In an effort to stay relevant, maintain status with virtue signalling groups and capture some dollars via the lawsuit lottery this bitch is whining about WILLFULLY joining in a TV show where humiliation is a part of the course.

She was with them FIVE YEARS before the alleged “hateful act” happened and she waited 10 years to sue.

She came in last place.

I hope a judge laughs her ass out of the court.

A former Bachelor contestant has opened up about the emotional toll one of the show’s challenges took on her.

Erica Rose, who first appeared on The Bachelor in 2006, told the Unpopular podcast she was ‘in shock’ after being humiliated during the second season of Bachelor Pad in 2011.

For the challenge, the show’s male contestants were told to throw paint-filled eggs at the women they found the least attractive.

The ladies were blindfolded and dressed in bikinis before having the men pelt eggs at them while host Chris Harrison officiated things, with Erica copping most of the eggs.

‘It really hurt,’ she told Unpopular of having the eggs hurled at her. ‘Emotionally, yeah it was traumatic, but physically it f**king hurt.

‘I walked off and I was like, “I don’t want to do this anymore. This is abusive.” Like it’s not just my feelings are hurt, but that f**king hurt.’

Erica then claimed Harrison told her she would be eliminated from the show if she didn’t stick it out for the rest of the challenge.

‘At the time Chris Harrison said to me, which I’m sure he was told to say, but either way he said it to me, “If you don’t finish this challenge and let the eggs keep getting thrown at you, you’re gonna be eliminated.”‘

She said the male contestants were eventually told not to throw the eggs so hard, so that the women wouldn’t be hurt.

‘The point of the game was not to injure people, it was to humiliate them I guess,’ she said.

Although Erica was told to stick it out in the egg-throwing challenge to avoid elimination, she said that just a few weeks later, several contestants were allowed to opt out of a kissing contest.

‘They let Michelle Money and a few other people I think sit that one out, because they were parents so they didn’t feel that was appropriate,’ she said, before accusing producers of ‘playing favourites’.

The Houston-based star said she was ‘in shock’ after filming wrapped on the season and compared the effects to PTSD.

‘I was definitely in shock and people brought it up since then that it was kind of like a PTSD in its own way,’ Erica said.

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  1. RedneckGeezer says:

    Anyone stupid enough to do this deserves eggs thrown at them. I don’t give a shit if it hurt physically or emotionally. Go jump off a cliff so you don’t add your stupidity to future generations.

  2. Bogsidebunny says:

    We’re DOOM! Doomed as not only a nation, but as an entire species.

  3. Bob says:

    Why would any self respecting woman allow herself to be a contestant on one of these programs? She put herself on it and now she’s upset 15 years later.

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