I Guess There IS Something Going on in North Korea

Who knows, maybe Kim Jong Un really did croak. There is finally quite a bit of news about the guy. I wasn’t going to even mention it until the news reports confirmed him to be dead or alive. At this point it’s all speculation. It’s said his sister Kim Jong Un may take over if he’s dead. But… the comments were the best part of the story:

Creepy Joe can’t wait to sniff her hair.

Will our president refer to her as Rocket Ma’am?

She looks hot! Would you do her?

I’ll wager Yo hasn’t had as many people killed as Hillary…

Women will do what men will only imagine.

WHO sent kim a first aid kit.

Send her a case of Corona to celebrate her new position.

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2 Responses to I Guess There IS Something Going on in North Korea

  1. The Grunticus says:

    The only difference between her and the LBFM’s that live south of the DMZ is, she has no illusions of emigrating to the “land of the big PX” then bringing all of her gooky relatives with her. Over here she’d be just another slope working in a nail salon or a Dollar General store but in Pyongyang she’s a princess. Never mind that the PRK is a starvation- and disease-ridden shithole……she can lay around all day long in her silk pajamas eating kimchee, watching her late brother’s collection of porn videos, and dreaming of the day that Dennis Rodman proposes to her.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Before we judge the ramifications of the qualifications of the Gook bimbo it might be wise to remember any woman you’ve known with PMS or you’ve lived with while she passes through the tunnel of menopause and scan the following:


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