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  1. dekare says:

    I think that if Kyle isn’t cleared of the charges, we should start “peacefully” protesting ourselves. Any rational person (which does seem to eliminate most leftists) can easily see that Kyle shot only to stop the threat of harm to himself. He tried running away, but alas, Teh Stupid was strong in some idiots, and they chased after him, seeing full well he was armed with a rifle. That alone should tell us that these people are not in their right mind, and need to be taken out.And this whole nonsense that they were unarmed is BS. The moment Kyle lets himself get taken over, they become armed…with his rifle. Also, from what I understand, the idiot who ruined his tennis career by getting his elbow blown away, was armed with a fully semi-automatic pistol.

    Kyle showed great restraint by first trying to run away instead of just shooting at anything that moved. Also, when Kyle was on the ground, there were dozen of shitbags around him and he was getting kicked and pummeled, and Kyle, instead of shooting every one of them, shot only the ones that attacked him with deadly force. The idiot with a skateboard was not unarmed. Getting hit in the head with a skateboard is not unlike getting hit with a bat, and if you see in the pics and video, Kyle took at least one hit on the head with the skateboard before responding. Also, when the idiot who was armed with a handgun ran at Kyle, Kyle raised his rifle, causing said idiot to back the fuck off. Kyle didn’t just shoot to kill here, and lowered his rifle, giving the idiot every opportunity to back the fuck off and leave. Kyle didn’t shoot. He stopped the threat with intimidation and did not at first respond with deadly force. Sadly, the idiot, upon seeing Kyle lower his rifle, mistook this for weakness and as an opportunity to re-engage his attack. As he lunged at Kyle, hoping to do harm no doubt, Kyle once again raised his rifle and shot. He did not shoot to kill, only to stop the threat. And once the idiot, now without a working elbow, backed off for the last time, Kyle stopped his shooting.

    Kyle did NOT go there looking to fight. This can NOT be said about the antifa/BLM/peaceful protestors. These leftist morons were there to destroy, burn, harm, loot, and worse. And for those that claim Kyle had no right to be there, well he has just as much right to protest as everyone else there. And as for Kyle carrying his rifle, well, check the 2d A. for guidance on that. Yes, he was 17, but does that mean he does not have the right to protect himself. A wise man once said “Don’t start Nothin…Won’t be nothin”. These leftists started something and were upset that someone was there to stop them. Stop them from harming others and violating other’s rights.

    And don’t you just love the irony. The left, was were demanding that night that the police be defunded and disbanded, immediately called for the police to make an arrest and file charges when someone hurt one of their own. Hey leftist jerkwads, people like Kyle Rittenhouse are what you get when the police are no longer around. There will be people like him everywhere if the police are removed. And who will you cry to then?

    Kyle is a damn hero. But the left expected him to do nothing and get pummeled and if need be, seriously harmed or even killed. How dare this 17 year old kid fight back and defend himself.

    Anyway, If Kyle gets convicted, then the system has completely failed. Sadly, there will be those that will now hesitate when it comes to defending themselves, which is one thing the left is hoping for. The whole “Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6” quote applies here. But we are now at the phase where the “tried by 12” is upon us, and if justice isn’t applied properly here, well it may be time for our own “No justice No Peace” march. Let Kyle Rittenhouse be our George Floyd, and be the catalyst that starts the whole “We will not take this nonsense any longer: moment.” It is time we start having our own mostly peaceful rallies. No more will we allow the leftist to have a monopoly on mass protesting. And if the left wants to initiate violence, I say “Bring It”. We know which side has more weapons and more importantly…knows how to use them.

    And as a final note. I have to make the observation that the leftists and all of their violence, buring, cities destroyed, lives ruined, millions if not billions of dollars wasted, and on and on…all because scumbag black thugs with criminal records, broke the law and refused to listen to police officers and obey a lawful request. Had these thugs just followed the law, and let the police do their jobs, they would be alive right now, and this destruction and mayhem would not have happened. The left’s heroes are criminal, convicts, and thugs. That is who they have chosen to idolize and destroy decent society over. They are not standing up for decent people, they are burning down entire cities and destroy thousand of lives over scumbags that aren’t worth shit and are in fact dregs of society. And to think, all of this could have been avoided if the black community would simply raise their children to respect the law and obey it. But nope, better to tell their kids that white people suck and the police are the bad guys. The police didn’t kill these black thugs, the judicial system didn’t kill them, these thugs ended up dead because their parents failed them, their black community failed them, and most of all, they failed themselves.

    But nope, better to just yell and scream racism and blame whitey.

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