This story is about the Lake Tahoe fires but I got bored and went straight to the comments.

Not apropos to anything but this one cracked me up:

— Bill in San Diego: For a second, set all of the tragic loss of forest and destruction of people’s homes, businesses and neighborhoods, as well as the horrible air and water pollution, the millions of gallons of wasted water used to try and extinguish these enormous out-of-control wildfires, also the wildlife that is injured and killed and sadly separated from their mother or offspring, and a virtually endless number of short and long term detrimental effects and changes to natural and human-made infrastructures to the side for a moment; I have to say that it always fascinates me when I see a set of aluminum-alloy Centerlines or U.S. Mags Racing Wheels that are on a hot rod (there’s the pun) or sports car that have liquefied from the smelt-like heat and are flowing like bumper chrome down the driveway into the street. Even though it sucks that the expensive tricked out car is completely destroyed it’s as if the metal is trying to get back to the earth where it was conceived like from a sci-fi movie script effect. I’m sure if it was my car it probably wouldn’t look quite so excellent though.

— ShadyJ to Bill in San Diego: Wow. You wrote a novel using only 3 sentences.

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