Great Saturday OR Sunday Night Entertainment

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  1. Dan says:

    How many of the “proud boys” did the PD arrest…..while IGNORING the PANTIFA pussies at the specific direction of their bosses…. because that’s what happens. PANTIFA can run amok committing all manner of felonies without fear of arrest while anyone opposing them will be arrested for so much as spitting on a sidewalk.

  2. dekare says:

    That’s right Dan…you see, when conservatives come to D.C. to voice their displeasure with a stolen election, they are terrorists committing treason…yet when communists and their useful idiots burn down entire cities and destroy everything decent, they are mostly peaceful protestors just trying to get their message out.

    America will NEVER be great again until we start fighting back…as in REALLY fighting back. We will not win at the ballot box (that no longer works), not on the soap box (talking until we are blue in the face will never convince a single leftist they are wrong), the jury box (the courts are either controlled by leftists or simply do not want to get involved). Which leaves us the one final box left. We must embrace the same tactics of the leftists, who fight everyday and have been doing so for decades against us, versus us on the right, who have held a live and let live attitude, allowing the left to do as they wanted, until one day, we find that what they wanted was to destroy us and destroy America.

    Pantifa and BLM talk tough, but we know what they are really made of. We claim to have the 2d A. to protect us, but we don’t seem to use it.

    Just as the taliban is learning that America is a paper tiger, and will refuse to fight to win when it comes to war, the communists at the levers of power in America are learning that conservative patriots who embrace the 2d A. are also all talk and will in the end, simply comply. And the real test will be when they begin outlawing and confiscating our guns. What will we do? Will we continue talking, or take action. Talk is cheap…the whistle doesn’t pull the train. I do wonder, will be do as our Founding Fathers, and pledge our lives to our country and to each other, in order to preserve freedom and liberty, or will we be like the Aussies and Kiwis, and give up the one right that guarantees all the others?

    A pop-quiz is coming soon. Will we be prepared? Will we even pass the test? I am hopeful but do have my doubts.

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