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RIP Tim Samaras

A wild ride last Thursday afternoon through the panhandle of Texas avoiding tornadoes made me think of Tim Samaras. Tim was a storm chaser made famous on the Discovery Channel show “Storm Chasers.” Tim was killed on May 31, 2013, … Continue reading

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Somehow I Missed This

I have been on hiatus on a very long road trip through the lovely state of Kansas, then Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, back to Illinois (cough, puke), then back to Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, one end of Texas to … Continue reading

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Redneck Ingenuity

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Good News of the Day

The Somali cop in Minnesota who murdered the Australian teacher was found GUILTY today. This whole story is just sad. At least this piece of shit is going to end up where he belongs, even if it’s only for a … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

Kris Kobach, former Secretary of State for Kansas, penned this piece. It’s well worth reading. We are witnessing an extraordinary collapse of the rule of law in our immigration system as hundreds of thousands of migrants exploit our generous asylum … Continue reading

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Take That Call

Teacher’s policy was that any student that had a cellphone ring in class had to answer the call and put it on speaker. Listen all the way to the end of the call.

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Another Fantastic Speech

President Donald J. Trump addresses an audience at the NRA convention:

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