People fired for not getting Kung-Flu shots risk losing unemployment:

As companies across the country including Facebook, Walmart, Google, Uber and Disney begin to mandate Covid-19 vaccinations as a condition of employment, workers who are fired for refusing to do so might not receive unemployment benefits, according to WUSA.

Vaccination rates are slowly increasing, but a Kaiser Family Foundation survey found there are still millions of Americans who would only get vaccinated against COVID-19 if it was required. Some companies, like Disney, Google and Walmart, have decided to lend a hand in pushing up vaccination rates by requiring certain employees to show proof of vaccination.

Some who refuse may be looking forward to the support of unemployment benefits while they look for a new job that doesn’t require vaccines. But, for many of them, that might not be an option. -WUSA

The reason? In most states, if a person is fired with cause for violating company policy – such as mandatory vaccinations – they are not entitled to unemployment benefits and payments.

“Even something as simple as a dress code that says you have to wear a tie, and that’s the company’s policy, and you say, ‘I don’t believe in wearing a tie, so I’m not going to do it.’ That’s insubordination,” says John T. Harrington, Principal at The Employment Law Group. “It’s misconduct, and it would likely disqualify you from receiving unemployment benefits.”

Harrington said there are only two exemptions to a vaccination requirement – medical or religious. In both cases, however, exemptions are determined on a case-by-case basis with employers. Just because one employee is granted a religious exemption, it doesn’t mean that will extend to anyone else.

“We have received numerous inquiries from clients and potential clients about how courts are likely to view these situations,” said Harrington. “we’ve been advising them that if you have one of these two valid reasons to believe that you should be exempt from a vaccination requirement, you should assert them. But otherwise, companies are entitled to require that employees be vaccinated.”

Just lie and risk getting caught?

If a company establishes a clear vaccination policy, including repercussions for breaking said policy, it’s no different than if they had broken any other company rule in the eyes of the law. The person filing for unemployment, of course, could choose not to be honest about their termination and hope that the company doesn’t rat them out to state unemployment agencies.

“In every claim for unemployment benefits, the employer has an opportunity to present the reasons for the separation. And an employer can choose not to respond,” according to attorney Diane Seltzer. “So if an employee is not truthful or not completely transparent when they apply for benefits, and the employer chooses not to contest it, the employee might get the benefits based on what they’re representing.”

In Washington, D.C., the Office of Unemployment Compensation lists being fired for “gross misconduct” as a reason someone would be disqualified from receiving benefits. Maryland state code also lists “gross misconduct” as a disqualifying factor.

“Gross Misconduct is actually defined, at least in part, as an act which deliberately or willfully violates an employer’s rule,” Seltzer explains. “You can be terminated if you violate a rule, especially if it’s intentional or deliberate.”

Willfully refusing a vaccination for COVID-19 after your employer mandates it would qualify as “gross misconduct,” Seltzer said. -WUSA

Let the lawsuits begin…

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  1. Bogsidebunny says:

    My prediction: It’ll turn out like the Obama Care judgement. The Supreme court will uphold the firing edict. Not by a unanimous, vote, but a majority one with the asshole in chief Roberts giving it the thumbs up.

  2. dekare says:

    The left is claiming that we conservatives are refusing to get the shot because we are doing it to spite them and that we hate biden. Well, it is true that we do despise them and we do hate biden, but that is not the reason.

    The reason is I do NOT want to be a guinea pig. There is a LONG list of drugs that went through decades of testing by the FDA and released to the public only to be pulled after finding out it caused SEVERE problems…as in irreversible damage to vital organs
    and even death. We all know about Thalidimide and how its users were assured it was safe, and the ultimate result of that fiasco.

    Remember Fen Fen, Vioxx, Accutane? These are not ancient history, but very recent, and were pulled because they caused serious harm. I would hate to think that a hundred years from now they are going to look back at those that took this shot like we do at those morons that gave themselves radium suppositories, and ask….WTF were they thinking.

    Seriously, a drug that is COMPLETELY politically motivated, rushed through without any real trials (we are the trials), and to top it off, the govt gave the pharmaceutical companies complete immunity from lawsuits if anything should happen to us. So, there goes that daytime afternoon commercials ten years from now that start with “Did you or a loved on get the Kung Flu shot? You could qualify for millions of dollars…call Dewey, Cheetham and Howe right now”

    Sorry, but there is just so much not to trust here. How many flipper people wish their mother questioned the drugs being pushed upon them? How many people right now are suffering from what was once prescribed to them and promised as safe? How many wish they could go back in time and just say NO to drugs. (Nancy Reagan warned us)

    Here is a list of some drugs that turned out to be quite bad for people and were pulled. You can find many more with a simple google search.

    And bear in mind, none of these prior FDA approved drugs were associated with any political motivations like this COVID shit is. I am sure that there are severe issues right now, but the cover up is in. How many right now are suffering or dying because of this drug and no one is reporting it? Not to mention, if I understand it correctly, this isn’t your basic run vaccine, this stuff alters your DNA (or is it RNA, which is associated with the DNA) either way, once it is in you, you cannot take it out, and you are in for whatever ride it is going to take you on. No taksies backsies.

    Also, if the drug does what they say it does, than why is it that it offers NO BENEFITS? Those that have taken the vaccine still have to isolate, still have to wear a mask, and still have to go thru all of the same nonsense as those that did not have the vaccine. If the vaccine works, why are those that have had the injection still treated as if they are no better than those that didn’t. Why are those that have had the vaccine told they could still catch COVID. Something fishy here for sure.

    And what happened to the left’s mantra “My body My choice”? Why am I being forced to take a completely experimental drug that offers NO BENEFIT? And what is the supposed downside if I don’t take the vaccine. The rate of catching COVID in my area is 40 in 100,000. And of the 40 that do get COVID, the survival rate is 99.6% (or is it 99.4%…as if anything after the decimal point really matters).

    And where are the body bags piling up? We were told that millions of people would die from COVID. So far, for the most part, the only people who seem to be dying from COVID are those that have something else already wrong with them, and are on death’s doorstep to begin with. The same people that would also die if they caught the flu or pneumonia, and we don’t destroy entire countries and millions of people lives and livelihoods over those and other similar diseases.

    I have yet to hear any reports of any perfectly healthy young people with no other issues, catch COVID and drop dead. And you know damned well that if it did happen, the news would be shoving it in our faces for weeks to come.

    COVID is no more a threat to us than say racism is. Neither exists at any great level of harm to anyone, but is used solely as a tool for the left to push its agenda and control us. I do not trust the left, and even if I did, I still wouldn’t shove some cobbled together poison that would more likely kill me than protect me from some made up disease that no healthy person seems to die from.

    I’ll take a few days of the sniffles, no matter how bad it makes me feel, in lieu of flippers for arms, liver and heart damage, cancer, altered DNA and RNA, anal leakage, and whatever else the vaccine causes.

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