Imagine electing someone who pledges to make sure that crime victims help their attackers.

It’s true.

New York.

Amid an increase in violent crimes and shootings in New York City, a candidate for public office wants victimized New Yorkers to bear the burden of the crimes against them.

The radical “public safety” plan put forward by socialist candidate Tiffany Cabán — a shoo-in to earn a spot on the City Council representing western Queens after November’s election — would allow for victims of violent crimes to help their attackers in the name of “restorative justice.”

The Democrat’s woke, 48-page manifesto would strip cops and courts of some of their most basic law enforcement roles — like sending violent perps to prison.

“Communities will be empowered to develop individualized strategies to help heal wounds of violence rather than being forced to rely on policing and prisons as the only recourse,” reads the policy from the Democratic Socialists of America-backed candidate in the non-competitive race.

Cabán’s plan, titled “A New Vision of Public Safety for New York City,” posits a scenario in which the victim of a violent mugging would be largely responsible for deciding the fate of their assailant.

But the “Kumbaya”-style idea doesn’t include actually getting the assailant off the streets with the goal of protecting others to protect others.

“Example of Use: A person is beaten up, suffers a broken rib, and is robbed of his wallet. First, his needs are heard and affirmed, and he works with trained staff to develop a service and healing plan,” Cabán’s proposal reads.

“Then, when he is ready, he participates in restorative justice circles with the person who harmed him and their respective support systems. He asks questions and gets answers, and they develop an accountability and consequences plan.”

City entities including the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice and the Human Resources Administration would play a role in the process, according to the proposal.

Cabán’s soon-to-be colleagues blasted her idea as “insane.”

“Unless Ms. Cabán is running to represent the Twilight Zone, it sounds like she needs to participate in a restorative reality circle,” Councilman Robert Holden (D-Queens) told The Post. “Our city and state already help criminals enough as it is, without insane ideas like this.”

“It’s not a plan for anything but total chaos and yet another denial of the absolutely essential role the police, courts, and incarceration play in any society,” he added.
“This is insane. Woke socialists need to wake up,” fumed another current Council member, who declined to be named. “If they get their way, New York City will have to build more prisons just to house and keep law-abiding citizens safe from the criminals that sleepy wokers want to be free to roam our communities.”

Joseph Giacalone — a John Jay professor and retired NYPD Detective Sergeant — predicted left-wing proposals like Cabán’s would “backfire.”

“Apparently, there are no more victims’ rights anywhere in New York City. If this keeps on going the way it’s going, eventually, this is all going to backfire,” he said. “You cannot keep on disrespecting victims and their families because you think it’s going to be a better society or this utopian society.”

“When I first read it I actually thought it was The Onion,” Giacalone added. “The level of craziness is off the charts.”

In response, a Cabán rep doubled down and insisted her boss’ plan “is rooted in evidence-based practices” that have “been proven to work” in cities like Los Angeles and Denver.

“Anybody who is saying that this is going to increase crime … is continuing the fear-mongering that has so pervaded the city for way too long,” spokesperson Erica Vladimer told The Post. “Restorative justice is one piece of this public safety plan, and what it requires is the consent of survivors to participate in restorative justice.”

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    Someone fucks with me I’d be happy to help them..DIE!

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    I will help the criminal to the gates of Hell.

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