Yet Another Moron Killed by the Cops

Never will I understand why people pull guns on cops. Takes awhile in the video to get to the shooting, so if you want to skip ahead, just start at 6 minutes into the video. It appears to me that society is probably a better place without Mr. Lockaby.

Villa Hills, Kentucky ā€” On Feb. 20, Randall Lockaby, 57, pulled a gun on officers after he was stopped for a traffic violation on I-71 South, according to Kentucky State Police. Officer Jacob Bolton pulled over Randall Lockaby, 57, of Manchester, Kentucky on Feb. 2 for speeding. Officer Sean Dooley arrived as backup. As Officer Bolton works on the paperwork, Officer Dooley speaks to Lockaby in the pickup truck. Dooley tells Lockaby he seems nervous and asks for consent to search the truck. As Lockaby steps out of the truck, he’s seen on Dooley’s body cam pulling out a gun. Officers then fired shots which struck Lockaby, who was transported to St. Elizabeth in Florence and later died. Neither officer was injured. The actions of the officers were lawful and in self-defense. Neither officer will face any charges and the case is closed according to Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders.

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3 Responses to Yet Another Moron Killed by the Cops

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Looks like an all Cracker show, No nigger, or now a Gook, involved so it’ll be ignored by the fake-news and rioters.

  2. Drew45.8 says:

    I remember Officer Bolton. Didn’t he run the Three Stooges / Popeye cartoon show once upon a time?

  3. Reg says:

    HA! So long, shitbag! I hope it hurt the entire time he was dying….

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