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Susan Collins Tells the Senate Yes on Kavanaugh

I don’t believe in everything she says and consider her to be much of the problem in the Republican’t Party, but her speech to the Senate regarding Judge Kavanaugh really tells it like it is. I watched the whole thing … Continue reading

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Liz Wheeler on Balsy Ford

I should check out OANN more often.

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Lindsay Graham on CNN

This video is almost sixteen minutes long. I just wanted to see one statement from him. I watched the whole damn thing, which was enough to make me want to puke. I haven’t watched CNN for years. If you want … Continue reading

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Great Throw!

The New York Yankees were in Boston for a recent game when Yankee Giancarlo Stanton hit a solo home run. One of the Red Sox fans caught the ball and as tradition dictates, he threw it back onto the field. … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh Witness Comes Forward

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Feel Good Story of the Day

A hero mom recently saved her daughter from rape and possibly death. Kudos to this brave woman! Some crimes are so disgusting that we should all be able to get together on the fact that they’re evil. Child rapists fall … Continue reading

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Momentus Shift in Politics

Dan Bongino addresses the momentus shift in politics at Thursday’s circus. You can listen to the whole podcast here at his website or Youtube:

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