Parents need to pull their kids from there.

Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University will be issuing fines and cutting internet access to non-exempt students who fail to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination, a new report said.

The bold mandate was communicated in an email to about 600 students who so far have not requested an exemption or provided the university with documentation to show they have received the jab, according to a report from the student newspaper, The Quinnipiac Chronicle.

Quinnipiac’s vaccine requirement for incoming students in this fall semester had been previously announced, and earlier this month the university reinstated its indoor mask mandate, according to the report.

Fines for students who don’t supply vaccination proof will begin at $100 per week for the first two weeks. The penalty will increase by increments of $25 every two weeks until a max fine of $200 per week.

Currently non-complying students can avoid the fines if they show the proper documentation by Sept. 14. If they fail to meet the directive by then, they will lose access to the campus internet network.

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