Kids torment boy who jumps out of school bus to save himself.

If he was, in fact, tormented by these hoodlums and the school did nothing I hope the father gets a really good lawyer.

To start, the school expels the perps and they get prosecuted as adults, the parents get $10 million, the school pays for psychological help for the boy as long as it takes and the school pays for private tutors until the kid graduates.

That’s stop that shit quick.

An 11-year-old boy jumped from a school bus, landed on top of a pick up truck, and was thrown onto the highway after he tried to escape bullies in Walton County, Georgia

The middle school student was left with a broken elbow and a concussion after making the daring leap onto the moving pick-up after the bus stopped in a left turn lane around 2:30pm on Wednesday.

His father claims he jumped to escape bullies because officials at Youth Middle School in Loganville, 30 miles east of Atlanta, had failed to step in.

Describing the incident on Wednesday, his father Dion Murphy said: ‘one student jumped in his face, he was pushing him against the window…

‘When he fell, the other student took his shoe and in a desperate attempt to escape it, he jumped out the window’.

Murphy added: ‘I believe he was trying to escape the situation. At this moment he felt back was up against the wall’.

He was taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta after the incident on Highway 81 near Youth Monroe Road.

Murphy said there were several videos showing his son being bullied on the bus all year.

‘I recently saw a tape that a girl was hitting on him and there’s another tape of him being dragged down the aisle,’ Murphy told FOX5 Atlanta.

‘There’s more tapes and that’s why I’m so upset because the school neglected the bullying act and did not do anything about it. They took it as horse-play, but my son could have lost his life’, he said, adding that his son was no longer enrolled at the school.

Murphy met with school leaders in March to address the issues, but little had changed.

‘This generation’s kids are even killing themselves because they’re being bullied,’ he said. ‘It broke my heart because this is something that shouldn’t have ever happened, way before this matter happened’.

A representative for Walton County Schools said: ‘Following a bus incident on May 5, a Walton County School District student sustained minor, non-life-threatening injuries. The other students and driver on the bus were not injured.

‘School and district officials are aware of the bullying allegations made in connection with this event. The Walton County School District does not tolerate bullying and harassment of any kind.

‘The incident is being thoroughly investigated by school officials and any disciplinary issues that may arise will be handled appropriately at the school level.’

The school is yet to provide a statement on the disciplinary action it plans to take.

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  1. RedneckGeezer says:

    Hire Bubba to take care of the problem in the middle of the night off some remote bridge. Works for me. Of course, the lawsuit and millions is still payable. Sue the parents too.

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