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Crowd Heckles and Pelts Police Officers During Philadelphia Standoff

They were probably pissed their neighborhood supplier was being taken down. Video at link. Even while Philadelphia cops were dealing with an armed standoff Wednesday that had already left six officers wounded, audiences on social media were being treated to … Continue reading

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If You Believe America Is The Greatest Nation, You’re A Threat

Kamala Harris says if she’s elected president she will press congress to pass a red flag law to take guns from White Nationalist. First of all, what is a Nationalist?   According to Merriam Webster nationalism is loyalty and devotion to … Continue reading

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Good Night

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Chris “Fredo” Cuomo Has Breakdown

CNN host Chris Cuomo went ballistic when someone called him Fredo.   He threatened to punch the man and throw him down a flight of stairs.  Cuomo says the name Fredo is a racist slur against Italians but for some reason, … Continue reading

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Stoking The Flames Of Division and Hatred in America

That’s what Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are doing concerning what happened in Ferguson five years ago. On Friday afternoon, two of the leading contenders in the Democratic presidential primary lied. There’s no other fair way to put it. They … Continue reading

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