Back In The USSR

Reminds you of back when the USSR controlled their people with an iron fist.   What’s next?  Monitor telephone conversations for misinformation?    Besides, what is misinformation?   Misinformation is any information you don’t agree with.

Biden Groups to ‘Fact Check’ Americans’ Private Text Messages

Democrat groups to work with cell network providers to scan texts for ‘misinformation’

Democrat Joe Biden’s administration is working with several groups on a plan to “fact check” Americans’ private text message conversations, according to reports.

The Biden admin and Democratic groups are planning to work directly with cellphone network providers to scan texts in an effort to combat “misinformation.”

The disturbing revelation is made in a Politico article that explains how the White House is working to “dispel misinformation.”

Accoriding to the report, the move will characterize “conservative opponents” of Biden admin policies as “dangerous and extreme.”

The decision to ramp up the information war was made after conservatives showed resistance to Biden’s plan to go “door-to-door” to increase vaccination rates.

The plan will target private conversations “sent over social media and text messages,” the report states.

“Biden allied groups, including the Democratic National Committee, are also planning to engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation,” Politico adds.

White House spokesperson Kevin Munoz defended the plan in a statement.

“When we see deliberate efforts to spread misinformation, we view that as an impediment to the country’s public health and will not shy away from calling that out,” Munoz said.

The prospect of the DNC and other government-affiliated groups having access to Americans’ private text messages represents a chilling surveillance dystopia.

Interfering with and trying to “fact check” people’s private conversations is also a clear violation of th First Amendment.

Recall that “fact-checkers” infamously declared the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis to be a “debunked conspiracy theory” at the start of the pandemic.

Only to be forced into a humiliating reversal later on.

In doing so, they may have helped facilitate one of the biggest cover-ups in modern history.

So what business such groups have in snooping on people’s private messages is anyone’s guess.

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  1. Bogsidebunny says:

    I don’t know how to “Text”. Besides even if I did I don’t think I could do it from my 1963 rotary wall phone.

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