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5 Responses to TODAY’S OPEN THREAD

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Just have 1 short Covid-Panic-the-peasants saga today:

    I had to make a brief trip out this morning early and my journey took me to a strip mall where there’s “Fresh-Market” store. I don’t shop there as it’s way over priced and the clientele tend to be professional Liberals 1/2 of whom are Millennials the other 1/2 are their retired-professional interloper Liberals from the North-East. As I cruised past I saw about 50 of these bandy-legged, reusable shopping bag clutching mask-wearing twits in line waiting to get into the place. I slowed, rolled my window down and shouted: What’s going on here? They shooting a remake of Schindler’s List”? Got some dagger stares as I gunned it.

  2. Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

    “Schindler’s List”. Was Liam Neeson there?
    Boggy. you’re priceless!

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    Holy shit Bogside, you hit on both a pet peeve of mine and a Holocaust-themed
    post I was about to post. Whole Foods (the hippy store) was my favorite stop
    for hot food to go after a hard day’s work. The workers were mostly tattoed and
    face pierced Millennials (and that’s just the females!) The clientele ranged from
    blue-haired hippies in Birkenstock sandals to skinny pale emaciated vegans.

    I would sometimes go to Trader Joes (the yuppie store) for a change and you
    cannot find a ruder bunch of fuckers if you tried. The Woodstock geezers at Whole
    Foods were mostly cool and polite, but the yuppies would purposefully turn their
    carts sideways just to fuck with other shoppers.

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    Woody, Liam couldn’t make it. He was busy on the campaign trail for Joe Biden But Tom Hanks was filling in for him.

  5. Leonard Jones says:

    Gauleiter Bill Deblasio went full Adolph Hitler by personally overseeing a police
    action to disburse a public funeral for a New York Rabbi. I saw the left’s anti-
    Jewish bias coming in 1980 when PBS and NPR were openly embracing radical
    Muslim terrorists and demonizing Jews and Israel. Marx was an economic
    illiterate, but he knew the end game would be a totalitarian police state. The
    imposition of socialism was merely a rest stop on the road to fascism.

    Hitler bypassed the socialist phase and went straight to the fascist police state.
    After the examples of Soviet and Nazi socialism, the new left radicals like Ubangi’s
    political mentor Bill Ayers was calling for the extermination of the 25 percent of
    who would reject “reeducation” camps. More recently, senior members of
    the Bernie Sanders campaign were caught on camera calling for gulags and
    death camps for Republicans.

    We can win this battle (short of armed resistance) ONLY if we realize the radical
    left is a tiny proportion of society at large. The elected Democrats are merely
    opportunistic kleptocrats getting wealthy at the expense of the public. Their
    goal is no different than Stalin and Hitler. If it comes to a shooting war, it will
    be over in the course of a weekend. 90 percent of LEOs and the military
    will not turn their guns on the American people. Add to this, the majority
    of gun owners and the entire biker community will be on OUR side of the
    barricades. To quote Alfred E Newman, “What, Me Worry?”

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