Another Scripted Press Conference

During his press conference after meeting Putin, Joe Biden admitted he had a list of pre-selected reporters to call on.   You can bet he had answers already written out for him.

President Joe Biden’s latest gaffe came at the expense of the media following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday in Geneva, Switzerland.

Upon taking the stage for a news conference, Biden mentioned right at the start that he had a pre-approved list of reporters he would be taking questions from, presumably put together by his aides.

“I’ll take your questions, and as usual folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m going to call on,” Biden said.

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2 Responses to Another Scripted Press Conference

  1. Bogsidebunny says:

    Not that he ever would, but can you imagine if Trump tried that. The fuckers at CNN and MSNBC would be whining about it for weeks.

  2. dekare says:

    Do they draw straws daily to see who will be Biden’s handler for that day? The man lacks any filter and freely admits he is being instructed what to say and do. He constantly tells the media he is going to get into trouble for going off script…and then goes off script. And if they tell him to STFU…he tells everyone around him that he was told to STFU. They can guide him, give him a script, a teleprompter, hand gestures, cue cards, and nothing works. I am waiting for the time when joe openly admits during a live feed speech that he just shit his pants and it feels kinda nice and warm and gushy and all that. He will then jump to a story about how corn pop and him hijacked a unicorn and took it on a joyride to willy wonka’s candy factory where they ate candy and took an oompa loompa behind the chocolate shed, followed by shouts of “where’s Jill?”

    They can’t control him for the simple reason…the man isn’t there. He checked out long ago, and is a puppet, and we all know it. Our enemies know it, China knows it, Putin knows it, and it is why they will not take America seriously.

    What is it with the left, they have no one to lead them? They are a mess, and their best two efforts of leadership is hiLIARy, who lost her mind and can’t walk, and slobbering joe. That’s who they have to offer up as president? And yet, they are in control. Jim Jones ain’t got shit on the democratic party. They are the biggest cult of brainwashed morons, who blindly follow their “leaders” no matter how bad the kool-aid tastes.

    It’s almost as if they are testing to see just how insane democrat voters are, and no matter what the left says or does, their followers nod in agreement and think everything is normal. Just how far can you push a leftist until reality smacks them in the forehead and they come to their senses? The world may never know.

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