White cop saves she-boon’s life and momma-boon blames the cops.

Girl was reported multiple times to have jumped out in front of cars.

Mother must have been close by with her camera to film but did nothing to stop the asshole daughter.

You can expect a GoFundMe and a lawsuit soon.

Are there no tall buildings or bridges in/near the town that the cop could have taken her to fulfill her wish?

Let’s hope the little cunt and her POS mom take themselves out of our misery soon.

A white Texas cop was filmed laying on a vomiting black girl saying ‘I can’t breathe’ after she reportedly ran in front of cars on a busy road in a bid to kill herself.

The girl, named as Nekia Trigg, 18, was filmed prone on the ground in Forney, Texas, on Tuesday.

Trigg’s mom Antanique Ray, could be heard pleading with the officer to let her get up while she tries to calm her daughter down as she labored through each breath.

Ray was later arrested for disorderly behavior, but has since bonded back out of prison. Trigg was held for a mental health evaluation and released without charge.

Her family denies reports Trigg was attempting to kill herself, despite multiple eyewitnesses calling 911 saying that the teenager appeared to be trying to throw herself in front of moving cars.

The officer filmed pinning her down – identified as Kaufman County Sheriff’s Deputy Conner Martin – ignored Ray and kept his full body weight on top of Trigg while pinning her arms over head and wrapping his legs around her legs.

He has since been placed on administrative leaving pending an investigation – standard practice for deputies who face a misconduct probe.

Footage since shared online starts with Trigg already on the ground and Martin on top of her. After about two minutes, Martin and his partner are seen flipping Trigg on her stomach and cuffing her while she spits up.

The two deputies lead Trigg away to the police car, where she was followed by her mom. There were a few moments of calm before violent chaos ensued.

Those officers’ bodies blocked the camera’s view of what sparked the physical confrontation, but Martin is heard yelling, ‘Let go of her!’ at least twice before tackling Ray to the ground in the middle of the street.

A third officer comes running into view and is seen pointing a stun girl at the person recording the incident.

While lying in the street, Ray is heard saying, ‘All I did was ask you to loosen the cuffs. I didn’t touch you. I was touching my daughter and asked you to loosen the cuffs because she said they were too tight.’

By the end of the video, the person recording says, ‘You got seven police out here, for three little black girls.’

Police received multiple 911 called about a young woman jumping in front of cars, trying to get hit, and saying she didn’t care if she died.

Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office said it’s reviewing the incident and released the recordings of the 911 calls as well as bodycam footage showing the moments leading up to what turned out to be a violent ordeal.

The officer is heard trying to settle Trigg down, who was crying. He grabbed her arm and said she can’t walk away. It’s unclear if this is Martin’s bodycam.

It’s police protocol to hold a person who maybe suicidal for mental health evaluation.

But Trigg is seen crying and heard on the bodycam saying, ‘Why are you hurting me?’ while looking down at the officer’s hand around her arm.

‘I don’t want you to hurt me,’ at least four times.

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  1. Bogsidebunny says:

    OOPs we almost had a Georgina Floyd moment. The dope cop should have let the cunt become a Black & Red stain on the pavement, scooped up the mangled guts and written up a report exonerating the poor motorist who hit the bitch.

  2. Bob says:

    First thing out of her mouth is “I can’t breath” even though all she’s doing is laying on her back. When are these cops going to learn? Once they see it involves blacks, they need to go the other way. Here this cop thought he was saving her life and now her family wants to hang him out to dry.

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