There are times I hope that when I read a story like this I hope it’s a white guy because almost invariably it never is.

You WANT to not be critical but stories like this one compel me to say we either imprison them all for life or shoot them when caught. But when you go around saying your name is “Caliber Visuals” then maybe you deserve an ass whomping.

For the first time, the man who was seen on surveillance video being viciously beaten and robbed while visiting Seattle, is speaking out.

The 22-year-old said he’s angry and frustrated knowing the attacker is still on the loose.

The man was visiting Seattle from Los Angeles when he was randomly attacked July 31 in a Mount Baker parking lot.

The vicious and barbaric attack captured on chilling surveillance video has the freelance photographer known as Caliber Visuals still bearing the emotional and physical scars.

“It makes me mad,” Visuals said. “It makes me frustrated. It kind of makes me sad. It made me angry and I’ve kind of gone through my emotions everyday of re-living that moment.”

The 22-year-old already survived a car crash that left him a neck brace in Los Angeles last month.

He said that neck brace probably saved his life because he was wearing it in the Seattle attack.

He had come to Seattle to visit family and friends.

Visuals said after taking a nap in his friend’s car, he said the suspect approached him in a parking lot on the 2800 Block of Rainier Avenue South and asked for the time.

When Caliber said he didn’t know, he said the man grabbed his hand with his cellphone and knocked him to the ground.

“He was just like, ‘you think I give S%$# about your phone,'” Visuals said. “Empty your f@#$%&* pocket and that’s when he threw me down and started kicking me.”

The attacker stomped Caliber over and over—even when it was clear he was unconscious.

Then he rummaged through Caliber’s pockets, stole his wallet and keys and walks away, leaving a motionless Visuals.

“Every time I do get upset or hurt about it, I just try to remember the fact that I’m still here and I still get to take pictures, I get to do what I love,” Visuals said.

Visuals hopes his attacker is caught before he unleashes on someone else.

“I know that you’re going to get what you deserve, you didn’t take me out so I’m going to keep going,” Visuals said.

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