Three assholes who participated in the throwing of rocks onto an interstate in which a person was killed just got handed parole.

Let’s hope a family member exacts justice.

Three young Michigan men who were teens when they were part of a rock-throwing incident that killed a motorist on Interstate 75 were put on probation after spending more than three years in custody while their case was stuck in court.

The court hearing Tuesday ended a saga that began in 2017 when Ken White was struck by a rock thrown from an overpass in Genesee County. He was a passenger in a van.

“I wish I could take back those regrettable, bad decisions,” Mark Sekelsky said. “I never intended to hurt anyone and now I have to live with it, knowing I was involved in someone’s untimely death.”

Sekelsky, 19, Trevor Gray, 18, and Mikadyn Payne, 19, appeared in Genesee County court. Their case lasted years because of a dispute over whether they would be treated as juveniles or adults.

Judge Joseph Farah refused to honor the request of the prosecutor’s office to treat them as juveniles. But the Michigan Court of Appeals in May said Farah had exceeded his authority when he blocked the deal.

The three stood in front of a different judge, Duncan Beagle, who asked them, “What were you guys thinking?”

“I don’t think we were thinking at all. We were just dumb kids,” Sekelsky said.

After completing a year of probation, the three will not have a felony record, defense attorney Frank Manley said.

The person accused of actually throwing the rock, Kyle Anger, now 21, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in 2019 and was sentenced to 39 months in prison. He was released in January with credit for time served in jail before his plea.

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  1. Bob says:

    They must have come from influential families who had a fixed deal with the prosecutor to try them as juveniles. At 18 and 19 they could have been humping down range in Afghanistan. This whole thing stinks.

  2. Bogsidebunny says:

    If they’re 18 & 19 now 3 years ago they’d be juveniles. I’m not excusing the assholes, just stating facts. Being juveniles means they parents are technically responsible for their acts so I hope they get sued into financial oblivion.

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