Biden Kowtowing To Chinese Masters

Cases dropped against Chinese Military Researchers

The Justice Department dropped a half-dozen cases against Chinese military researchers it had accused of lying on their visas to work in the United States in a dramatic reversal that came amid questions about the FBI’s analysis of the evidence.

The cases, being heard in the Eastern District of California, were among a batch touted last summer by the DOJ and targeting members of the Chinese military.

“In all of our prosecutions, the Department of Justice evaluates the merits of a case as it prepares for trial,” DOJ spokesman Wyn Hornbuckle told the Washington Examiner. “Recent developments in a handful of cases involving defendants with alleged, undisclosed ties to the People’s Liberation Army of the People’s Republic of China have prompted the department to reevaluate these prosecutions, and we have determined that it is now in the interest of justice to dismiss them.”

One dropped case involved Tang Juan, whose trial had been slated to begin Monday. Tang was interviewed by the FBI in June 2020 about allegedly concealing her ties to the People’s Liberation Army while applying to be a researcher at the University of California. She then went into hiding in China’s consulate in San Francisco even as the U.S. booted China from its consulate in Houston, and China retaliated by closing the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu.

Tang’s defense lawyers told the court in a trial brief earlier this month that “there is dissension in the FBI’s own ranks” about the case against Tang. The lawyers pointed to an April 2021 draft analysis written by two FBI analysts titled “Defining the Extent of Obfuscation of Visiting Chinese Scholars’ Ties to the PLA.” The analysts suggested that the visa application’s military service declaration is potentially ambiguous, making it difficult to determine “whether obfuscation is intentional or for nefarious tech transfer purposes.

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    Why have multiple articles of Impeachment not been filed?

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