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Black & White OK But Not Red & Yellow

Caucasians are referred to as Whites and Negros are referred to as Blacks.   But let a Conservative Senate Candidate refer to Indians as Reds and Asians as Yellows, and everyone gets their panties in a wad Alabama Senate candidate Roy … Continue reading

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Remember The Mickey Mouse Club?

Kids today will get suspended or expelled from school for even drawing a picture of what these kids are wearing on their hips.

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Black Students Offended By Cotton

This is what he gets for inviting the Perpetually Offended to his house.   They weren’t just offended by the cotton stalks in the table centerpiece, they were offended by the food they were served. The president of Lipscomb University issued … Continue reading

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This Is What Is Teaching Our Young People

It’s no wonder they’re so screwed up.   This guy said he was teaching “future dead cops”. The president of John Jay College said she was “shocked” to hear the “abhorrent” anti-cop statement spewed by a professor at her school and … Continue reading

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USAF Lowers Promotion Standards To Address Officer Shortage

If you’re a Captain and kept your nose clean, you’re going to be promoted to Major.  It seems performance doesn’t matter, just no disciplinary problems. It’s been a season of relative optimism about the future of the Air Force. But … Continue reading

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All Hell Would Break Loose

If a white musician did this with a black child. A black rapper released a music video for a new single Tuesday in which he can be seen lynching a young white child. The Florida rapper, XXXTentacion, put out the … Continue reading

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