I shrugged my shoulders but smiled at how the gene pool got cleaner.

She probably did it on purpose given her “parents” were lesbians. And white.

An Iowa state student and the daughter of a State Supreme Court Justice, 21, died last month from hypothermia and alcohol intoxication, an autopsy has revealed.

Olivia Chutich, 21, was found dead in the parking lot of the Delta Delta Delta sorority house on January 22.

This week, the Ames Police Department in Iowa revealed the cause of her death, as determined by an autopsy, was ‘acute alcohol intoxication and hypothermia’.

The temperature that day in Ames was as low as 25F at night.

Her body was found shortly before 10am. It’s unclear who she had been drinking with the night before she was found, or if there was a party at the sorority house.

Chutich was born in Guatemala but was adopted by her mothers, Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Margaret Chutich and her wife, Allina Health CEO Penny Wheeler, when she was a baby.

She was a junior in college and was due to graduate in 2022.

In an online obituary after she died, her mothers said: ‘Olivia was born in Guatemala, coming into our lives as an infant.

‘She was loved from the moment that we set eyes on her and deeply so throughout her too-short life.

‘Her vibrant spirit, heart-on-her-sleeve emotions, kindness, compassion, and glorious smile are remembered by all who crossed her path.’

Police say they do not suspect foul play but they continue to investigate.

Anyone with information is urged to contact detectives.

The police department said in a statement: ‘On January 22, 2021, at 9:49 a.m., the Ames Police Department responded to a medical call at Delta Delta Delta Sorority, 302 Ash Avenue.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Mother Nature removes another twit from the gene pool. Shit it’s been happening forever. It happen to a few nitwits when i was in high school in the 1950s. Except then when they smacked into a tree after drinking a case of beer nothing was said. No whining, no public displays of memorial service. No TV news items no school memorials, Nada. They just ceased to exist like possum road kill.

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