Then I’d like to see how wonderful California can be:

Legislation to restrict the use of gas-powered landscaping equipment in California also would outlaw portable generators in a state only a year removed from rolling power outages amid deadly heat.

Should Newsom sign the bill, which cleared the California State Legislature on Thursday, it could ban another gas-powered necessity: portable generators.

The Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association warned AB 1346 could lead to a ban on the sale of portable generators in California as soon as 2024.

“No matter how well-intentioned this bill might be, it makes a critical error in equating portable generators with other small off-road engine equipment,” said Joseph Harding, technical director of PGMA.

The final amendment of the legislation asks the California Air Resources Board to consider the feasibility of a generator or emergency response phaseout based on the availability of zero-emission options but puts no restriction on banning the machines. A legislative analysis of the bill said generators were the highest source of pollution from SOREs in California.

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