Earlier I posted about an activist black-robed tyrant who decided to re-write law by saying it is illegal to arrest deported illegals returning once again.

Well, here’s what happens when they do return.

Dig a hole, 15 inches shorter than the perp. Drop him in it and stake his feet and legs. Then stake his arms so they can’t move. Place chicken wire (with a hole for his head) over said head and stake it in to a diameter of 8 feet.

Fill the hole half full of water. Throw in some rats. Keep throwing in rats until they make their way out though his neck.

Set it all afire.

A previously deported illegal alien has been accused of assaulting a Florida High Patrol officer, according to local police.

Audain Perez-Vasquez, an 18-year-old illegal alien, was arrested and charged this week after police say he crashed his vehicle, got into a physical altercation with an officer, and fled into a wooded area.

Perez-Vasquez, police said, had crashed his vehicle on a highway in Orange County, Florida, when a Florida Highway Patrol officer approached him. At that point, police said Perez-Vasquez got into a fight with the officer and assaulted him before fleeing to nearby woods off the highway.

That is when officers set up a police perimeter while a K-9 unit and helicopter were deployed to search the area. Florida Highway Patrol officials said Perez-Vasquez, while fleeing, had tried to steal a golf cart from a residential property.

Officers and the K-9 unit eventually located Perez-Vasquez and he was bit before being taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for the dog bite.

An Orange County K-9 located Perez-Vasquez hiding under bushes and he was subsequently bit. The suspect was then arrested and taken to the hospital for the dog bite. The officer whom Perez-Vasquez is accused of assaulting was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

“It’s very scary. I was glad my kids were at school the whole time and I had my doors locked all day,” an eyewitness said of the incident.

Perez-Vasquez, who was deported from the United States three years ago, has been charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence.

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