Dan Bongino: Why Trump Won Last Night, Big

Since I am a Trump supporter and love the guy, I’m behind him all the way. I believe what he had to say was right, but since he was debating Chris Wallace, and not Joe Bribem, I’m not sure I agree with Bongino on the title of his show today. Many times I publish his show for the day and don’t watch it until it’s on the blog. This is one of those days. Then again, Trump wins most of the time, but the media portray all his wins as losses and for those undecided, I’m not sure how they see things. From my perspective, if you are undecided with a month left before the election, you have your head in the sand or your a spineless moron. Nothing that was said last night will change a lot of minds on either side. The people for Bribem hate Trump and will just hate him all the more. The people like me who can’t stand Joe Bribem, still can’t stand him, but not I detest Chris Wallace more than I thought possible. Seems to me he was a complete idiot with some of his ridiculous questions. Direct to the point would have gone a lot further, but that isn’t the Democrat way and Wallace is definitely not a Trump supporter.

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