happy having to celebrate it away from family in 1958.

My father didn’t really care…..we got to America. That’s all that mattered after 11 years of trying from two different countries.

I am so glad he did.

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Shamelessly stolen from Knuckledraggin’

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Got something interesting?

Just feel like bitching?

Need to unload?

Have at it in the comments.

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Georgetown University students display their stupidity and march in lockstep with what the Kept-Whore media tells them about Georgia voting laws.

Campus Reform shows up and makes idiots of them.

Students at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. expressed support for voting reform when asked what they thought about specific measures taken to ensure election integrity — then they found out the reforms are from Georgia’s new voting law.

Campus Reform reporter Addison Smith read parts of the new voting law to Georgetown students to get their reaction to it — before telling them that the legislation is from Georgia.

“We’re from Georgia, so there’s a lot of voter suppression in Georgia, and I think that there needs to be a lot more freedom and accessibility towards polls and extending hours,” said one student being interviewed with her friend.

“The, like, original system was created because, like, they thought the populace was, like, too dumb,” said another student.

Smith explained to the students that “there’s some legislation going around,” which would “require weekend early voting for two Saturdays,” instead of just one, “give counties the option to expand it two Sundays,” “clarify the polling hours,” “ban electioneering within 150 feet” of a polling location, and “require voter identification” so that people cannot cast multiple ballots.

When asked if they would support legislation like that, many students agreed.

“Yeah, I mean, making sure that people aren’t casting more than one vote, that sounds kind of common sense to me,” said one student.

“Yeah, I think that allowing voters more time to vote is never a bad thing, I think that making sure that they can verify their identity is also not a bad thing so that there’s no, like, illegal voting happening or anything like that,” reacted another.

A third student, who was white, said, “definitely the first two,” but expressed that she did not support voter identification, claiming, “not everyone has access to an ID or has the ability to get one,” and that “not everybody has a static location where they live.”

But when Smith asked the students, “what if I told you that this actually was the Georgia voting bill?” the students appeared shocked.

And when asked if the legislation sounds like “Jim Crow on steroids,” one student said, “no, I guess not.”

President Joe Biden has described Georgia’s election integrity bill as “Jim Crow on steroids.”

One student, however, maintained that the concept of voter identification is “classist.”

“A poll came out that showed 70 percent of black Americans do support voter ID,” Smith countered. “A lot of people are calling it ‘Jim Crow,’ suppression — but the majority of black Americans actually support it.”

“Okay, I don’t,” the student replied.

Georgia’s new election integrity legislation has sparked outrage among left-wing activists, who consider the legislation an attack on minorities, suggesting that members of the black community cannot figure out how to acquire a photo ID, among other bizarre assumptions.

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All the deaths being attributed to Kung Flu?

Not so much:

By the year 2017, the United States was already suffering more excess deaths and more life years lost each year than those associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, according to research from demographers Samuel Preston of the University of Pennsylvania and Yana Vierboom of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.

In 2017, the United States suffered an estimated 401,000 total excess deaths, those beyond the “normal” number of deaths expected to have occurred. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 376,504 deaths related to COVID-19 in 2020.

“We do not want to diminish the tremendous losses due to COVID-19 in the U.S. and elsewhere,” says Vierboom, a postdoctoral research scientist in Max Planck’s Laboratory of Population Health. “It’s just a helpful tool to put the U.S. mortality disadvantage into perspective.”

The researchers published their findings in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“It is not commonly recognized how far we have fallen behind our European counterparts in mortality and survival,” says Preston, a professor in Penn’s Department of Sociology. “A notable U.S. disadvantage in 2000 has ballooned in the course of the 21st century.”

To make age-specific comparisons of U.S. and European mortality from 2000 to 2017, Preston and Vierboom used data from the Human Mortality Database to create three indexes. For the comparison, they selected the five largest European countries—Germany, England and Wales together, France, Italy, and Spain—whose combined population nears that of the U.S. “We chose these larger countries because small countries may have unique features such as climate, diet, social history, and health care that make them inappropriate models for larger and more diverse populations,” Preston says.

Even more striking was the mortality comparison between the U.S. and those five European countries when using the measure known as “years of life lost.” This accounts for the age at which death occurs, giving more weight to death at a younger age. In 2020, 4.41 million years of life were lost to COVID-19, yet that’s only about one-third of the 13.02 million life years lost to excess mortality in the United States in 2017.

“Our results underscore the routine and persistent daily health hazards that Americans face,” Vierboom says. “Identifying and remediating the factors that contribute to this massive loss of life should be a national priority.”

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Under the guise of “refugees”…….

So now we have illegals flooding the country and terrorists given carte blanche to enter.

A bipartisan pair of U.S. senators on Tuesday introduced a bill to expedite refugee applications from Uighurs, matching an effort in the U.S. House of Representatives to assist members of the largely Muslim ethnic group that advocates say face persecution in China.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Democratic Senator Chris Coons put forward the “Uyghur Human Rights Protection Act,” which would grant Priority 2 refugee status to Uighurs and other groups, including Kazakhs and Kyrgyz, who have faced repression in or fled from China’s Xinjiang region.

Priority 2 status would allow hundreds, or possibly thousands, of Uighurs to forgo a United Nations referral and apply directly as refugees to the U.S. government, reducing concerns that Beijing could be notified by a third country and seek their deportation back to China.

China denies abuses, but the United States has declared that Beijing is perpetrating a genocide.

“The United States must continue to speak out against the PRC’s human rights abuses in Xinjiang, and we must also provide assurance and protection for the Uyghurs and all those facing persecution as a result of their religious or ethnic identity,” Coons said in a statement referring to the People’s Republic of China, the country’s formal name.

The Senate bill, complementing a House version put forward in March, has Republicans and Democrats increasingly optimistic that the refugee upgrade could become law, even as the U.S. Congress forges ahead with a sweeping package of other legislation to counter China’s influence.

“From a substantive perspective, the end game here is extremely similar,” one Senate aide comparing the Senate and House bills, told Reuters. “We see this as an area of easy bipartisan support,” he said.

U.N. experts and human rights groups estimate that more than one million Uighurs and other Muslim minorities have been detained in harsh conditions in Xinjiang as part of what Beijing calls a vocational training campaign to battle terrorism.

The bill also encourages U.S. partners and allies to make refugee accommodations for Uighurs.

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Turns out a nigger killed that 11 month old baby from yesterday.

But we already knew that, right?

Too bad someone won’t just shiv his ass in jail.

A New York man who was arrested for killing an 11-month-old baby and injuring her two young cousins has been pictured after the horrific drive-by shooting.

Chavez R. Ocasio, 23, was charged with murder for the death of Dior Harris, who was due to celebrate her first birthday on April 29.

She was shot several times in in a volley of gunfire while traveling in the backseat of the car in Syracuse at 7pm on Sunday night.

During the Sunday drive-by, Ocasio also allegedly shot Dior’s cousins, aged 3 and 8. The older of the cousins is due to undergo surgery for a gunshot wound to her pelvic area that authorities say nearly killed her. The cousins are both in a stable condition.

Ocasio’s connection to the victims, if any, remain unclear as well as the motive behind the brazen drive-by.

He has now been pictured in photos with his own infant daughter, who is just over a month old. He posted pictures of his daughter calling her his ‘Twinny Twin Twin’ on Facebook.

Some photos of Ocasio show the expectant father in February at the baby shower, with a picture of a shirt noting he is ‘the daddy’ while other posts on his page blast ‘pedos.’

‘Waking up to this makes everything worth it,’ Ocasio wrote in one post of his own daughter.

‘It’s the smile for me,’ the young father wrote in another.

Dior’s mother Desiree Seymour and the mother of the injured girls, Shakema Buckmon, who were in the front seat and escaped injury, took the children to Upstate University Hospital, where Dior died.

Buckmon told CNY Central they’d done everything they could to save the baby.

‘I tried to get to the hospital as fast as I could, I tried, I tried but she had already passed before we could make it down the street.’

A distraught Seymour took to social media to pay tribute to her daughter.

‘There so many things that you had to do and couldn’t all because a f***ing coward came and took you from me. Lord why, why me is all I keep asking my baby was innocent. She didn’t deserve this.’

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…….(and say it, too!)


A Houston high school teacher is under fire about a lesson plan that asked students to discuss the ‘complicated’ nature of the N-word, with the teacher writing the N-word out in full on the board.

Her decision to spell out the word shocked students and prompted at least one to take a picture.

The English assignment also had a picture of deceased rapper Tupac Shakur and a quote, which also spelled out the N-word.

A teacher at Stratford High School had the assignment’ as part of a warm-up activity for her class on Monday.

‘It was just really shocking at first because it was there on the board,’ said student Karina Rodgerson to KHOU.

The prompt from the teacher was ‘How is the word n***** complicated? How has it changed?’ Students needed to answer in 75 words.

The Tupac quote alongside the prompt was, ‘N****** was the ones on the rope, hanging off the thing. N***** is the ones with gold ropes, hanging out at clubs.’

Karina Rodgerson’s mother was shocked by the teacher’s inflammatory assignment.

Anita Rodgerson said, ‘I would like to know, did this teacher not follow the system? Is there not a system in place? Is there going to be a system and what improvements can they make to the system?’

‘That word didn’t need to come up on any screen, with any children of any color,’ added Mary Daly to KPRC 2; her granddaughter was in the questionable class on Monday.

‘A thinking human is all you have to be. You don’t have to be any color to understand that that was completely wrong of [the teacher] to do.’

Teachers in the district go through diversity training, but that was not enough to prevent this incident, leading to the unnamed teacher being placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

‘A Stratford High School teacher has been placed on administrative leave given concerns with the professional judgment in her lesson planning and delivery during a warm-up activity Monday,’ said a statement from the Spring Branch Independent School District.

‘Inappropriate and offensive language was used, which the Spring Branch Independent School District does not condone and will not accept.

‘We continue to investigate this incident and will take appropriate actions. We deeply regret and apologize this incident occurred.’

An email about the incident was also sent out to parents by the school district.

The warm-up activity was linked to the class starting to read ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God,’ which was written by Black author Zora Neale Hurston.

‘It was shocking, inappropriate, inexcusable, any adjective you want to use,’ Executive Director of Communications for Spring Branch ISD Terry Abbott said to KHOU.

‘This was not a lesson plan that was approved in advance by anyone.’

According to ABC 13, the unidentified teacher is white and has been working within the district since 2007, moving to Stratford High School in 2013.

‘It makes me feel very embarrassed to have her as a teacher and to have graduated from Stratford High School,’ said alum Marcel McClinton, who admits to previous problems with the teacher.

‘I feel as though Black and brown students in her classroom are not respected or valued and I know that personally, because I had her as a teacher for a whole year.’

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How To Express Outrage

Nothing expresses outrage more over the shooting of a black man like looting businesses which had nothing to do with it.

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The SOB masquerading as a president is giving them to illegals.

“Remain in Mexico” illegals at that.

And the fuckers in Congress do nothing to stop it.

President Joe Biden’s administration has released more than 6,400 migrants enrolled in the now-defunct “Remain in Mexico” program into the United States interior, offering them work permits to take American jobs, Breitbart News has learned.

After taking office in January, Biden ended the Remain in Mexico program, which had proven remarkably effective in eliminating the Catch and Release policy whereby border crossers are apprehended and subsequently released into the U.S. interior while awaiting their asylum hearings.

As of February, of the more than 71,000 asylum cases under Remain in Mexico, less than one percent of foreign nationals were found to have a legitimate asylum claim.

Biden announced in February that his Department of Homeland Security (DHS), with the help of the United Nations, would start releasing about 25,600 migrants enrolled in the program into the U.S. interior. Breitbart News exclusively reported that the migrants are being released in Brownsville and El Paso, Texas, as well as San Diego, California.

Internal data reviewed by Breitbart News reveals that as of April 10, the Biden administration had released more than 6,400 Remain in Mexico migrants into the U.S. interior. The release process, which includes parole, is allowing migrants to secure one-year work permits to take American jobs while they await their hearings.

The data indicates that the Biden administration has been releasing about 125 Remain in Mexico migrants every day into the U.S. interior who can eventually obtain work permits. The majority of those released are from Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Breitbart News also exclusively reported the rate at which the Biden administration is releasing border crossers into the U.S. interior. Since January 23, DHS has released more than 42,000 border crossers into the U.S. interior — a population four times the size of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

A memo from Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chairman Jim Banks notes that the Biden administration’s packing foreign nationals into the U.S. labor market via Catch and Release, as well as through “sanctuary country” orders that have gutted interior immigration enforcement, is helping to serve “the interests of … ultra-wealthy multinational corporations.”

New analysis projects that 1.2 million illegal aliens will arrive at the southern border by the end of the year — an illegal immigration surge not seen since the Great Recession. Tens of thousands will likely be released by the Biden administration into the U.S. interior.

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Biden’s On Brooklyn Center

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