A bike race up a surface so steep no motorcyclist has made it up.

For years.

I can only guess the reason: they’ve limited engines to 125CC or something like that.

Or physics and gravity.

You decide.

The Andler Hillclimb is an annual dirt bike competition that has dirt bikers from around Europe try to reach the top of a treacherous hillside course in Belgium. It’s been held every year for the last two decades, but so far no one has been able to reach the top.

The so-called “impossible climb”, starts out as rough gravel and then switches over to a washboard of rough cliff face designed to throw riders off and send them and their bikes tumbling back down to the base of the hill. It’s not the angle of attack that’s the problem, according to most riders, but the sudden change of ride surface that makes keeping control of the bike and reaching the top so damn hard. Some fly off their bike early during the climb, while others get painfully close the the finish line, but in the end they all succumb to the power of gravity before reaching their goal.

Despite gathering the most talented dirt bikers in Europe at the start line every year, the Andler Hillclimb has so gar remained unconquered. The closest one to succeed was a Suzuki bike rider who once reportedly crossed the finish line with the front wheel before tumbling back down the slope like the rest of the competitors. Sadly, his achievement didn’t count as a valid climb, as the entire bike and its rider must make it atop the hill.

With so many riders having failed to conquer the Andler Hillclimb over the last 20 years, why are people still people still trying every year? Why not just call the climb impossible and be done with it? Well, I imagine it has something to do with the bragging rights? Can you imagine what it much be like being the very first dirt biker to reach the top of this infamous hill?

In case you want to try your luck, or if you simply want to see the hill chew up and spit out dozens of daredevils, this year’s event is scheduled for August.

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  1. Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

    As it says in the article, the hill switches from dirt (doable if it was the entire track) to slabs of rock, then gets steeper at the very end.
    When the riders hit the switch from dirt to rock, they bounce and lose traction, with no chance to recover their “footing” before they totally lose it.
    I saw at least two riders ALMOST make it, but they were unseated as they crossed the finish line, therefore it doesn’t count as a finish.
    I wonder if a bigger (250cc? 500cc? 750cc?) heavier road/dirt bike would be able to climb that hill?

  2. antzinpantz says:

    Which is why I said the engines were restricted….

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