Last night’s debate was, in fact, a veritable shit-show.

Chris Wallace sucked better than the biggest Hoovers.

Trump went out of control.

Biden said almost nothing substantive.

Result: Biden’s the winner.

He told whoppers but we know the Kept-Whore media will never call him on them.

Lots of people were expecting Biden to step all over his dick. Didn’t look like he did.

So, for shits and giggles, tell me what I missed in the perusal of dozens of articles.

Give specific examples of Uncle Joe being Uncle Joe: stumbling, mumbling, fumbling his words. Don’t bother with how he never directly answered questions. We already knew he’d do that.

I want specific fuck ups.

If there were none or one or two prepare for a democrat landslide in November because nothing we say against Biden or his son or Heel’s-Up Kamala-toe Harris will stick.

And I’ve got $10 bucks riding on my opinion.

Challengers? Takers?

(Disclaimer: to challenge you must be a regular reader and commenter so I can ID you. No fly-by-night readers.)

And starting in January 2021:

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    I downed a cup of warm milk at 7:30 PM, donned my jammies at 8 PM and was in the arms of Morpheus at 8:30 PM so didn’t watch last nights exchange of productive ideas. Ergo, I can’t give an example of any of Plug’s innocent turpitudes. However I did find it interesting learning this morning Biden appeared to call on Devine intervention as he seemed to be listening to advice from his dead son who spoke to him through some wrist rosary beads.

  2. redneckgeezer says:

    Regardless of the media pundits, I doubt anyone who watched changed their mind and I imagine people who are undecided really aren’t, or they’re so stupid, the sit on the back porch watching the hair on the bottom of their feet grow. I don’t think the debate showed me anything I didn’t already know. I guess I could admit I knew Chris Wallace was a douche canoe, but I didn’t realize what a loser and asshole he was as a debate moderator. All in all, the Trump/Wallace debate seemed like a waste of time.

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