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#Release the Documents!

“It is abundantly clear that the entire Meuller investigation is a lie built on a foundation of corruption.” – Rep. Matt Gaetz The story is simple. Political operatives within the DOJ and FBI, working to help elect Hillary Clinton, conspired … Continue reading

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Always Wear Your Life Jacket

Having boated for many years, I’ve seen my share of stupid people. I’ve never understood why one doesn’t have to get a boat driver’s license, but who am I to say? I confess, I don’t always were a life jacket … Continue reading

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Here’s Some Great News

Bradley Manning got a fantastic endorsement in his Senate run. Linda Sarsour, the talented and intelligent Christian the scumbag Islamist, supports this perverted wackjob. I wonder how he feels about it, knowing that if she had her way, her “people” … Continue reading

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Meet the REAL Walter Cronkite

Anyone old enough to know Walter Cronkite, as well as smart enough to do a little research, knows that Walter was not a friend to freedom loving people. Cronkite was as left as one could be and not be called … Continue reading

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The Real Truth

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Another GREAT Deplorable

This guy bitch slaps Maxine Waters nicely. “She surely doesn’t speak for me.” I love this guy!

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Wouldn’t This Be Great To See?

Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen testified before congress, explaining that most of the participants in the “shithole” meeting were using strong language and profanity. More notable than that, she testified that DHS was pursuing potential criminal … Continue reading

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