Winner: First Place (Gold)
Loser: Second Place (Silver)
Loser: Third Place (Bronze)

Obviously this special snowflake SJW doesn’t know the difference.

Maybe someone should ask her who won the Silver or Bronze forany Olympic event 4 years ago; 8 years ago; 12 years ago.

Betcha she has no clue (unless she purposely studied it.)

Team USA is locked in a tight race with China and Japan for the lead in gold medals at the Olympics. However, according to one U.S. Olympian, Americans should be celebrating Silver and Bronze.

Lilly King is bringing home silver after finishing second in the women’s 200m breaststroke on Friday. In addition, she also took bronze in the women’s 100m breaststroke. After those two strong performances, King had choice words for those who look at Team USA’s second and third-place finishes as disappointments.

“Excuse my French, but the fact that we’re not celebrating silver and bronze is bull****,” King said.

“What is that about?” she asked. “You get to bring a medal home for your country, and just because we compete for the United States and maybe we have extremely high standards for this sort of thing, that doesn’t excuse the fact that we haven’t been celebrating silver and bronze as much as gold.”

King continued, “I might be more happy with this medal than I’ve been with any of my previous medals, including the two golds in Rio. We really should be celebrating those silver and bronzes because those are some of the greatest moments of that athlete’s career, and why would we not celebrate that?”

Of course, Americans expect more from their athletes because the country has – at least until this point – tended to excel or at least attempt to excel in everything we attempt. However, as it pertains to the Olympics, the United States is known for having most of the most talented athletes in the world and investing huge amounts of money in its Olympic training program.

So, naturally, the expectations are high.

That doesn’t mean, however, that people look at silver medals as failures. In fact, most Americans would probably take a player who wins bronze and respectfully stands for the anthem instead of someone who won gold and took a knee.

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  1. Bob says:

    A sliver medal means you were so close but not good enough to win. A bronze medal means you were in the top of the field and in the hunt. Bronze is actually looked upon more favorably by potential sponsors then silver. I got this first hand from an olympic silver medalist.

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