At least we know there will be two fewer we’ll have to feed for a lifetime.

And the stupid fuck husband (who did not go) said this: she “would never have made the trip had she realized it was going to involve a dangerous desert crossing”

How fucking stupid are these people? They have phones; they take pictures….but they can’t look up where they’re going or understand the process?

A heartbreaking photo shows an 11 year-old migrant girl carrying her three year-old brother through the desert hours before she and her mom died of heat exposure after crossing the US border from Mexico.

María José Sánchez was snapped by her mother Claudia Marcela Peña toting toddler brother Cristian David Morales on August 26, shortly before the mother and daughter’s tragic deaths after they got lost in the searing heat of the Sonora Desert near Yuma in Arizona.

Peña made a frantic call to 911 in Sonora, Mexico, after crossing into the US with a ‘coyote’ people smuggler who then abandoned the family, and pleaded: ‘Please help me.’

Asked by the operator how many people were with her, she added: ‘Two children. Please help me. I am going to faint.’

In the background, María can be heard telling her, ‘Mommy, I am hungry.’ Peña could be heard trying to calm her daughter by answering: ‘Soon, my love.’

The dispatcher asked Peña to send her her location using the WhatsApp messaging service, but Peña’s phone went dead before she could do so.

That saw the agency’s Air and Marine Operations dispatched to track the family down.

Cristian was found next to his mother and sister’s bodies hours later, after 911 officials in Mexico contacted US Customs and Border Protection.

Peña and María were both deemed to have died from heat exhaustion, with no signs of violence found on their bodies. It is unclear what supplies the family had brought with them for their journey.

Somerton Cocopah Fire Dept Battalion Caps. Louis Carlos told that Cristían David Morales was a ‘little lethargic’ when the border agents discovered the family

The agents drove through the rugged terrain and handed him over to paramedics.

Cristian was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, and survived his injuries. He is now being cared for by social services in California.

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  1. Dan says:

    If the Beaner Government actually cared about people they would publish stories like this WITH PICTURES of the bodies to try and dissuade people from attempting the journey. But no….they won’t. They want their poor wastes of skin to come here so WE support them while those dirtbags send OUR money back across the border.

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