Another Day In The Big City

You have to go to the link here to see the video

Horrifying footage obtained by The Post on Saturday shows the moment a cold-blooded assassin fatally shoots a man seven times inside a Bronx deli — turning the store into a scene described by one ex-cop as something out of “Carlito’s Way.”

The 14-second surveillance clip from the Friday afternoon ambush inside the B.H. Gourmet Deli on Bainbridge Avenue in Fordham Manor shows the victim, 21-year-old “Law & Order” extra Jayquan Lewis, among at least five people in the bodega as he waited to buy a bottle of Poland Spring water.

One customer leaves the store as the gunman suddenly emerges from the back, dressed in denim shorts, a white tank top and sneakers and wearing a black cross-body bag.

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2 Responses to Another Day In The Big City

  1. antzinpantz says:

    R-i-i-i-i-g-g-h-h-t-t-t!!! He HAD to buy a cold drink. None in the house, hmmmm?!?!

    Not in a gang? NOW who’s the stupid fuck?

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    As long as they keep exterminate each other who gives a shit?

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