Trump’s Offer Of 10,000 Troops For January 6 Was Dismissed

President Trump offered 10,000 National Guard Troops to guard the Capital  before the riot but Pisslosi and others refused.

YES, TRUMP DID CALL FOR 10,000 GUARD TROOPS FOR JAN 6: In some of his first public remarks since losing the November election, former President Donald Trump told Fox News that he warned the Pentagon “days before” that it was not ready for the crowd of Trump backers who would converge on Washington Jan. 6 and recommended calling up 10,000 National Guard troops.

Trump said he told “the top person” at the Pentagon, who at the time was acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller, that the crowd was going to be massive based on the fact that “everybody I’d see” would say, ‘Oh, we’re going to be at the rally. We’re going to be at the rally.’”

“I said, ‘Look, this rally is going to be bigger than anyone thinks.’” Trump told Fox News host Steve Hilton Sunday night. “And I said that I think you should have 10,000 — I think I gave the number — I definitely gave the number of 10,000 National Guardsmen, and I think you should have 10,000 of the National Guard ready.”

That matches what Miller told reporter and former CIA lawyer Adam Ciralsky, who wrote a fly-on-the-wall account of Miller’s final week at the Pentagon for Vanity Fair. “‘You’re going to need 10,000 people.’ No, I’m not talking bullshit, he said that,” Miller told Ciralsky of his conversation with Trump. “‘You’re going to need 10,000.’ That’s what he said. Swear to God.”

HERE THE ACCOUNTS DIVERGE: By Trump’s account, “They took that number. From what I understand, they gave it to the people at the Capitol, which is controlled by [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi. And I heard they rejected it because they didn’t think it would look good. So, you know, that was a big mistake.”

Miller, on the other hand, says he dismissed Trump’s crowd estimate out-of-hand as over-the-top exaggeration. “The president’s sometimes hyperbolic, as you’ve noticed,” he told Vanity Fair. “There were gonna be a million people in the street, I think was his expectation.” And Miller said he explained to Trump he could dispatch the National Guard only if there was a specific request for them.

Trump saw what was taking place but wasn’t taken seriously.

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