When in power they want your guns.

Remind you of anyone in history?

There is no shortage of historical examples of tyrants using gun control to facilitate the brutalization of a population. The Third Reich used firearm restrictions to control their political enemies and the countries they occupied. The communist countries of the Warsaw Pact tightly controlled or outlawed civilian access to arms. In China, as the Law Library of Congress has noted, “the Firearms-Control Law generally prohibits any private possession of firearms.”

Following in the footsteps of other totalitarian regimes, the newly-empowered Taliban has taken to disarming Afghan civilians as one of its first orders of business. The Afghan capital of Kabul fell to the Islamist militants on August 15. By August 16, the Taliban was already confiscating civilian firearms.

Taliban fighters in the Afghan capital, Kabul, started collecting weapons from civilians on Monday because people no longer need them for personal protection, a Taliban official said.

“We understand people kept weapons for personal safety. They can now feel safe. We are not here to harm innocent civilians,” the official told Reuters.

The Taliban’s fear of an armed populace is understandable. Prior to the U.S. invasion in 2001, the extremist group ruled over the country with an iron fist. The population was routinely abused for failing to live up to the Taliban’s religious edicts with public punishments including, beheadings, stonings, and dismemberment.

There are recent reports that the militants are already going door-to-door seeking out their political adversaries. Reuters reported that in the city of Jalalabad the Taliban opened fire on protesters attempting to replace the group’s flag with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan flag, killing three. Other reports described a scene where women and children were beaten bloody outside the Kabul airport.

Like other despots, the Taliban understands that firearms are a means to political power. Thankfully, in the U.S., those means and power are held with the citizenry. All those who support a free society should work to ensure it remains there.

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  1. dekare says:

    A part of me almost wishes that biden and his ilk would start outlawing guns and going house to house collecting them and arresting people who refuse to give up their guns. And why? Because sadly, conservatives are not organized and able to start fighting back with any real affect. The left can tweet out a single message and have hundreds of antifa and/or BLM members gather at some place here or there in minutes, ready to burn, loot and murder at a moment’s notice. They are the real “minutemen” of today, but sadly, they are the enemies of freedom and of America.

    We patriots, we conservatives are not able to do this. We need a cause that once and for all, gets us truly motivated to organize and fight back. And for me, and I am sure I am not alone, is gun confiscation. We have put up with so damned much…forced this and that, and yet none of it has gotten most conservative patriots to get up out of their chairs to take action, put our foot down and say “NO FUCKING WAY”. We keep taking it and taking it.

    But I can bet you anything that any REAL threats to our 2d A. rights will get our attention. And like we have always said, it takes a lot to get us motivated to take action, but once we do, we will NOT STOP until the job is done. Which is one big reason why I think biden and the left is slow walking gun confiscation. Taxes on ammo here, certain guns made illegal there, and so on, hoping to take bit by bit our rights to arm ourselves. To that I say, c’mon leftist pussies…do it. Stop with the tippy toeing and come and take em. Declare to all Americans that you intend to disarm us. That you are going to send uniforms to go house to house and seize our guns. Do it…I dare you…I fricking dare you…I double dog dare you. Because when you do, it will make throwing a match into the hull of a fuel tanker look like a birthday candle. It will be the catalyst that will get us up out of our comfy sofas and take action to stop your childish nonsense. It will be the beginning of the end of all democrats and liberal leftists. It will be the day in our history books that marked the beginning of the end of democratic socialism and its tyranny in America.

    Imagine…just imagine if only 2% of conservative gun owners showed up in Washington DC and declared enough was enough. They though Jan 6 was an insurrection, hell, that was us just being pissed about a stolen election and doing nothing more than showing our displeasure. If we REALLY wanted to start and insurrection, I assure you, it would not be reported negatively. And why, because the winners write the stories of what happened. And if we took real action, no leftist would be around afterwards to tell how scared they were, or how they were almost killed and raped nonsense stories. They would be arrested and in prison as traitors.

    Just like how Claus Von Stauffenberg (I highly recommend the Tom Cruise movie, Valkyrie) was once considered a traitor to his country, today he is honored as a hero of Germany, a man who tried to stop Hitler from destroying the world. He failed, but his attempt was recognized as heroic. Our actions today will be villified, but in the end, it will be known that those who resisted biden and his followers takeover of America, were heroes.

    The left has already taken so many of our rights and most don’t even see it. Does anyone really think we still have a right to freedom of speech? Go ahead and see what happens if you try and talk about stolen elections or speak up about not wearing a mask or getting a vaccination. Freedom of religion…yeah…go to church during a lockdown and see what happens. Freedom to move about…NOT! Freedom from illegal search and seizure…sure. Due process…a joke. Freedom of the press…do I even have to bring this on up?

    Removing the 2d A. right is the holy grail of the left. They know that this is the key. It is the one single amendment that ensures we get to keep all the others. Hell, does anyone right now think the people of Australia and New Zealand are happy about peacefully turning in their guns? I bet their govt’s would be acting very differently right now if their citizens were still armed. As we all know, the 2d A. is NOT about hunting. It’s not even about protecting yourself from criminals and assholes that would break into your home at night. It is first and foremost, about killing politicians…would be tyrants that think they can come along and force you to do as they say, without any consequence to themselves. That is WHY our Founding Fathers made this a right, handed down by god himself. And as it should be, no man (or woman) can take away from you, a right given to you by god himself. But dammit, the left is going to try.

    So do it…come and try to take our guns. Please, try it. I really really want to get this whole thing settled once and for all. Because the moment the left thinks they have the ability to do it, they will get a taste of reality. Good ole joe biden said that guns are worthless, cause he has F-15’s and nukes, yet, as was just proven, a bunch of goat herders armed only with guns, gave ole joe behind the woodshed and spanked his ass red (cornpop is smiling). He won’t be able to sit right for weeks from that ass whipping.

    And if backwards assed goat fuckers can hand joe his own ass, imagine what a bunch of red blooded patriots, acting to protect their country and their god given rights here in America can do.

    Go for it joe.

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