Boy reported missing.

Stays missing 4 days.

Finally found…..back at home….dead in his toy box.

And his parents never bothered to tear the house apart looking for him?

Plus, the cops failed to find him, too?

Isn’t there some un-written rule somewhere written in parental genes that says, “if your kid is missing every door, every drawer, every closet, every box the size of the missing child must be opened/looked in?

I know I would. I’d tear doors off hinges if necessary.

A 4-year-old boy in Utah who had been missing since late Saturday was found dead in a toy chest in his bedroom in what authorities on Wednesday ruled a tragic accident.

Police investigators say it appears the boy crawled into his toy box and suffocated there.

Kache Wallis was last seen alive on Saturday night in Hurricane City, Utah when his grandmother tucked him into his bed and said goodnight.

When she went to check on him Sunday morning, Kache was not in his bed. Investigators didn’t name his grandmother.

Family and friends searched the home before calling law enforcement to report the child missing on Sunday. When police arrived at the home they searched the house before expanding the search into the community.

When the child was not found, law enforcement decided to conduct the third search of the home which is when Kache’s body was discovered later Sunday inside a small toy chest in his bedroom.

Hurricane City Police released a statement on Wednesday concluding that ‘After interviews with the family and additional investigation into the cause of death by the Utah Medical Examiner’s Office this was found to be an accidental death due to positional asphyxiation.’

Hurricane City Police declined to provide further details to

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the grieving family with funeral cost.

The page’s creator, Sarah Jones, wrote that ‘Kache had a smile that was infectious and loved everyone, everywhere he went, and they loved him too! “My name is Kache with K” is what he would say. He was the glue that held it all together for us, we just don’t know what we are going to do without him.’ It’s not immediately clear Jones’ relation to the boy.

‘He will be in our hearts forever! We love you Bubba! And we will miss you!’

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