Imagine the money society will save by not having to pay for the mental health counselling this tatted, fat-assed bitch’s spawn.

Fortunately she plans on self-sterilizing.

Let’s hope she never adopts.

Imagine how fucked up her kids would be.

This one’s a real catch!!

A 26-year-old OnlyFans model has revealed that she is contemplating getting a hysterectomy – saying she would ‘rather be rich and famous’ than have children.

Renee Gracie from the Gold Coast, has never felt maternal or had an urge to have children and says her feelings against having a family grew stronger in her teenage years.

As a former race car driver, she was regularly hanging out with the rich and famous, and got a taste for the luxurious life – which cemented her decision to not have children.

The model said she is so determined to avoid childbirth that she is considering a hysterectomy – a permanent surgical procedure which would remove her uterus- to avoid an accidental pregnancy.

Renee said: ‘I’ve known I didn’t want children since I was young. When I was little, around seven or eight, I thought other children my age were crazy and wild.

‘I would look at parents yelling at their kids and think to myself “I never want to have that”.

‘Then, when I was 16 and got into racing, I was meeting a lot of super wealthy and successful people and a lot of them didn’t have children themselves.

‘They would also all tell me never to get married and never to have kids.

‘Many other things put me off too. The biggest is the responsibility and also the fact that there’s no going back.

‘I think people make the decision to have kids way too lightly and that’s why a lot of people are unhappy in their relationships and life.

‘I’d much rather have lots of pets running around.’

The Australian, who has over 13.9 million followers on the adult content subscription site, OnlyFans, as well as 25,000 on Instagram (@therenee_gracie), has amassed a small fortune in recent years.

And she plans on investing wisely, so she can retire young and enjoy the cash – without having to worry about babies.

But that doesn’t stop people from questioning her choice.

To put an end to others’ questions, she is looking into potentially getting a hysterectomy.

Renee first asked her doctor for one when she was just a teenager – but claims he ‘laughed’ in her face and has been told multiple times that she is ‘too young’.

She said: ‘When I was about 17, I was having lots of health issues.

‘I was in so much pain and discomfort from my ovaries and uterus, and had to get lots of scans and MRIs as doctors thought there was something wrong with them.

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6 Responses to PLEASE!! DO!! IMMEDIATELY!

  1. grayjohn says:

    I hate tattoo’s.

  2. Bogsidebunny says:

    I bet Woody would hit it.

  3. Drew45.8 says:

    her lips are fake, her tits are fake, she’s wearing hair extensions, she has a fat ass, and the tats scream low class trash to me. Yeah, right up Woody’s alley. Hope he doesn’t catch anything. Oh and the carpet is gross too.

  4. Dan says:

    LOTS of 25 year old females SWEAR they never want kids. And when they hit 35 all of a sudden having kids is the ONLY thing they can think of. I absofuckinglutely guarantee the same thing will
    happen with this scrunt. And since she won’t be able to she try to adopt…..and THIS news item
    MUST be presented at that time as PROOF she is not material suited to raising children.

  5. RedneckGeezer says:

    Reminds of a story…

    Woman disrobes in front of a a guy and asks him to check out her tatoos. He stares for a long time and then says, “I’m not sure about the one on the left. I think it’s Elvis Presley. I’m not sure about the one on the right either, I think is Johnny Cash. But that guy in the middle, it’s Willy Nelson for sure!”

    Oh, and I think tatoos are ridiculous

  6. Call me Infidel says:

    Tattoos are ok….If you’re a sailor or a criminal. I have never felt the need myself.

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