Liberal Progressive Women Want Real Men

Liberal emasculated males are having a difficult time finding like minded women as these women are wanting real men with conservative values

My friend Mark, 36, is a “catch” by many New York City standards. He’s good-looking, highly educated, and a talented photographer. He’s also progressive and participates in protests and gives to left-leaning causes. And Mark is looking for love. He wants to get married and have kids.

In a liberal city like New York, swimming with single women wishing they weren’t, one could assume Mark wouldn’t have a problem finding a mate. And while he dates and recently had a couple of short-lived relationships, Mark remains single. He’s trying to understand why.

“I’m really open-minded and cool about gender stuff on dates, but I always feel like I’m walking on eggshells,” Mark told me. “If I pay for dinner, it signals I don’t value my date as my equal so I’m super casual about it all. If she wants to pay or split it or whatever, that’s fine with me.”

I told Mark that, despite his best intentions, his egalitarian dating style could be the problem that’s holding him back. While some women balk at any hint of traditional male gender behavior, more lament the loss of chivalry. I’m one of them. I find it attractive when a man plans our first few dates and knowingly walks curbside when we’re together. It signals he wants to protect me from passing traffic or errant puddle splashes.

“When I was a kid, my mom told me to always walk curbside, but I assumed my generation of women would think it’s too old-fashioned,” Mark told me. “Now, I’m really confused.”

The female desire to feel protected and looked after is built into our DNA, says evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller, a professor at the University of New Mexico and author of several books including “The Mating Mind.”

“It’s a mismatch between what progressive women say they want and what they actually respond to,” Miller told me. “Women’s instinctive mate preferences have evolved for hundreds of thousands of years for guys who are competent, strong, good providers, good protectors and happy with a sexual division of labor,” he added. Women want “decisive men who are also compassionate and thoughtful.”

A 2018 study from Iowa State University backs this up, reporting that progressive women prefer men who demonstrate more traditional dating behaviors. The women found these men to be “more attractive” because they signal a willingness “to invest by being protective, committed, and by providing resources.”

Gwen Stefani, presumably, has No Doubt of these findings. On July 3, the pop star, who was raised in blue-state California, wed Country & Western star Blake Shelton, a native of red-state Oklahoma who is pro-gun — and a famous gentleman. Shelton even asked Stefani’s father for his blessing before proposing in the Catholic wedding chapel he built for his bride.

When asked what she loves about her betrothed, Stefani gushed: “He’s full of love and generosity … So you feel safe: You can lean on him and trust him.”

My friend Roc, 44, exemplifies this same type of old-school man. His girlfriend, 36, is a “typical New York City progressive feminist,” he said. “Before me, she dated liberal artists and creatives. I work in corporate America and am much more conservative and methodical. I pay for stuff, open doors, and she likes that I walk on her right side because she has a mild case of scoliosis,” he added. The couple has been together for five years.

Kari, 45, is a fundraising executive who dated a man in 2018 with similar left-leaning values and beliefs. But before long, his egalitarian dating attitude and lack of initiative to plan dates led to a breakup. “At work, I’m the boss. I have to run the show, be the cheerleader, have tough conversations,” she told me. “I make decisions all day long. At the end of the day, I want my guy to say: ‘Babe, I got this.’ ”

Kari’s next boyfriend was a conservative who works in finance. “Without fail, he would pick the place, set the time, and then ask if his plan worked for me,” she said. “It felt great to know he was taking care of it all.

“I appreciate a man who opens the door for me and picks up the check. This makes me feel safe, like I can count on him for other things,” Kari said, adding, “I’m grateful when a man steps up and acts like a man; it makes me feel more feminine.”

While Kari and her boyfriend broke up (for reasons outside of political views), she remains a feminist who will only date conservative men, although she draws the line at “far-right conspiracy theorists.” While she met her most recent ex on a plane, she’s now using dating apps to find her next love and said she’s more likely to swipe right on profiles of men who say they prefer more traditional dating behaviors. “It’s a good indicator that there’s a shared mindset,” Kari said.

Kari’s preference for conservative men comes as no surprise to professor Miller. “This is a time-tested set of behaviors, strategies and cultural norms that have lasted for centuries because they help find and keep good mates,” he said. “And everybody knows this. Women in their hearts know this. And men don’t take them at their word.”

Now my friend Mark is planning to stop making the same mistakes. He told me he’s going to start dating like a conservative — and hopefully find his ideal progressive wife soon.

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1 Response to Liberal Progressive Women Want Real Men

  1. dekare says:

    And all those beta males (or is it zeta?), who emasculate themselves and agree with feminists about evil toxic masculinity, and everything else those crazy future multiple cat owners believe in. They think that subjugating themselves will endear them to these liberal twats and they might have a chance at seeing boobies. But alas, not a chance at all. Women may claim all sorts of nonsense about how they think men and women should act, but you cannot go against biology and good old fashion hormones.

    Women want a man who can, at the very least, change a tire, wire an electrical outlet, occasionally get covered in saw dust (aka man glitter), and most of all…a man who can take charge of any situation and protect them. A woman wants (needs?) a man she can feel absolutely safe with. And sadly, beta males do not fill the bill.

    And as women buy into this feminist crap, they will one day discover they wasted their youth with liberal BS, and will one day look in the mirror and see a fat and lonely spinster that no man wants. They shun makeup, chivalry, and gain wait, believing that nonsense that being fat is healthy and nothing to be ashamed of, that makeup is patriarchal decoration and should not be used, and so on. And looks aside, they will not even be attractive on the “inside” as even if a man does not judge a woman by her looks, no one wants to date someone who is bitter and angry and hateful, and the only discussions they can hold are that of how evil America is and how every FILL IN THE BLANK is this or that -ist or -ism.

    Right now, the ONLY thing these liberal women have going for them is that they are young and relatively good looking, thanks to the wonders of youth. But when all of that fades (in the blink of an eye), and all you have left is your personality, well, you no longer have any marketable traits. You will either embrace the joys of being an overweight angry dyke, or learn to love your dozen cats…as that is all you will have.

    Keep it up ladies. Keep hating on men, and before long, you will find your wish granted, and no man will ever take the risk of insulting you with their voice or presence. You will be alone.

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