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9 Responses to TODAY’S OPEN THREAD

  1. Leonard Jones says:


    Granny McBox had her Marie Antionette moment yesterday. She published a video on
    the Intertubes about how she is doing in lockdown inside her multi-million dollar mansion.
    She showed off her (2) humongous $24,000 dollar Sub refrigerators. One of them
    had a shelf filled with high-end gourmet ice cream.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Holy Shit. I just read an article on the internet that really alarms me. It seems the Corona virus/lockdown has caused a huge spike in the over 70 year’s male death rate. According to a noted forensic investigator there appear to be a couple of common threads in these deaths unique to men over 70:

    In all cases the post mortem autopsies revealed massive sudden onset Coronary Thrombosis

    However, 3 other factors were also discovered:

    1: The subjects were all found sitting up in padded easy chairs.

    2: Their nearby computers were on and the screen displayed a PornHub home page.

    3, All had their dicks grasped in their hands.

    4: And finally all subjects had distorted Sardonic grins frozen on their faces.

    Suicide and Homicide has been ruled out and the final cause of death listed as: Primary: Covid-19 with a secondary as: Fatal atrial fibrillation.

  3. taminator013 says:

    I just saw an article about Land O’ Lakes dropping Mia the Indian maiden as their mascot after using her for 100 years. Guess they need to be PC like everyone else nowadays. People are now applauding them for ditching a racist logo. How is it in any way, shape or form racist? It’s not like they’re saying that their butter is smooth as a squaw’s thighs or that it’s pure enough to spread on a papoose’s pemmican. It’s just a picture of a pretty Indian girl. WTF is wrong with these people? I never heard of any Indians complaining about it…………..

  4. redneckgeezer says:

    Tam – I read that same article. First thing I thought of was, “Going to have to start buying a different brand of butter.” Get woke, go broke, is an age old story and I have no problem watching it play out yet again. I doubt anyone will really give a shit other than all of we confused old people who can’t find the butter we want because the picture is different.

  5. Leonard Jones says:

    I think I understand President Trump’s end game. When he first talked about opening
    up America, he boasted that he had absolute powers to force the states into compliance.
    Constitutional issues aside, one could argue that in a declared national disaster involving
    all 50 states, he might have a point. Days later, he walked it back and stated that it would
    be up to the governors.

    Then came the CDC guidelines to reopen the country which gave the red state Donks
    an out. If they follow the federal guidelines, they can blame Trump if there is a spike
    or a resurgence. Within the guidelines, there contains language to the effect that
    if a spike occurred, it will be aggressively attacked on a state by state or county by
    county basis. 50 years ago, this was considered virology 101. Any Donk mayor
    or governor would have to be insane to pass this up!

  6. The Grunticus says:

    “I just saw an article about Land O’ Lakes dropping Mia the Indian maiden as their mascot after using her for 100 years.”

    Yeah I heard about this as well. We consume about a pound of butter every week and our product of choice had been Land ‘O’ Lakes since before my daughter was born in 1978. That’s a LOTTA FUCKING BUTTER! But we’ll be switching brands from here on out. Let the PC pantywaists running that company eat it. I got no use for gutless turds who spread their cheeks each time a “woke” asshole sends them a threatening tweet.

  7. bogsidebunny says:

    Grunticus, with due respect I heard the same “We gonna starve ’em into bankruptcy” about Dicks a few years ago when they ditched the sales of AR-15’s. And guess what? Short term feel good, long term no effect.

  8. The Grunticus says:

    Doesn’t matter, Boggie I’m not gonna subsidize my enemies under any circumstance. I know I won’t bankrupt Kelloggs either but I haven’t bought anything from them for six or seven years now, ever since they hitched their wagon to “GDM” (groids don’t matter).

    Butter is butter I can get it anywhere.

  9. redneckgeezer says:

    Grunticus – I haven’t been in a Dick’s since their AR-15 gun destruction bullshit. I haven’t watched a Jane F&$*%@ movie since about 1968 or 69. I don’t shop at Target. Maybe it doesn’t matter to them, but it makes me feel better. I only hope when that fucking bitch dies, I don’t die of old age waiting in line to piss on her grave.
    I’m buying my butter from somebody else.

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