All Over A Slushie

Sheboon wanted a slushie mixed differently than allowed and when employees said they couldn’t do it, she went ballistic.   After attacking and hitting workers, one worker eventually had enough and laid an ass whopping on her.

You have to go to the link to see the video.

An Ohio woman has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault after her attacks on two female McDonald’s employees were caught on video.

Cherysse Cleveland, 44, was arrested at a McDonald’s restaurant in Ravenna, Ohio, on Monday morning after she was captured on video punching the store manager and another worker amid frustration that she wasn’t allowed to mix flavors of her slushie, according to police…

According to Allen, the brawl started because of a disagreement over a McDonald’s slushie.

“I heard her ask for a slushie with all three flavors mixed into one,” he told WOIO. “Whereupon the manager informed her that they could not do that, and she became increasingly irritated and combative and decided that she would go behind the counter and fix her own drink.”

During the harrowing incident, the woman identified as Cleveland walked behind the counter to argue with the McDonald’s worker who was taking her order.

The employee was heard repeatedly warning the suspect, “Do not touch me.”

The store manager tried to de-escalate the situation by stepping between her employee and the woman, who reacted by slugging her in her left jaw.

Astonishingly, the manager stayed calm and simply ordered her to leave the store.

The woman identified as Cleveland yelled back and told the manager that she should get out.

She then walked over to the beverage station to fill a cup with ice.

Afterward, the woman walked back behind the counter again and threw the cup of ice at the employee with whom she had argued earlier and began hitting her.

The worker then pushed the woman down to the ground, pummeled her and yanked her wig.

Police arrived and arrested her. To her credit, the woman did not resist arrest, which meant she missed out on the chance to become the left’s latest anti-police icon.

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