Over twenty democrats oppose a bill that would ban illegals with DUIs from staying in the country.

Not one DUI.

Not two DUIs.

Not three DUIs.

Not five DUIs.

Not ten DUIs.

Any illegal with as many DUIs as they can collect would be allowed.

Of course, there are no names of these traitorous, treasonous, seditious fucks.

What is the mental disorder that causes these assholes to even think like this? Betcha they’d change their minds if we send them all to their neighborhoods. Hell’ I’d be tempted to pay their bar bills to ensure they continued to get drunk and mow down the neighborhood.

More than 20 Democrats voted down an amendment to the $3.5 trillion spending bill that would prohibit giving amnesty to illegal immigrants with 10 or more DUI convictions.

“I do not wish to belabor this point, but I do find it truly incredible. Since 23 of my Democrat colleagues just voted to affirm that they do not believe that two or more convictions for DUI should prohibit an illegal alien from being granted amnesty and welcomed into America, I will try this one more time, and see if 10 or more convictions for will compel them to change their minds,” said Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., while introducing the amendment Monday.

Democrats voted against the attempt to block those with 10 or more DUI from being granted amnesty as well, an issue Johnson felt should be common sense.

“My friends, if we cannot vote for this, that should be an alarm to every single American,” Johnson said. “We all agree that DUI is a serious crime, it’s a serious offense. My amendment seeks to make just this issue crystal clear in the bill. Let’s make sure, that if you have a serial offender… at least that will prevent them from getting amnesty.”

Democratic lawmakers returned from summer recess Monday as the House continues to debate the provisions of the massive $3.5 trillion package, though divisions remain in the party about the details of the bill.

In the Senate, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin has continued to voice his opposition to a package the size his party is proposing.

“Chuck knows that — we’ve talked about this,” Manchin said of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer over the weekend. “We’ve tried to help Americans in every way we possibly can, and a lot of the help that we’ve put out there is still there, and it’s going to run clear until next year, 2022, so what’s the urgency?”

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