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4 Responses to TODAY’S OPEN THREAD

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Got a descrete “wear a mask” comment in the supermarket from a Karen this morning. My reply: “Sorry ma’am today’s not my day to identify as Zorro”.

  2. RedneckGeezer says:

    So… having moved into a great neighborhood, with lots of conservative neighbors, many were gathered in front of one home last night having a beer or two. I stopped by and began to listen to the various conversations and it didn’t take long to realize everyone was talking about something totally mundane while the world burns. I sat in silence, not wanting to say what I was thinking about Afghanistan, Biden, and the whole situation. Eventually folks began to head home and there were four of us left. One began to mention Afghanistan and that was all it took. I unleashed my opinion and was shocked to hear these guys tell me, “Don’t talk politics.” I didn’t stop and commented that it was unconscionable that the American government was leaving tens of thousands of their own citizens to fend for themselves to escape the Taliban. One then piped up, “Hey, those people all knew what they were doing going over there, it’s all on them.” Needless to say, after three months here, I don’t think I made a lot of friends last night. The guy who said this has a son who is a Sgt in the USMC. I asked him what happened to “never leave a man behind.” It seemed prudent that I just get up and leave, because I guarantee you that I was close to a serious explosion. If this is what conservatives are thinking and saying, I give up. I will probably stick close to home for a few days unless it is impossible for me to tone down my thoughts.

    I served three tours in Vietnam. I came home to be spat upon and called a baby killer. Not rhetorically, but for real, in San Francisco International airport. Prior to my last deployment, I was in San Fran in my dress whites and had tomatoes thrown at me. I thought all that was bad. This is literally thousands of times worse. What will be next when thousands of Americans are killed or held hostage? I guess HilLIARy will tell us, “What difference does it make?” Or, she’ll tell Joebama to just say it for her.

    Frankly, my initial reaction was that these clowns are totally incompetent. I have revised my thoughts about that. I truly believe that the entire scenario is one that was well thought out with the consequences we are seeing actually being the goal of this administration. Do I think Joebama himself thought it all through? Not a bit. Joe doesn’t even know who he is, but his handler, Obama, has a singular goal and that is the complete and utter destruction of America. He had a good run in his first eight years, but he’s done more to ensure our destruction in the last couple of weeks than he did the entire first 8 years. It’s a sad thing to see him having a third term in which to carry out the remainder of his plan.

    I can only pray that the will of the God of the entire universe is the destruction of His enemies and that He will allow some freedom to be had be those of us who desire it. I’ll wait and see, but from all I’ve seen so far, God has withdrawn his blessings on this society because this society no longer follows Him at all. Abortion, sexual perversion, corruption, you name it. America has it all.

    If there were a way to turn things around, it would take DECADES to repair the damage this administration has done in less than one week.

    On another note… Bogside, I like your Zorro comment. I think I will use it with the next Karen whose path I cross.

  3. bogsidebunny says:


    Sorry to hear you had to take that B.S. from your supposed conservative neighbors. I’ve been seeing this quantum shift in American society for several years and that’s why I’ve concluded it’s only going to get worse:

    We’re DOOMED!


    I’m entering into a new mental phase that should ease my anxiety

    “Everything is better when you decide you don’t care”.

  4. RedneckGeezer says:

    It’s way better not to care when you armed with at least a .308 of some sort.

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