Woman loses 100 pounds.

The jealous tarts are criticizing her.

And what is it with women and the way they pose for selfies?

Are they advertising themselves like a slab of meat?

They claim men objectify them. So why do they pose provocatively like Playboy models?

An overweight woman who lost more than 100lbs after years of being bullied for her size says she is now being trolled by people who tell her she is ‘too skinny’.

Stay at home mom and Red Cross volunteer Kara Henderson, 34, from Temecula, California, suffered from asthma as a child, which stopped her from getting involved in sport – and saw her pile on weight.

As a result, Kara says she was mercilessly tormented by her peers, and would end up crying herself to sleep most nights.

Her lifelong struggle with her size reached rock-bottom in 2014, when Kara began struggling with depression after moving to North Carolina with her Marine husband Jason.

Jason often had to be away for work and Kara was increasingly left alone; to cope with her feelings, she comfort ate fast food and takeout, and by 2017, she tipped the scales at 251lbs, and struggled to fit into size 16 clothing.

That same year, Kara decided that she could not longer allow herself to be miserable because of her weight and looked into the option of weight loss surgery.

In July 2017, Kara underwent vertical sleeve surgery, a procedure that removes 80 per cent of a patient’s stomach in order to reduce their ability to feel hungry, or eat large quantities of food.

In the 16 months that followed, Kara lost 108lbs and weighed just 143lbs. Having her second child, Ivy, now 18 months old, in 2019, Kara inevitably regained some of the weight she had lost, but has since lost this excess weight once more and now fits into a size two.

Kara’s weight loss has changed her life completely. Previously unable to play with her kids or walk up a flight of stairs without feeling exhausted, Kara believes her surgery has made her a better mother, wife and friend as she now has so much more energy. She now loves to hike, cycle and is even learning to play golf.

Kara’s friends and family have noticed this change too, and say that she not only looks incredible, but that she is so much more confident since her operation.

However, Kara has also had comments from strangers on her Instagram who have said that her weight loss has now made her ‘too skinny’ – she laughs these comments off.

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  1. Bogsidebunny says:

    2nd and 3rd graders in my day tore up people that didn’t agree with in the school arena. But they learned to control their Social activity as they matured. Today a huge number of adults of all ages are viscous with no moral compass thanks mostly to Social Media..

  2. Drew45.8 says:

    The tits are fake, and she’s still a bit pudgy. But overall, hella better.

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