Illegals threaten mass unrest unless they are given free housing.

You read that right: illegals.

But the Brits deserve it.

You can’t pay me to visit that shit-hole-it’s-become.

Sorry, CallMeInfidel!

Illegal boat migrants have threatened “mob unrest” if the British government does not speed up their settlement into taxpayer-funded accommodation, the union for the country’s Border Force has revealed.

Amid record waves of illegal aliens flooding over the English Channel in small boats from France, Britain’s Border Force has become “overwhelmed” by the “phenomenal” numbers, ISU immigration union representative Lucy Moreton said.

As over 560 migrants landed on British soil in four days, the Border Force was forced into abandoning coronavirus testing measures and had to transfer them into detention centres in order to prevent large gatherings, Moreton told The Telegraph.

She said that migrants have become increasingly hostile to immigration officials, saying: “Border Force staff are feeling increasingly threatened. There is a risk of unrest from these groups.

“They are not exhausted, beaten down and glad to be here. They know they are going to be moved into accommodation. They want to be moved into accommodation. If that doesn’t happen promptly they get cross about it.

“They have to be clothed but we cannot provide hot food there. They might not have eaten anything. There is a mob mentality that takes over. The vast majority are young males. The families and children are moved clear very quickly.

“These are groups of people used to acting together to get what they need and frequently we cannot understand what they are saying to each other. The numbers arriving are phenomenal.”

So far this year, over 3,500 migrants have arrived by crossing the Channel illegally, more than double the rate compared to last year’s record numbers. The Home Office said that French authorities had prevented another 3,600 from making the illegal and perilous journey.

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3 Responses to THAT’S A LOT OF CHUTZPAH!!

  1. Bogsidebunny says:

    Wasn’t too long ago when England, Wales and Scotland were great places to visit. I did my share of seeing a lot of the whole of Great Britain 40 or 50 years ago. Now the isles aren’t worth the plane ticket to get there.

  2. Bob says:

    That’s not much different than the homeless in many US Cities which are demanding government funded housing.

  3. Bogsidebunny says:

    Hitler had the one-and-only realistic solution to effectively terminate a cultural enemy. Hind-site is 20/20, but maybe we were fighting the wrong enemy 76 years ago.

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