Man sues company for sexual bias.

I hate these things when women do it but maybe this is how we stop…..we counter-sue.

Like this guy:

A laboratory scientist is suing the “woman-dominated” firm where he worked, claiming that his female boss told him to “man up”.

Daniel Price alleges that “extreme discrimination against males” made the company a “toxic workplace”.

He claims that his manager Ashleigh Knowles told him “men are less organised” and that he was repeatedly ordered to “go away” during “girls-only” conversations.

Mr Price says he was the only worker instructed to carry boxes, being told “because you’re a man”.

He once refused, due to a hernia, but was ordered to “man up and get on with it, it’s only a few boxes”, a tribunal heard.

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Mr Price was dismissed last May after 16 months with food-test specialists PiQ in Ebbw Vale, South Wales.

An employment judge in Cardiff ruled he has an “arguable case” for sex discrimination and ordered a full hearing.

The tribunal heard that lab manager Ms Knowles said of a new appointment: “More than likely it’ll be a girl, as women tend to be better and more organised in the lab.”

She then allegedly told Mr Price: “You’re lucky to have your job, as everyone was shocked that it was a guy being employed.

“We normally only employ females because men are less organised.”

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Mr Price said she once threatened him with disciplinary action for insubordination after he told her tasks should not lie solely with him because he was a man.

He also claimed she informed staff of his one-time refusal to carry boxes, saying this led to a “tense” work environment.

Mr Price said another female employee also subjected him to discrimination.

He told of several occasions when he was told to “go away” as he tried to enter an office.

Reasons and comments allegedly included “We’re talking woman stuff” and “You’re a man, you don’t need to be listening to this”.

Ms Knowles allegedly told him as he tried to go into an office last May: “This conversation isn’t for you to hear – girls only”.

Two days later he was fired. A unfair dismissal claim was thrown out, as he had not been at the firm for two years.

PiQ Laboratories deny the allegations and are challenging his case.

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2 Responses to IF IT’S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE…….

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    ***”woman-dominated” firm”*** aka: Lesbian Inc. Lesbos don’t like Hethro Males cause they’re competition

  2. dekare says:

    Imagine the feigned horror if the roles were reversed. If a woman was told that she was being hysterical and needed to calm down. That she was not allowed to attend all male meetings, cause she wouldn’t understand what was bring said. That she was told to clean the break room, as it was women’s work and men couldn’t be expected to do it.

    Women wanted to insert themselves into the “boys only” club, and didn’t care who they had to destroy in order to get their way, well now the stiletto is on the other foot, and me now have just as much right to force their way into the girls private affairs.

    Remember the old saying…Be Careful What You Wish For…You Just Might Get It. Well women are now dealing with what they wanted to happen. No privacy from men, not getting away from us, their sports are all but ruined, and all the perks they used to get just by being a woman are being taken from them. No more ladies nights at clubs, no more women first on sinking ships, you now get ALL the benefits and RESPONSIBILITIES of men.

    Now how long before men just get to sit down at a club while women clamor around buying him drinks in the hopes he’ll take them home? How long before women start holding the door for men, or opening their own damned pickle jars?

    Remember ladies…YOU asked for this.

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