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Three Guesses and the First Two Don’t Count

Man stabs brother four times. At a funeral no less. WASHINGTON (KDKA) – Police are investigating after a man was stabbed four times by his brother while attending a funeral. About 75 family members were gathered at DeAngelo’s Funeral Home … Continue reading

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What About the Crimes of Bill Clinton and Robert Byrd?

Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey should be thanking Roy Moore’s accusers. Somebody else is taking the heat today. After the Alabama Senate election it will be someone else being destroyed. I spent some time pondering a great read about all … Continue reading

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Just Because

I needed a pick me up today and figured maybe some of you did too…

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Congressman Calls for Mueller’s Resignation

I sure don’t disagree. Mueller is compromised completely with conflicts of interest.

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Stephen Willeford Describes the Sutherland Springs Shooting

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What Goes Around Comes Around

I’m a former police officer and I know that many readers here are also ex-law enforcement. I’m a big supporter of police, Blue Lives Matter, and cops in general. When I hear/read of a police officer who dies in the … Continue reading

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Judge Jeanine on Uranium One

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