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Air Force Getting A More Powerful Bunker Buster

New Massive Ordinance Penetrator weighs 30,000 and has a 6,000 pound high explosive warhead. EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. – The U.S. Air Force is asking the Boeing build additional Massive Ordnance Penetrator bunker-busting super bombs under terms of … Continue reading

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Mark Levin On The Attempted Coup

Last night on Life, Liberty, & Levin, Mark Levin went off on Nanci Pelosi and her Politburo’s unconstitutional attack and attempted Coup on President Trump. Video of Mark Levin here.

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Beast Mode

Fight at an IHOP.   Cops on scene seemed to be overwhelmed until an arriving officer comes in on beast mode and takes immediate control.

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Car Girls

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Car Girls

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Car Girls of the 60’s

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