A white elitist in academia says air conditioning is racist.

So far no word from him on when he’ll be tearing it out of his classrooms, his cars and his home.

People like this woke asshole need to be sterilized to save the world from their genes.

In the Brave New World of “Woke” Perfection, you won’t be allowed to keep your air conditioning. Personal air conditioning represents racism and “white supremacy.” It opposes social, economic, and environmental justice. Even as summer’s hottest months approach.

So implies Eric Dean Wilson, an instructor and graduate student at the City University of New York. In a recent article for Time magazine, Wilson wrote about how air conditioning will destroy the planet. His essay shows how such “woke” dogmas as critical race theory, equity, and the condemnation of both capitalism and “white supremacy” meet in another “woke” doctrine: environmental extremism.

Wilson has no training in climate science or mechanical engineering. Nevertheless, he teaches “climate-themed writing and environmental justice” at CUNY’s Queens College. Wilson describes his recent book, After Cooling: On Freon, Global Warming, and the Terrible Cost of Comfort, as “a look at air conditioning’s contribution to climate violence, and a critique of the American addiction to personal comfort.”

According to that critique, inventors developed what Wilson calls “mechanical cooling” to help business. As air conditioning became more widespread and available for homes, it “conveyed class status” that “often fell starkly along the color line, too, especially in the South” while “cleaving the world into civilized cooling and barbaric heat,” he wrote.

Wilson’s demand for others to become comfortable with discomfort not only ignores the spirit that led to human progress. It rejects that spirit.

Wilson offers some technological alternatives. But he believes the ultimate solution lies beyond science.

“Renewable energy infrastructure can take us only so far,” he wrote. “The rest of the work is cultural.”

Wilson’s solution combines the cultural and technological. He believes in enacting policies that emphasize public comfort over personal comfort…

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  1. Bogsidebunny says:

    Some facts:

    1- We’re all gonna die sometime.

    2-Any problem with the “climate” is caused by overpopulation and the only solution is to drastically reduce the number of human parasites.

    So since we’re gonna all die let it be in cool comfort, not heat stroke.

  2. dekare says:

    So unless we all live like the poorest of the poor of blacks, we are racists. How about instead, niggers (not blacks…see Chris Rock for definition) start trying to live like us and join us in decent and modern civilized society. That way we are all equal, but no one has to sweat.

    But of course, they NEED racism as the ultimate excuse as to why they are the way they are.

  3. Drew45.8 says:

    Willis Carrier was one of the greatest white men who ever lived. Not only did he invent air conditioning, the same idea became refrigerators and dehumidifiers. This allowed people to live in comfort in a lot of areas that were simply awful in the summer, as well as keeping their food fresh longer.

    And you know why 12,000BTU of cooling is called a ton in the air conditioning world? Because before Carrier, huge blocks of ice were used to cool offices, homes, and factories. One ton of ice has a cooling power of 12,000BTU per hour. A 4 ton air conditioner may only weigh about 200lb, but it can keep a pretty good size house cool and dry.

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