I guess then women become commodities?

A few decades from now, blokes in some countries could find themselves struggling to find a wife or girlfriend, as millions of girls are not being born due to parents opting to hold out for boys

If there was any doubt that we’re living in a man’s world, there soon won’t be – because blokes are set to vastly outnumber women.

At least that’s according to a new study that predicts a gender imbalance within decades, with sex selective abortions and ‘cultural preferences’ towards boys reducing the amount of girls being born.

The research, published in BMJ global health, said that abortions of female babies caused around 45 million births to disappear between 1970 and 2017.

More boys have been born in several countries across Southeast Europe and Asia since the 1970s, with China and India accounting for 95 per cent of the disappeared births.

If these trends continue, researchers fear that more than a third of the world’s population will suffer from a lack of women for the foreseeable future.

Dr Fengqing Chao, lead author of the study, called for “broader legal frameworks to ensure gender equality”, which could help prevent a “marriage squeeze” where many men in the affected countries are left single due to a lack of potential partners.

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  1. Bogsidebunny says:

    Looks like the MMF threesomes will become more in vogue.

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