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Once Seen, Cannot Be Unseen (NSFW)

Fresno State “Professor” Randa Jarrar has a somewhat limited vocabulary. If the college doesn’t accept her challenge and fire her ass, hopefully they will go bankrupt due to lack of donations and students. Advertisements

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Latest on FISAgate

I haven’t kept as close a tab on this issue as I did in the last few months. Looks like President Trump made a couple of tweets last night that were VERY specific: Sundance, over at The Conservative Treehouse/Last Refuge … Continue reading

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A Message to Robert Mueller

As long as I’m on the subject of Diamond and Silk, here’s their latest:

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A Danger to Society

Fakebook is at it again. This time, it’s Diamond and Silk. These are two of the most hilarious women ever to use the internet. The problems they seem to have is that they’re both conservative and they tell the truth … Continue reading

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Charlie Daniel’s Beautiful America

Saw this on Ace of Spades, so I’m sure some of you have seen it. It’s time to kick out the pieces of shit who don’t believe in America anymore (or never did in the first place.) It’s time to … Continue reading

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I Am Mark Robinson

Bob posted video of a speech given by Mark Robinson to the Greensboro, NC. I am Mark Robinson – he speaks for me! Here’s Mark speaking to the hosts at Fox and Friends:

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Rob Rosenstein Is a Disgrace

Joe DiGenova lets us all know just who Rod Rosenstein really is. I imagine he didn’t become Trump’s lawyer so he could do just this:

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