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They Endured The Worse But Still Loved Their Country

If you know anything about the Tuskegee Airmen, you know these Black Pilots went through their own personal Hell in order to be able to fly and fight for the United States.   Discrimination was real back in the 1940’s, not … Continue reading

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And I Thought Co-Ops Were Supposed To Be Cheaper Than Condos

That’s what brokers will tell you till they’re blue in the face.  But when you have repeated maintenance hikes and assessments due to an incompetent board, I think it eventually evens out. An example of this gross corruption and incompetence … Continue reading

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Some Good News for a Change

Living in Colorado is a challenge. There are enough wackjob liberals to ruin the whole country, much less just the state. So, it was with great pleasure that I got to read this story today. Even better when I saw … Continue reading

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An Attempt to Fight Back

We could use a few more local or state governments pushing back the feds on the Gestapo like tactics they’ve instructed the NPS to use. Ovomit is making life miserable for so many people on so many levels, it’s tough … Continue reading

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Trying to return to some form of normalcy but being hosted at WordPress is making it difficult. Not impossible, though. At the old place I used to pre-schedule stuff in order to make my life easier. It’s like mass production: … Continue reading

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I pulled the plug on Kickin’ and Screamin’ this morning. Within 15 minutes it had breathed its last. For those now here who followed it there: thanks! Now let’s see what we can do here that does not involve that … Continue reading

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