Boy gets mauled to death by dogs.

I’ve got money saying they were pit bulls owned by other criminal TLPMs in the neighborhood and no one will utter a peep.

A boy has been mauled to death by dogs in South Carolina.

The incident happened as Shamar Jackson, 7, was walking through his neighborhood in the city of Marion with his brother on Sunday evening.

The pair were set upon by the dogs as they were looking for their pet chihuahua, police say.

His brother managed to escape the dogs but Shamar was surrounded by the animals.

They tore at his clothes and inflicted fatal injuries on the boy.

‘They couldn’t get away because it was so many dogs coming from different directions,’ Carnell Jackson, the children’s father, said in a phone interview with The State newspaper.

According to Jackson, his sons were chasing their pet chihuahua when a neighbor’s dogs came through a hole in the fence.

He said his son was stripped naked and killed by the dogs.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said on Tuesday it seized five dogs and a puppy from a nearby property as part of its investigation.

No further information was given on whether anyone had been arrested or charged.

Anthony Parsley, the victim’s uncle, told local outlet News13: ‘I’m hurt. I want to cry but I can’t cry anymore.

‘That’s my little fella there.’

Marion County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement on Facebook: ‘An account has been established at Anderson Brothers Bank for those wishing to donate toward the funeral cost for 7 year old Shamar Jackson.

‘Shamar tragically lost his life earlier this week in a dog attack near Wilbur Road. Shamar was a straight A student finishing up the first grade at Lake View Elementary.

‘You may donate at any Anderson Brothers Bank location, simply specify Shamar Jackson Fund.’

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  1. Drew45.8 says:

    Not sure what a TLPM is, but I guarantee it was nig dogs trained and used as weapons. Probably either for dog fights or for “po tection” because they’ve got a meth lab in the basement.

    And the chihuahua was a snack for them.

    Notice that nobody is saying boo about the older brother leaving his little brother to be mauled to death. Typical.

    And now the family has it’s hand out, looking to win the MSM sympathy lottery.


  2. antzinpantz says:

    Thick lipped porch monkey

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