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Darwin Thinning the Herd

People (and I use that term loosely) should think twice before deciding to play deadly games, especially with the cops. Here’s some video of a Tulsa, Oklahoma, police officer taking action against a gun toting wackjob. From my perspective, she got exactly what she asked for:

You can read a bit more here: Law

Glad all the cops got to go home safely to their families.

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Why? He did not vote for Ryan-Care.

The Congressional Leadership Fund officially decided to remove funding and staff to boost Rep. David Young, due to his decision to oppose the American Health Care Act, according to a Thursday report from the Wall Street Journal.

The CLF is a super-PAC operated by Republican leadership in the House. Staffers with the CLF opened a district campaign office last month as a part of its effort to ensure that Republican numbers stay high during the 2018 midterm elections.

The GOP opened up two offices a full 20 months ahead of the midterms, one in Young’s district in Iowa, and one in Rep. Don Bacon’s district in Nebraska.

Young announced he would no longer support the health care law Wednesday.

“While the American Health Care Act, legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare, is a very good start, it does not yet get it right and therefore I cannot support it in its present form,” Mr. Young said in a statement.

Nearly $1.9 million in party funding went to Young’s race in 2016, and he won reelection with a narrow 56 percent of the vote.

“CLF will be terminating our lease because David Young has decided not to support President Trump and House leadership,” CLF executive director Corry Bliss said. “At this time the Congressional Leadership Fund has no plans to spend any money for David Young this cycle but we wish him the best of luck.”

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The past few days I’ve been fighting off a general malaise caused by either a cold or serious sinus infection. Pounding headaches, stuffy and then runny nose, and, oddly enough, woke up one morning feeling like I’d been punched in the nose…hard. No bruising but even wearing my 0.67 ounce glasses was painful. I could not touch the bridge nor sides. After three days now it’s starting to feel less sensitive.

So I’ve had little motivation but that’s not the point, really.

Seems like everyone’s focused on the London killings, Trump, Gorsuch and health care.

I’m tired of them all.

Even my regular go-to sites for weirdness, vids, etc. has been dry.

So, it looks like you’ll have to play with yourselves (can I use the pronoun “your?”) over the next couple of days.

Maybe Monday will bring joy, news-wise.

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A boy was ordered to dress and undress in the presence of a girl because she thinks she’s a boy.

He was the one told to “TOLERATE” this situation; not the alleged “wannabe boy.”

A teenage boy was told by school leaders that he had to “tolerate” undressing in front of a female student and to make it as “natural” as possible, according to a blockbuster lawsuit filed in a Pennsylvania federal district court.

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The lawsuit, filed Tuesday by Alliance Defending Freedom and Independence Law Center, alleges the Boyertown Area School District shamed the teenage boy and violated his personal privacy. They are also alleging sexual harassment.

“No school should rob any student of this legally protected personal privacy,” ILC attorney Randall Wenger said. “We trust that our children won’t be forced into emotionally vulnerable situations like this when they are in the care of our schools because it’s a school’s duty to protect and respect the bodily privacy and dignity of all students.”

In the case of “Joel Doe” – they clearly ignored that duty.

Last Fall, the teen boy was standing in his underwear inside a locker room at Boyertown Area High School preparing to change for a physical education class.

“He suddenly realized there was a member of the opposite sex changing with him in the locker room, who was at the time, wearing nothing but shorts and a bra,” the lawsuit states.

The boy, along with several of his classmates reported the incident to Assistant Principal, named as a defendant.

“Dr. Foley indicated that the legality was up in the air but that students who mentally identify themselves with the opposite sex could choose the locker room and bathroom to use, and physical sex did not matter,” the lawsuit states.

The teenage boy asked the assistant principal if there was anything that could be done to protect him from the situation.

“Dr. Foley told Joel Doe to ‘tolerate’ it and to make it as ‘natural’ as he possibly can,” the lawsuit states.

As the boy got up to leave the office, the assistant principal allegedly told the youngster to again “be as natural as possible.”

Even more disturbing, parents were not told of the school district’s decision to let students of one sex use the locker rooms and bathrooms of students of the opposite sex.

“The District’s directive to Joel Doe was that he must change with students of the opposite sex, and make it as natural as possible, and that anything less would be intolerant and bullying against students who profess a gender identity with the opposite sex,” the lawsuit states.

The young man’s parents made an appointment to school leaders and were told that the district is “all-inclusive.”

The lawsuit alleges that Foley told the boy’s parents their son could use the nurse’s office to change – if he had a problem changing in front of girls.

Principal Brett Cooper, also a defendant, backed up the assistant principal’s solution.

Supt. Richard Faidley suggested if “Joel Doe was uncomfortable changing with those of the opposite sex, or with using the nurse’s office, then he could just withdraw from school and be home schooled.”

The school district has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

Should the school district be found guilty, they should immediately fire Faidley, Cooper and Foley. Their alleged behavior is beyond repulsive.

But the lawsuit clearly illustrates the radical sex and gender narrative being forced on every public school locker room in the nation.

And as evidenced by the school district’s behavior, resistance to this perverse indoctrination seems to be futile.

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Airstrikes on ISIS took out over 200 civilians!

YAY! That many fewer who will art some time in their lives attack innocents.

And just how exactly did these assclowns come to the conclusion these people were civilians? They all dress alike and absence of a gun is no proof.

All I can saay is we need to do this over ….and over …..and over ….and over …..and over ….and over …..and over ….and over …..and over.

Around 230 people – mostly women and children – who were being used as ‘human shields’ by ISIS were killed when an airstrike by the US-led coalition triggered a huge explosion in Mosul.

Civil defence agency officials said three buildings in the Jadida neighbourhood of west Mosul collapsed and it is believed the airstrike set off explosives in a lorry being used by ISIS militants.

The incident reportedly happened last Friday but details are only just emerging.

One man who survived the blast told reporters: ‘The entire neighbourhood was fleeing because of missiles so people had taken refuge here.

‘I didn’t know if it was a shelter. I didn’t know we couldn’t go there. My entire family is inside, 27 people. We pulled only one of them out. We don’t know about the rest.’

Brigadier Mohammed al-Jawari told reporters rescue teams were still retrieving bodies from the rubble of the houses near Rahma hospital, which has been the site of heavy fighting between Iraqi forces and hardcore ISIS fighters.

Brig al-Jawari told the al-Mosuliliya channel 40 bodies had been recovered from the buildings that collapsed.

He said: ‘Finding survivors is very difficult because the area is completely destroyed. It’s a very big disaster, indeed we can describe it as a disaster.’

But a resident who has been tweeted under the name Mosul Eye told the Daily Telegraph one of the residents, who was trapped in the rubble, had called him yesterday begging for help and saying they had been without food and water for several days.

Mosul Eye said: ‘This is what Isis wants. They want the Iraqi special forces and coalition to target civilians, this is why they are using them.’

He said ISIS had set off a car bomb in the area, which may have brought down the airstrike on the truck.

Local MP Faris al-Sanjari said the coalition air strike had targeted a truck bomb causing a huge explosion.

He said: ‘You can’t kill dozens just to destroy a booby-trapped truck parked near houses.’

The coalition has not given details on any specific air strike or comment on a Mosul Jadida district operation.

‘We are aware of reports on airstrikes in Mosul resulting in civilian casualties. The coalition conducted several strikes near Mosul and we will provide this information to our civilian casualty team for further investigation,’ the coalition said in a statement.

Families fleeing Mosul have talked of high numbers of civilians killed by air strikes, and said that in many cases ISIS fighters using homes as cover have already slipped away by the time airstrikes hit.

Other displaced residents say they have been forced to act as human shields.

One Iraqi official put the total casualties at more than 137. Bodies were believed to be still buried inside collapsed homes.

‘A coalition air strike hit a residential street last Friday and destroyed at least 30 houses. We halted rescue operations today for lack of heavy equipment, jack hammers and trucks to remove debris,’ he said.

One witness said heavy air strikes in the area began on March 7 but last Friday a strike hit a massive Islamic State truck bomb in a residential area, which exploded and destroyed seven homes where dozens of people were hiding.

Another resident said 25 homes were damaged. With fighting still going on, residents have been unable to recover bodies since the strike, the resident said.

Rights groups have expressed concern over the mounting civilian death toll, with Islamic State fighting among homes and densely-populated areas as the campaign to defeat the militant group in its last Iraqi stronghold enters its sixth month.

Iraqi military and US-led coalition have been countering with heavy weaponry and air strikes to support troops on the ground moving into the narrow alleyways of Mosul’s Old City.

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They issued guidance on how to avoid labeling people with genders.

So less than one percent of our population now dictates how the other 99% are to act, behave and speak?

In a Friday email to subscribers listing updated entries for its style manual, the Associated Press is urging journalists to avoid making references in news stories that suggest there are only two sexes in the human race.

The term “gender,” the AP Stylebook says, is “[n]ot synonymous with sex.”

“Gender refers to a person’s social identity while sex refers to biological characteristics,” the style guide explains.

“Not all people fall under one of two categories for sex or gender, according to leading medical organizations, so avoid references to both, either or opposite sexes or genders as a way to encompass all people. When needed for clarity or in certain stories about scientific studies, alternatives include men and women, boys and girls, males and females.”

The Stylebook issued further guidance for use of pronouns under an entry named “they, them, their.” Those third-person plural pronouns are preferred by some transgender or gender fluid individuals who say they are not comfortable with traditional male or female personal pronouns.

For its part, the AP advises writers that while “[i]n most cases, a plural pronoun should agree in number with the antecedent …. when alternative wording is overly awkward and clumsy” it may be permissible to use they, them, or their to refer to an individual. “However, rewording usually is possible and always is preferable” because “[c]larity is a top priority” in news reporting and “gender-neutral use of a singular they is unfamiliar to many readers.”

The news wire then added there is a linguistic line it’s drawn with personal pronouns. “We do not use other gender-neutral pronouns such as xe or ze.”

This is not the first time the AP has changed its style manual in light of changing cultural values on sexuality. In 2013 the news wire added an entry for “husband, wife” in its style manual in light of the growing legal recognition of same-sex marriage. The most up-to-date version of the Stylebook for that entry now reads, “Regardless of sexual orientation, husband for a man or wife for a woman is acceptable in all references to individuals in any legally recognized marriage. Spouse or partner may be used if requested.”

Aside from gender identity and LGBT-related matters, the AP email also alerted subscribers to a new entry related to the phenomenon of “fake news.”

“The term fake news may be used in quotes or as shorthand for the modern phenomenon of deliberate falsehoods or fiction masked as news circulating on the internet,” the AP explains. “However, do not label as fake news specific or individual news items that are disputed.”

“If fake news is used in a quote, push for specifics about what is meant. Alternative wording includes false reports, erroneous reports, unverified reports, questionable reports, disputed reports or false reporting, depending on the context.”

The new style guidelines are effective immediately, with the AP Stylebook Online already updated accordingly, the email explained.

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