Restaurant Owner Pushes Back: “If I Can’t Work, He Can’t Work”

When more people do this, it will stop. Until then, it won’t

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6 Responses to Restaurant Owner Pushes Back: “If I Can’t Work, He Can’t Work”

  1. Leonard Jones says:

    Redneck, this is going to get a lot worse. I may have underestimated the
    ability of the Democrats to cheat in a presidential election, but the anger
    of citizens and small business owners is reaching the boiling point. These
    lockdowns and imperial COVID edicts are not going to go away when
    Biden is sworn in. There are recall petitions against Democrat mayors
    and governors. This is about the use of raw political power to advance
    a socialist revolution.

    Intentionally crashing their own state and city economies will not work
    because no amount of blame-shifting will make the people forget who
    did this to them. Orwell was wrong on this point. The left can use
    all the focusing agents they want, but so long as man has a living
    memory an army of Winston Smith’s cannot erase the facts.

    Next month (I believe the 17th,) there are going to be armed citizen
    protests in about 60 American cities. It used to be the case that the
    left had an advance when it came to civil action because we had jobs
    and they did not. That changed with the COVID measures. They
    created an army of tens of millions of people with nothing left to lose!

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    It just keeps getting better. My petition sheet will be filled by tomorrow. Gavin
    Gruesome is facing a recall election and the people of New Jersey are doing
    the same:

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    A gym owner in New York just shoved a corncob up Andrew Cuomo’s ass!
    The state supreme court upheld his right to operate at full capacity:

  4. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

    A solution, if you have the spine for it. The Four Esses: Suppress (keep it quiet); Shoot; Shovel; Shut Up. But it will require homework in advance. Are there cameras? If so, where? Can they be avoided, or turned off? Where to dispose of the body? You know, the little details.
    “Inspector? What inspector? His car is here? Ok. But we haven’t seen any inspector. Have a nice day, officer……somewhere else. Bye.”

  5. Dan says:

    Ultimately the man LOST. The “inspector” wasn’t harmed in ANY WAY. The inspector was BEING PAID with OUR TAX DOLLARS while abusing this businessman and then added insult to injury by calling in the “Kings” armed henchmen who got involved. This businessman will now be out even MORE money to deal with the fall out of this. While his frustration is understandable AND justified
    he chose the WRONG METHOD to resist. His “resistance” was futile and accomplished nothing.
    Until the criminals in power and their hired thugs FEAR US and FEAR BODILY HARM they have
    zero incentive to stop abusing us. The solution is to identify this “inspector” and pay that person an
    anonymous middle of the night visit…..a visit with PERMANENT consequences. When THAT starts happening THEN and ONLY THEN will those in power consider ending their abusive misconduct.

  6. dave in pa. says:

    yes, if the cops want to enforce these rules,well. they just made their bed and will have to sleep in
    it as well as the clowns giving the orders. the i was just following orders does not cut it.
    think of a school yard bully, until he gets his face bashed in, he will never stop-same here.
    i don’t buy this i feel for ya, but the law is the law shit. no one would listen to these clowns unless
    the rules where enforced. and who is doing the enforcing ?

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